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D&E Dodge terminated as Chrysler cuts dealerships

READ MORE: D&E Dodge terminated as Chrysler cuts dealerships
Bankrupt Chrysler Motors is putting nearly 800 of its own dealers out of business. The announcement hit like a bomb across the country and our area was not spared the fallout. "Chrysler notified us by letter this morning that as of June 9, our Dodge franchise has been terminated," said D&E Dodge General Manager Andy Craven. Just like that, after 54 years as a Dodge dealer, D&E will be out of the Chrysler family. Hanging in the balance are 40 employees and four million dollars in inventory. Chrysler has long wanted to trim its dealer network and get its Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge brands under one roof at local dealerships. Why is Chrysler doing this now? Having declared bankruptcy allows them to bypass state franchise laws that would have protected D&E Dodge at any other time. However the National Auto Dealers Association argues that the timing couldn't be worse. NADA chairman John McEleney says he understands the realties. "By forcing the issue, it's going to have some real negative consequences in many communities, where dealers are the biggest private employers and are involved the local communities supporting charities." As for D&E Dodge? They say they'll make you a heck of a deal on a new Dodge until June 9th. And then? "D&E Dodge will be in the used car business. We started way in 1947 and now we're going to go back… in that we're not selling and servicing new cars we're probably going to have to make some layoffs," Craven said. And that, says Craven, is what will hurt the most. We may have another bombshell tomorrow from General Motors, which is seeking to close some 1,200 dealerships. An NADA source said that's a clear indication that GM intends to declare bankruptcy later this month.

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I am sure some of you have seen this but this is an incredibly simple economic plan that costs a lot less than $700 billion. Dear Mr. President, Please find below my suggestion for fixing America 's economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan: There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. - Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations: 1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed. 2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed. 3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed. It can't get any easier than that! P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress and their constituents pay their taxes... I think that is a $40 million stimulus package and the government doesnt get to take over banks or fire the CEO of a car manufacturing group.

Your scenerio won't work

Your solution is flawed and shows the ineptness of our school system!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE for the US government to pay 40 million people $1 million. Why? 40,000,000 X $1,000,000 = $40 TRILLION!!!!!! That's almost 6 X's $700 billion!!!!! For crying out loud the average American can't do simple MATH....sad...sad...sad!!! Stick with whatever you do for a living and my God I hope it has nothing to do with calculating simple numbers!!!!

Yep...I have to agree

The price of cars, ALL CARS, is way out of line with what the average American earns. Add to that, the fact that most of the Chrysler products retained value like water in a sieve. It's unfortunate that this has happend, but the car biz is shooting themselves in the head! I mean it's not the dealers fault if the the manufactuers MSRP is way out of line. Now honestly, a nice Dodge car can easily top $44K...44K for a Dodge!!!! Sure there's cheaper models, but the they are CHEAP looking with cheap quality. The chickens have come home to roost...I"m just sorry that they have come here. Good luck to all the employees of D&E, it's not your fault. Good ole corporate greed has squeezed all they can out the American consumer. Now there ain't much juice...hummm money left! People can't pay what they don't have! Banks can't lend what they don't have! Hence, our countries troubles...most everyone is deep in debt or just sitting on what they have left! Stay tuned!!!


I hope that the forty employees will all retain a local job if they cannot stay with D&E. I will be shopping at D&E for future vehicles, and would hope many more do the same. We need to support local jobs as well as American jobs. I look for the Made in U.S.A. tag... Do you?

What should you really expect?

I hate to see businesses lost and really hate to see local folks lose their jobs, but look at this. A new car costs as much as a nice piece of land nowadays. 30, 40, 60 thousand dollars is fairly common to pay for a new car. Chryslers resale value has always been horrible where as, a year old a dodge truck will barely fetch half of it's original selling price. In a town like we live in where the average income is less than 30k/year, how does one buy a 50 thousand dollar car? Go deeeep into debt!!! What's also odd is that we have $15/hr wage earners trying to buy cars made by people making $75/hr. Sorry, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why this mountain caved was hollow!!! It'going to be a very long time before things get back to where they were, if they ever do. Hopefully at some point, the power of the people will really make a difference in how things are done rather that the government forcing it upon us. Until that happens, get used to seeing these sorts of headlines as a daily digest.

Get Real

Don't believe for a minute that autoworkers make $75/hour. Figures that come close to that include benefits, and retirees pensions, which the foreign car companies will have to face one day too. But all their profits leave this country and support the bigwigs in Asia and Europe. And resale value is determined by the fickle consumer, most of whom prefer to send their dollars overseas for some reason. Sure, many foreign brand cars are made in the USA, but their workers are not paid a much better wage than the average wage in this area. Lets keep sending our $$ overseas and ask why this economy is where it is now.


Give this man a balloon....ONE-HUNDRED percent RIGHT SPOT ON!


I am sorry for those that have worked really hard to build a business and find themselves caught up in politics.To simply supply the country with a product and employ people and watch the fruits of your labor and ideas expand and grow is a good feeling. From the family that let their house go, to the banker that approved the loan and the government that turned a blind eye and just kept taking and the people that just kept grabbing power.It's all our fault.It's just truly sad.

intersting this new 9/11 sort of stuff

When Bush took office there was 9/11, the tin foil hat finger pointers say that Bush was behind it to make money off of middle eastern oil prices raising his cronies in Texas' oil and reaping billions in profits because of it. Wonder where these fingerpointers are about how Obama has created an economic disaster to force the world into socialism/communism?

This problem was spirally

This problem was spirally towards this end LONG before President Obama took office hence the reason for "a vote for change". Sadly, Pres. Obama is trying to plug a rushing tidal wave. We all know that it'll probably get worse before it get's better. We can only pray...


This is really terrible news. Bought from them in the past. Good luck to D&E This is almost unbelievable that our car companies are in bankruptcy. Corporate greed has come full circle and the auto unions need to go.

Don't blame the union, Das

Everyone knows that unions are bottom-feeding slime that make their money off the labors of others, but the unions were only doing what came natural: Trying to increase wages to make more money for the union. Instead, blame the management at the Big Three who simply never had the backbone to stand up to the unions, and a government whose labor laws gave the unions the upper hand by prohibiting defensive maneuvering by the companies. Had all three car manufacturers had their contracts expire at the same time, they could have long ago told the UAW to go to blazes and withstood a strike against all three. That would have opened them to a charge of conspiracy or at least collusion, and the feds would have stepped in. The companies can't band together to fight the thugs. With staggered contracts, no individual company could weather a strike while his competitors continued to build and sell cars. (Brand loyalty evaporates quickly when you need a new car and your brand isn't available.) As a result, every one of the manufacturers simply whimpered a soft "yes" as the UAW demands grew crazier and crazier. Now, with imports selling as strongly as they are, even a three-way strike would be risky. The time to beat the union was thirty years ago. Well, I did my part - I just bought a new Ford pickup that cost as much as my first house....and the first thing I did was scrape off the UAW decal those Socialist bums dared to stick on my windshield.

What A Shame

Well, it certainly is a sad day for the good folks at D&E. Here is a business that has been around 50+ years and all of a sudden, they get the axe. It is sad to hear and see that this has happened. But I guess that we will continue to see this as our wonderful country continues to freefall into the "depression" that we are NOT experiencing according to our wonderful leaders in this country. So much for optomism in future times. One day soon we will come out of this and hopefully be stronger

Just wait and see what comes next

Just wait and see what changes will come next. Obama said he was going to make changes, didn't he? Who is stupid enough to agree on changes before knowing what the changes are? Obamanomics, you people that voted for him, now we ALL get feel his wrath. But, as usual, you are still blaming Bush..........LOL Wait and see if this happens or not. Obama and his democrats will dictate what kind of cars they want Chrysler and Chevy to make, NOT what you want to buy, but what THEY want you to buy. Will you go for it? I won't!!!!!!

Obama this, Obama that

ummm exactly how is this Obama's fault? This started w/overspending & crooked, greedy ppl on Wall Street...but let's just blame Obama, huh? Even if McCain would have won he'd still be facing the same economic distress. Give me a break!

While I somewhat agree with

While I somewhat agree with you....anytime something went wrong when Bush was President, the Dems ALWAYS blamed him for it. It only makes sense that Reps blame Obama for what is happening now


Could not have said it better myself. Greed has been in control of this country for a very long time. Hopefully, after all of the dust has settled, we as a nation will become more mindful of our actions. I pray for our leaders and all of us who are affected by the aftermath of the reign of greed that we have been under for the past several years. It is time for us all to come together.

Congratulations, now that

Congratulations, now that the economy is actually appling to you...You decide to get involved and educated. I think it is great to follow the economics of our country and local businesses but it is a shame that the people of America have lost the ability of most any control of finances. I truly feel bad for the people who need to keep their jobs and hope that coroporate america can get a clue, and stop blaming, taxing and over-charging American people, therefore; keeping jobs and helping the economy with products fit for hard-earned money.

About loosing a franchise

While loosing Our Local dealership is a Sobering fact of the Depression/recession, Thats happening all over the Country, you have to wonder here, about "whom" is loosing their franchises.. And WHY... It's reported that a Dodge/Jeep Franchise, run/owned by Jim Anderer, A Jeep dealership, in New York, that is in the top 2 percent in National Sales, Is currently Turning 300,000.00 PROFIT in this past first quarter of this year alone,is also well Capitialized,plus, despite POSITIVE SALES & PROFITS...Has had His Franchise Yanked also, as reported via CNBC, and on the *list* of 789 dealerships to be shutdown.. Is there something "more" going on that WE are not being told by MSM? A DealerShip turning a First Quarter 2009; 300K profit, yet is *closed*? Don't you think Chrysler et. al. would want this dealership to stay OPEN, turning a PROFIT in the worst economic downturn since the 1930's? I HOPE WWAY will let this link be seen, as a "Pillar" of truth... We, the consumer, Joe 6 pack are NOT being told the *whole* story... WE NEED the TRUTH to be told by Journalist's with INTEGERITY! Are YOU;....*** WWAY ***WILLING to let the TRUTH BE TOLD? if the Story is "credible"? http://www*dot*cnbc*dot*com/id/15840232?video=1123865282&play=1 Link to video.. Proper credits goes to CNBC.Com

UAW should share some of the blame

What the UAW has done, on the foundation of coercive, interventionist labor legislation, is bring a once-great company to its knees. It has done this by a process of forcing one obligation after another upon the company, while at the same time, through its work rules, featherbedding practices, hostility to labor-saving advances, and outlandish pay scales, doing practically everything in its power to make it impossible for the company to meet those obligations. Try this link;

Yet let us autoworkers go on

Yet let us autoworkers go on strike and you will be the first to get in line for all the things your against.


I'm curious...are all dealerships with Chrysler unionized? If not, are those the ones being closed down??


FIRST it really ticks me off that they didn't do this TO BEGIN WITH...instead they BLEW thru BILLIONS of OUR money, which SHOULD be the big story here. Second...the dealerships are the unfortunate victims of the AWU's putting the vehicles together...a combination of greedy CEO's and greedy unions have caused this WHOLE THING...IN ADDITION, to lack of keeping up with technological demands where it relates to gas consumption.