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Dangerous Dog Appeals Court

READ MORE: Dangerous Dog Appeals Court
Back in May we brought you the story of Marci Raneri, who felt threatened by a 4 year old pit bull on Woodlawn Avenue. She made a complaint against "Heat" the pitbull and one of the dog's owners, Sarah Neal, who received specific instructions from the dangerous dog court appeals board after both parties were heard on May 14: "the dog is to be supervised at all times, with a muzzle or a gentle leader and a leash and he is to be neutered within 30 days." It turns out "Heat" the pitbull did not get neutered, plus he got loose early one morning in June and got into a fight. Animal control seized the dog, who has to be put to sleep unless the committee members are convinced otherwise. It's their second time having to rule on this dog. After the plaintiffs stated their case it was up to Sarah Neal and Anthony Johnson to defend their pitbull. Anthony said: "I've never had any problems with the dog, he's never hurt nobody or another dog until these two neighbors moved in which was a month or two ago. If I have to I'll move to the country, I just want my dog." On Wednesday night Joyce Bradley, the chair of the appeals board said: "I see a volatile situation, and here again we have the same issue of poor management, oh yeah, here we have poor management of a dog I'm very worried about." After a bit of deliberation, the Animal Control Shelter Advisory committee decided Heat's fate. Sarah Neal & Anthony Johnson, at this point, can only watch. Bradley announced: "I just feel like the best thing is to euthanize this dog. I just think we're asking for trouble. It was not the verdict Anthony & Sarah wanted to hear.

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Why neutering neglected?

How ironic, the pit bull named "Heat" and yet another owner who neglects/refuses to get their dog or cat altered! "Why not?" I ask... Can anyone give just ONE good reason? Even if the dog had no prior aggression issues, as the owners stated, what about the issue of overwhelming pet overpopulation in southeastern North Carolina? Do these irresponsible dog owners have any idea *at all* how many innocent, defenseless pets are euthanized (killed) at animal control on a weekly basis, just because there are simply not enough homes for them! -_- Add to this the prevalence of pit bulls being deliberately bred and trained for illegal, dangerous dogfighting; or to bolster someone's so-called tough "gangsta" image (stupidity taken to the max), and mere irresponsibility degenerates into cruelty. Thanks and kudos to animal welfare groups like Best Friends (who rescued Michael Vick's dogs) and the many smaller volunteer breed rescue groups all over this great country of ours who have made efforts to save these poor neglected and abused pets; but why should they have to pick up the pieces? It's high time local pet owners were legally held responsible for spaying and neutering LONG BEFORE something like this happens! I've heard people say stuff like, "I want my dog to be protective," as an excuse why they won't get their dog altered. That's just a crock! ANY neutered dog, if properly raised and trained should know how to discern a threatening emergency situation and will act accordingly. If the dog is too aggressive to be around people outside of it's immediate family in ordinary, everyday situations, it is TOO aggressive, period. As well as certain health benefits for the animal, spaying and neutering often bring a calming influence since the pet no longer has the compulsive drive to breed. Unless you are a low-volume dedicated responsible breeder of pedigreed dogs (or cats) who is knowledgeable in genetics, and have a long term vested interest in the health and welfare of the animals you produce, you simply have no business leaving your pets intact.


Perhaps something has been happening to have caused "Heat" to feel that he needed to defend himself?

"violent breeds"

FYI on violent dog breeds. Number one most violent dog breed right now is the Dachshund, followed by the Jack Russell, and third is a Chihuahua. Smaller dogs do tend to be more "aggressive" because of their small size. Though not reported as aggressive because they are so small, and their bites generally don't hurt. Or people laugh and think it's cute that a 3 pound dog is growling. In Europe the Pit-bull is also known as the "nanny dog" because it is SO good with children. However, here in America is the top most aggressive bred. Because WE have made it so. Yes they are big, Yes they can cause harm. IF they are TRAINED to do so. A Lab or Golden Retriever can be JUST as harmful as a Pit. A family member of mine has a 12 month old little boy and two HUGE, 90lb and 80lb, Pit's. They are the best, better than my Lab, with him. My Lab is tolerant, but will growl if she doesn't like something (she has never snapped or bitten a person). These two dogs will let him crawl on him, pull their tails and ears, and they even let him pull their tongues! I have never heard them ONCE growl at him. Because they were trained correctly. I feel sorry for Heat, it was obviously not brought up or trained like a dog should have been. The people should feel horrible because they killed this dog themselves. And I agree that they should not be allowed to have any dogs in their possession. I can guarantee that as soon as Heat is put down, they will go out and purchase another Pit and slack in the training department and he will end up just as aggressive as Heat.

pit bulls

Working in the dog field, the most aggressive dogs I see in this area is AMERICAS favorite The Golden Retriever!!! The AKC standard states "the golden should be friendly,reliable,& trustworthy." The people that breed a tempermant any different than that should be at fault. Of course pit bulls dont have a standard with AKC since they are just a rednecks mix. You have no idea what you will get with that type of dog. And as far as dachshunds being aggressive..... it is not that they are small. Dachshund in German means badger dog. They are bred to hunt badger,wild boar,& rabbits and they are still used for that purpose today with the right owner. The AKC standard for a dachshund tempermant states" Dachshunds should be clever,lively, & courageous to the point of rashness." My point in this whole comment is that people need to start being responsible for the dogs they raise and breed. Backyard breeders have no idea what a AKC standard is and they just breed crappy dogs with crappy attitudes who then end up with crappy owners! Breeders and owners need to do a little more research on the breeds they have and learn how to manage them. It is time for people to take responsibility for their dogs actions.

Yes, the owners were not responsible...

Yes, the owners were not at all responsible for the dog, but the dog could've been taken from his owners, tested for adoption suitability and then put up for adoption, if possible. The owners should have had to pay for all of this, too and be charged with negligence and not be allowed to own any more dogs until they can prove they know how to care for them. The dog got into a fight with it's "son" as I understand it, and not a neighbor's animal or a human, so it just doesn't make sense to put it to sleep, if it didn't hurt the dog or a person. We are getting into a dangerous area when we make judgements on what someone/thing "might" do, in the future, since none of us can know the future.

I didn't see anything about

I didn't see anything about the owners of this dog paying vet bills of the other dog involved, nor an apology. They said that they would just move to the country...(Where they are more relaxed on leash laws)Well I live in the country and I don't want anymore irresponsible pet owners here! I agree that people need to face criminal charges when they don't comply with previous court orders. It is sad that this animal has to pay for its owners actions.

"Dangerous Dog" owners, let

"Dangerous Dog" owners, let this be a lesson to you. This dog didn't have to die, but thanks to the stubborn and irresponsible owners, they let his second chance be his last. Way to go Mr. Johnson and Ms. Neal. Your neighbors might have been overly sensitive, but it was up to YOU to make sure Heat wasn't put in a position to be brought up to Animal Control again and you blew it. Nice.

Dangerous Dogs

I thank this dog court for it's decision to put down this dangerous dog . If this court was around 2 years ago, my daughter would not have scars on her legs from another pit-bull ..


I am truely sorry about your daughter, but the fact that the animal that attacked her was a pit in irrelevant. Any dog can attack, even the smallest of breeds can be dangerous. Dogs are a lot like guns. Guns don't hurt people, people hurt people. Dogs are not looking to attack, but irresponsible pet parents can put others and their pet in harms way. If your dog has aggression issues, you had better be prepared to do everything humanly possible to protect your pet and others. If your not than find someone who can. Pets are like children, not everyone should have them just because they can. I wish only the best for you and your child, and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive the breed for one pet parents mistake.

be responsible

If they didn't want to hear that verdict, they should've been more responsible.


The owners should face criminal charges for gross neglect. Because of their neglegence (sorry if I spelled that wrong)this animal is going to lose his life. If you have this type of pet you have to be careful. I do not mean just because he is a pit. All dogs have the chance of being aggressive, but it is up to the owner to prevent the animal and others from being put in harms way. I have a pit and I take care in everyway to keep him safe. I'm his mommy and thats my job. These pet parents failed and now this animal ,whose only real crime is having irresponsible pet parents, is going to die. They might as well have killed him their selves. As far as I'm concerned they have murdered their child!!!!


As an avid pittbull lover and owner I have to disagree with negative comments toward the breed. My husband and I own a 4 year old pittbull that we have raised since Diesel was 6 weeks old. Diesel has been raised with our 4 children ages 14, 12, 11, and 2. He loves children, other dogs, and has been raised with cats and kittens. Our Diesel has never known a stranger... he loves anyone that he has ever met. he has never attempted to bite or growl at anyone. it is the owner that decides how a dog is raised. It is the owner that determines the personality of an animal in their possession. We have raised and shown our pittbull with nothing but love and kindness. It is horrible that the child was injured. Maybe we need to look at what type of person was raising this animal and not at what kind of dog this animal was.

I agree with you...

These people failed to do what was mandated by the court and evidently took the whole thing as a joke. Now, the consequences are there and the animal loses. I don't care for the pitbull breed among others due to thier known volatility and violence to humans, but if you're going to have them, then have them under control. Unfortunately, there are thousands of animals that are euthanized every week simply because their human owners refuse to be responsible and control them or spay/neuter. Sometimes, the animals appear a lot smarter than humans as is the case here.


Considering 9 out of 10 insurance companies blacklist the pitbull, im assuming some of your insurance agents does not know the breed of dogs you possess. Insurance rates are rediculous enough in the 18 coastal counties in NC. I would agree that any dog can be trained to be docile, however if I were able to have children, the pit would not be a member of my household. Its hard having to put a dog down though, been there and done that. They are a member of your household. People 1st though, dogs 2nd. They are pack animals and pick up on everything you do or teach them.