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Cyclists want to raise bike safety awareness

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The death of two cyclists in as many months has a local organization taking action. The group Cape Fear Cyclist' is in the early stages of an awareness campaign. Lieutenant George Perkins is an officer and avid cyclist. He said 28 bike accidents have been reported this year in the city limits. While the number may not seem high, he said many others go unreported. “The roads around here aren't very bicycle friendly,” Perkins said. Earlier this month, 62 year old Gary Sargent was hit by a car while biking on Eastwood Road. He died a week later. According to police, the driver was not impaired, nor driving above the speed limit. Shawn Spencer, owner of Bike Cycles is a member of the Cape Fear Cyclist. It is an organization of about 400 local bikers. After hearing about Sargent's death, he wrote this letter to his fellow bikers: "It is sad that such senseless accidents happen, but this one hits home. Gary's life should not be lost without us trying to pull together and bring awareness to the community." According to the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization's most recent statistics, bike accidents account for less than one percent of total crashes in an area that includes New Hanover County beach towns, Brunswick and Pender County. One way the planning organization is trying to make the city more bike friendly is through the cross city trail, which will link Halyburton Park to Wrightsville Beach.

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Bike Safety Awarness

I am glade to see that there is going to be a Bike Safety Awareness Campaign. We need this in the Wilmington area to bring awareness to the bike problems on our roads. If we are all lucky, The cyclist might learn to follow the laws of the road that are for all that use it. A stop sign means stop to a car. A stop sign to a cyclist means "Keep Going". When I was in school 40yrs ago they taught you to use hand signals for turning, stopping etc. This was for safety! The only signal I ever saw a cyclist gives, is the middle finger after he cut you off and you blow your horn. With this said, I hope all cyclist that are concerned about safety attend. Maybe they will learn something they should have learned when they first got on a tricycle.

Rules of the Road

I'm all for cyclists rights to the road, but you must obey the same rules everyone else does. Too many cyclist running red lights. Also, why are cyclists allowed(they're not, they just do) to pass on the shoulder when approaching a light with a line of stopped cars. You would be ticketed for this if you were in a car. So much for a desire to be treated equally

Don't ride in the road.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Riding in the road with high-speed traffic is suicidal. Stick to dedicated bike paths, trails, sidewalks, and side-roads. All the laws in the world... all the rights a bicyclist may have to share those roads... they won't keep you alive if and when someone plows through you because s/he: isn't paying attention, is putting on makeup, is chatting on their cellphone, has a sudden onset of a stroke or seizure (yes, that DOES happen, and rather often), has some bee fly through their window and panics, swerves to avoid some other obstacle (oh, say, a motorist in the OTHER lane who is swerving their way), and so on and on and on.....


about about BICYCLE AWARENESS that lets the ones riding the stupid things that they DON'T OWN THE FLIPPING ROAD! Those guys are the rudest people ON the road. They want to follow the rules of the road, but they will run red lights, jet out in traffic and not follow the rules of the road. If I am driving down the road and an eighteen wheeler is coming up on me...I GET OUT OF THE FLIPPIN WAY...what we need is to kick the bicyclists off our roads...they don't pay the taxes to be on them in the first place!

These people pay taxes too.

These people pay taxes too. Sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes. Most own cars too, so they also pay gasoline tax.

uh... I pay taxes too....

uh... I pay taxes too.... but I'm not going to challenge a car with a bike

The ignorance of your

The ignorance of your comment is disgusting. Anyone on a bike has just as much right to be there as any person in a vehicle. It is a wheeled mode of transportation and this is what the road is for. Unfortunately it seems that the people not doing what they are suspose to be doing are those in the cars. Using phones, putting on make-up, admiring themselves in their mirrors, text messaging, etc. etc... How do you figure these people pay no taxes? The buy goods in this state, right? They work in this state, right? I would also think that somewhere along the line they purchased a vehicle of some sort for those days where you cannot ride a bicycle to work, or perhaps to get groceries because I'm sure a little basket on the front isn't enough. Think, then speak (type).

The ignorance of your response is disgusting

STAY OUT OF THE ROAD if youre on a bike. Plain and simple. and NO, you dont pay taxes for the road when using a bicycle. Road tax is covered in gasoline prices and you dont fill up your bike. Im all for losing weight, fitness and saving gas (because you have been fooled into believing about global warming) but use the bike path on Eastwood Rd or GET OFF THE ROAD when someone is coming at you in a car. Do NOT try and play chicken. You will lose everytime. You dont have the right of way and the fact that you dont know a car will kill you proves you dont deserve the right to be out there to begin with.


called a ROAD TAX..and you pay it when you buy gasoline to help pay for the roads you use....I don't remember the last time I witnessed a bicycle filling up at the DON'T PAY for the roads you ride on...PERIOD..doesn't matter if you pay sales tax, etc... Whether I am in the right or wrong in an accident....YOU LOOSE every time!

Oh my

Albeit that many bicyclists do pay taxes, I hardly think that roads were built to accomodate automobile and bicycle traffic. There are many cities that have built bicycle lanes that are designated for bicycle traffic. The laws of physics should be considered here. Bicyclists as well as those rediculous glorified mopeds can be a great hazard on the already too congested roadways. The moped/scooters are not required to be registered, no operator's license is needed, yet they travel at speeds up to 35MPH. They weave side to side, often into the lane of traffic that has a speed limit of 45/50 MPH. I understand the desire to go green, lose weight, save on gas etc... but come off it. I have seen people actually bicycling up Carolina Beach Rd., towing their children in some space designed two wheeled carrier behind the bicycle....are you actually going to say that is a smart decision? Even if you feel that bicycle riders are entitled to the road as much as automobiles, is it really a safe and wise choice considering this area is rated amongst the highest cities for traffic accidents and fatalities?

thinking then typing

both are idiots cyclist are the most dangerous think of it this way, if i went into a cage with a hungry grizzly would i bring a steak and hang it around my neck? no i shouldn't cyclist and DUI harleys should take better care and caution to protect themselves. stupid drivers will kill dogs cats squirrels pedestrians bicyclists and other drivers, look out for yourself don't put you life in harms way choose your route carefully your loved ones will thank you

didn't answer

I noticed you didn't answer the claims made by Guest7969 "but they will run red lights, jet out in traffic and not follow the rules of the road." A large majority of local cyclists don't follow the rules of the road and are rather rude.