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D&E Dodge to close tomorrow amidst auto industry troubles

READ MORE: D&E Dodge to close tomorrow amidst auto industry troubles
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has temporarily delayed Chrysler's sale to Fiat. Meantime the clock is ticking for a local auto dealer. Barring a last minute legal miracle, D&E Dodge's days in the Chrysler family are over as of Tuesday. There are more and more holes in the line-up of new Dodges on the D&E lot and that's a good thing. Sell that inventory before bankrupt Chrysler yanks D&E's and 787 other franchises Tuesday. They were given just three weeks notice. Andy Craven says they had their best sales month of the year in May; in fact, they led their district. "Sales have been excellent. It makes the pill all the harder to swallow that we were number one in sales." D&E had just over 100 new vehicles left. A dealer in South Carolina will buy most of them. Meantime, there is a federal court hearing underway in New York in which dealers are fighting the Chrysler closings and time line. Chrysler says it's sticking with the Tuesday deadline.

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the UAW gets knocked off of their pedestal, until American vehicles get some VALUE back in the form of how they run and how they are built...American manufacturers can expect continued falling sales. Until then...I welcome my Honda and Toyota overloards!

story on the gentelman who has 200,000 miles plus on his jeep

I understand where he is coming from,i also have a vehicle with 207,940 miles on it.It is 1992 toyota 4 wheel drive and it run great but I put many,many miles on it every day traviling back and forth to my job in Burgaw.Ilove my truck and would go anywhere it allows me to,but would rather take my wifes kia out of town.It has hardly the milage my truck has,thus would not trade it for the world.Keep on keeping on with the older cars and trucks instead of buying new. Eric Wilson


I'll have to agree about the United Auto Workers union. They kill the quality of the vehicles and jack the price up with their ridiculously high pay and benefits. I'll stick with Honda and Toyota until the US puts quality back on the market.