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Wilmington Christmas tree lot is filled with a variety of trees. (Photo; Helen Holt/WWAY)
1 week ago
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Drought could cause Christmas tree shortage in upcoming years

With extreme drought conditions out in western North Carolina, could that be impacting the quality and quantity of trees found in lots around here?
(Photo: MGN Online)
2 weeks ago
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Brown water, beaver battle among early signs of water woes

Beaver dams have been demolished, burbling fountains silenced, and the drinking water in one southern town has taken on the light brownish color of sweet tea.
3 weeks ago
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Tropical Storm Otto forms in Caribbean Sea

The NHC has confirmed the tropical depression in the southwestern portion of the Caribbean Sea has strengthened into Tropical Storm Otto.
(Photo: National Weather Service)
4 weeks ago
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Local NWS meteorologist gives support on-site of NC wildfires

A Wilmington meteorologist gives weather reports and warning support to the men and women fighting the wildfires.
2 months ago
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Cleaning tips following Hurricane Matthew

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety wanted to share these cleaning tips following Hurricane Matthew.
Flooding in Brunswick County after Hurricane Matthew forced several road closures in the northern part of the county. (Photo: Taylor Yakowenko/WWAY)
2 months ago
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Roads closed as flood water rises in northern Brunswick County

Five days after Hurricane Matthew, people across the Cape Fear are still working to get things back to normal. And while some flood waters are receding, there are still roads closed in a number of areas.
A water rescue team springs into action to save a man whose truck was washed away by flooding on NC 210 in Pender County on Oct. 13, 2016. (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)
2 months ago
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WWAY reporter calls 911 to help rescue driver after flood washes truck off road

Today WWAY reporter Kirsten Gutierrez witnessed a man get swept away in his truck by the flood waters. She had to call 911 to get him rescued.
Many areas flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. (Photo: Hannah Patrick/WWAY)
2 months ago
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Flooding breaks more than a dozen records in NC

The flooding North Carolina has seen this week in the wake of Hurricane Matthew is truly historic.