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DA tossing Tabor City detective's cases

READ MORE: DA tossing Tabor City detective's cases

The lead investigator involved in many legal cases surrounding Sen. R.C. Soles is in trouble tonight. The District Attorney has charged Tabor City Police Lt. Greg Sibbett with using excessive force in one investigation and unlawful arrest in another. The DA has also started to throw out some of Sibbett's other criminal cases, but some people say Sibbett has done nothing wrong, and the cases he's worked on should stand.

Last week in Tabor City court, prosecutors threw out more than a dozen cases where Sibbett was the investigating officer. The nature of the crimes ranged from felony breaking and entering to an assault that resulted in a man's death.

"We get a case together and put it in our system, and for our DA's office to dismiss it... words cannot describe how I feel," Sibbett said. "I've worked hard for the people of Tabor City."

Sibbett is on administrative leave from the Tabor City Police Department while he awaits trial on his own criminal charges. The first case against him stems from a crime he witnessed while off duty at his house.

"I look up, and here's a truck coming directly at me," Sibbett said. "Ran off the shoulder of the road. I dive from it and was going to go back inside and call 911, 'cause I didn't know what the situation was, but before I could get home I hear a crash."

Sibbett says an unlicensed 15-year-old was running over trash cans. He says he jumped in his patrol car, pulled the kid over and handcuffed him and his passenger until the Sheriff's Department could get there. Highway Patrol didn't charge the boys, because troopers didn't see the crime themselves, and because Lt. Sibbett detained them outside his jurisdiction.

It wasn't until 11 months later that the District Attorney's office decided to press charges against Sibbett for unlawful detainment.

Sibbett also faces charges for using excessive force while arresting Ricky Turbeville. Two other officers say they caught Turbeville breaking into more than a dozen storage units in Tabor City back in September. Sibbett says when he tried to put Turbeville in the back of a patrol car, he started kicking him.

"I was trying to gain control over him," Sibbett said. "It's difficult to get somebody in the car. I didn't have a tazer. I didn't have mace. All I had was my hands.":

Turbeville claims Sibbett broke his nose in the scuffle, but Sibbett says EMT's and an ER doctor said his nose was fine before taking him to jail. Still, Columbus County prosecutors say there was sufficient evidence to press charges against Sibbett for excessive force.

According to our research, law enforcement officers are allowed to detain people, even out of their jurisdiction, if they have personally witnessed a crime, which Sibbett says was the case when he detained those teenaged boys.

Sibbett has yet to be tried, let alone convicted on the charges he's facing, but prosecutors have already started throwing out cases he investigated. The DA threw out all of the felony breaking and entering cases involving Turbeville, even though there were other officers who witnessed the alleged crimes.

No word yet on what will happen to Sibbett's cases connected to Soles. District Attorney Rex Gore told WWAY today that he will review everything on a case by case basis.

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When will this deranged egocentric psychopath who hides behind a badge be taken off the streets? The sooner the better.

Ok people, I've had enough

Ok people, I've had enough of this non sense. Let me remind everyone that ColCor started with Rex Gore and RC Soles. RC was, supposively, buying votes in order to get "SEXY REXY" in office. Then there is the comments from ,"Barney 5". Barney, a law enforcement officer can use whatever force necessry to effect an arrest. And an arrest is not effected until the suspect is under control. There Barney, get a life, or better yet get educated before you attempted to speak out against something. An average joe citizen can detain a wrong doer if the actions involved include damage to property, a felony, and a breach of peace. The law doesn't state that they cannot handcuff anyone. It says "DETAIN". Officer Sibbet did just that. What if Sibbett decided to turn his head and say the heck with it and someone got killed. Now, Sibbett would have been criticized for not acting in order to prevent a death and possibly held liable. There are a lot of LEO's out there that only wear the uniform because it looks good on them and they like to drive fast. If we had more enforcement officers like Sibbett then the streets would be safer and we would'nt have to worry about those drug addicts and punks and thugs. The man that kicked Sibbett is a leach on the people of Columbus County. He doesn't work, oh I'm sorry, he is able cause he can break into storage buildings and take things that don't belong to him. But he is disabled. HA!! HA!!! Please. As far as the young kids, they have'nt even been charged. If anyone thinks they are above the law then it will be those two. Come on people can't everyone see that Rex Gore is using his authority as a DA to make an example of Sibbett. Rex Gore will have to answer as to why he dismissed any case that involves Sibbett. Detective Sibbett has nothing to hide. He done exactly what I would have done if the situation presented itself to me. Sheriff Batten should praise Sibbett for taking charge of a situation, but it's obvious his deputies don't know the laws either. I'm glad Sibbett knows what one can do. I think Sibbett should run for Sheriff so that he can clean house in the areas of the county that Sheriff Batten is scared to go. Heck yea! Sibbett for Sheriff and Pope for DA. That would be a great team. Maybe Batten will have enough time to tend to his farming, like he promised he would give up if elected. And Rex Gore would have enough time to realize that if you stop the dope you stop the gangs.

If you've had enough

why not start a petition to take to Raleigh and have the DA removed from office? That's called impeachment; then all you locals can bring your evidence before the panel which would consider the impeachment.

I ve had enough

It is no secret that Columbus County and others need an enema. It is obvious that you cant see the trees for the forest. You need to be educated----read the court records. Stop blaming RC and Sexy Rexy for Sibbetts unjustified actions. Remember 2 wrongs dont make a right. It was unnecessary for Sibbett to hold a pistol to the cuffed lads-----using the Tabor City police vehicle. He is sending the wrong message to the youths. It was unnecessary to break the mans nose while he was cuffed, so the county would pick up the tab. Something I find interesting is why didnt Sibbett sustain any injuries to his punching hand or his knees. Probably b/c the man didnt kick him and he had something covering his hand. This may be too far out of the box for you, though. It is obvious the ex-officer has anger issues----even his boss has confirmed this. The officer is a loose cannon and a liability. I quess you think we should make Sibbett sheriff so he can go around hurting and endangering the public, if they are what you call a leach and then blame it on RC and Sexy Rex. Gosh, why didnt I think of that! If you want someone else to be sheriff (besides Batten) you better pick a better candidate than the impulsive one! And another word of advice: Things arent always the way they appear my dear.  However, the last and second thing you wrote that made sense is the dope is at the root of alot of our crime.

So I guess you have read the

So I guess you have read the court notes involving Sibbett's case? Sounds like you have a lot inside resources. Maybe you forgot to read that the man's nose was'nt broken per the ER doctor on call that night and some how after two days of being at the Holiday Inn (CCLEC) his nose appears broken. Sounds fishy to me. Oh and those poor lads you speak of. Did you happen to know that the vehicle was not registered, ficticious tags, no insurance, and was driven by a 15 year old. Oh also they where destroying private property with the same vehicle! But those poor children have'nt even been charged. My..My... what kind of message are you trying to get across to the public. We already have enough criminals getting free from the DA's office and here it sounds like you are wanting to open the doors on all our prisons.

Oh, did the ER doctor

Oh, did the ER doctor testify? How do you have access to private health records? I dont think so. Everything will come out! By the way, is it normal procedure for you to handcuff and hold a pistol to other citizens who have ficticious tags and damage personal property? I doubt it! As I said, it wasnt necessary. And I doubt that your trashcan was damaged, which was probably sitting on the shoulder of the road. Must I repeat myself again, I guess I will have to walk you through it. Pay attention and read carefully. The mug shot shows that the mans nose has been traumatized (this is a give me). Mug shots are taken before entering population in the jail. Which means the mug shot had to be taken after the man left the ER and before he was assigned a pod or segregation. I wonder who took the man to the ER and then to CCLEC; Sibbett I would assume. GET EDUCATED! Or should I say stop grasping at straws. By the way ER doctors do not specialize in ENT cases.

The Plot

continues to thicken. Senator Soles may never come to trial.

First, all of the supporting cast must be dealt with.

Then delays to allow Senator Soles to address personal health issues and the health of his Dad.

Then the long drawn out move to have a change in venue.

We may have a common sense President in Washington, with Pelosi and Reid in retirement, before this ever comes to trial.

Columbus County, look for another form of entertainment.

Tabor City

Col-Cor revisited. Only difference is that Gore has now joined.

come on columbus county lets work together

We finally get a real policeman and now the DA wants to throw him out. Come on columbus county, lets take a stand , back sibbitt out with the DA

Time to clean house in Tabor City

Now that the great Senator Soles is leaving office it is time for the residents of Tabor City to take back there town. Clean house, Support your police department and Back Officer Sibbett.

Your police department hired him to protect the residents and upon review of his record I do not see anything out of prespective. Time to send the current DA with ties to the GOOD OLD BOYS network home to Time for him to retire. He has dragged him feet regarding the Senator and criminals associated with him.

Send them all packing to Brunswick County and take back our town.


My how we protect politics

Ok they got a special prosecutor for Soles...Gore basically had to exclude himself. Now the Det. working the case is charged with crimes, way to take care of your life long buddy there Rex. Man talk abouot back room politics. OMG Good Luck Detective, your gonna need it.


Well, how convienent. The lead investigator for some of the cases against R.C. is in trouble. Resulting in cases against R.C. being thrown out. What are the two key words here?..... oh yeh, Politics and Fall guy

Dirty cop

       Do you think we are stupid?  By the mug shot, it is obvious that the mans nose and face have been submitted to some form of acute trauma. If you didn't do it, who did? Are you trying to say the Columbus County Detention Center broke his nose. Where was the mug shot taken?  By the way, aren't you suppose to be skilled in performing defensive moves other than punching them in the face.  I mean what was he going to do kill you with his feet while he was handcuffed and impaired.

Is Sibbett Setup?

Is this Detective getting railroaded because he investigated someone with too much political pull?

Submitted by J (not

Submitted by J (not verified) on 3 February 2010 - 10:12pm.
Is this Detective getting railroaded because he investigated someone with too much political pull?

LOL Good Question?


"Highway Patrol didn't charge the boys, because troopers didn't see the crime themselves, and because Lt. Sibbett detained them outside his jurisdiction."

Trooper's can arrest on Lt. Sibbett's testimony regardless of his jurisdiction as long as there was not a reasonable amount of time that had passed (ie: several hours to a day or so). Lt. Sibbett would have to testify in court to the boys actions. No different than a Trooper arresting a drunk driver at an accident scene after the accident where the Trooper did not witness the accident or see the drunk driver driving. This whole story smells and it's coming from the DA's office.

lets look at the entire picture

Mr. Detective failed to mention that he had the boys cuffed on the ground and holding a pistol at them, according to the News Reporter. Here is another example of his poor judgement and excessive force. Maybe the DA's office is tired of Sibbett's mind set of "I'm untouchable"-------"I can do anything that I want to". Maybe when the other law enforcement saw what was going on, they were appauled at his actions.

...and the heat is on....

"Detective Sibbett, how DARE you investigate my pal, RC?"