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Dangerous Dog Appeals Court hears three cases Wednesday

READ MORE: Dangerous Dog Appeals Court hears three cases Wednesday
One of our monthly features on WWAY is New Hanover County Dangerous Dog Appeals Court. It was a full docket Wednesday night, with three cases heard at New Hanover County Animal Control. Case # 1 Wednesday night involved a 7-year-old rottweiler named Roxy who has a history of attacking humans and other dogs. Mae Freeman and son Darren own Roxy. Shannon Helmey was the complainant. "I don't necessarily advocate the dog being euthanized,” said Helmey. “I just don't want the dog being returned to its irresponsible owner considering the number of times this has happened." Joyce Bradley chairs the three person volunteer dangerous dog court panel. “I don't like to euthanize anything if there's a way to keep it confined. This dog already has two strikes due to its history." Wednesday night was strike three. Roxy will be euthanized unless the Freeman's decide to appeal to superior court. Case # 2 involved Musso, a 4-year-old pitbull. Musso was found to be potentially dangerous last month. He has a history of threatening attacks. Delores Bracey appealed the ruling, thus the reason for this public hearing. Janie McClendon was the complainant. “That was fear. That was completely fear. I never felt like that in my whole life," she said. The dog court panel upheld the dangerous dog ruling. Plus, they added two stipulations. Ms. Bracey has to have the dog neutered within 30 days and have a 6ft. fence installed around her property. The third case involved a cat that was killed by a lab mix and a pit bull mix. Terri Mallow's dogs will continue to keep the dangerous dog label, but there will not be a need for muzzles.

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Actually I have small

Actually I have small children and 2 big bad pitbulls that sleep with them snuggled in their beds every night! Never an aggressive move out of either one and they are 5 and 6 years old. They have, however been attacked twice by a black lab.... It makes me so angry to teach my bullie girls to be gentle and then they get attacked by a "non-aggressive" breed. My pits actually like cats because they grew up with one but one of them got all scratched up by my neighbors cat recently so I will say, if that cat comes in my backyard again I hope it does not make it out alive! Keep your cats on your property... I hate how cat owners somehow think their animals can roam wild!


It has nothing to do with the dog per say it is the owner and how the dog was raised. I have a pit and that dog has never growled etc. to anyone, however I have a lab and it has already bit someone and is more of a threat than my pit. Do not focus on the breed but the conditions of which the dog is breed and taken care of. Get educated and see which dog has the most bite cases etc. it isn't a pit but german shepards, labs, rott's etc. I agree dogs that threathen others should not be allowed but lets get down to the reason they are the way they is called unresponsible owners!

Tired argument....

I disagree with your opening statement right off the bat..... yes it does have something to do with breed. Of the majority of stories regarding dog attacks, even on this site alone, which breeds do they refer to? It is a fact that there are 4 or 5 TOP aggressive breeds of which the Pit Bull is one. It is a fact that of all the reports of attacks the finger can be clearly pointed at one of these breeds for the majority of attacks. Numbers do not lie. Now that said I agree that if you put an irresponsible owner with an aggressive breed you have the makings for a problem. I agree that an aggressive breed can be controlled by a responsible owner. If this is not done however you have threads such as the one you are now reading. **I have stated in another thread that there are exceptions to every rule with animals but the consistent pattern of the majority of attacks will point to the aggressive breeds**

No such thing...

There is no such thing as an "aggressive breed". There are "powerful" breeds which untrained or not fixed (or a combination of the two) can create the problems you often see in the media. I've seen just as many unstable toy breeds - but you never hear about those. We rescued a pit bull and invest a significant amount of our time with DAILY exercise, and lots of socialization with everyone in the neighborhood. We read a lot of books pertaining to dog training (Cesar Milan is great) and consulted with an animal behaviorist/trainer for additional "dog" education. He happily lives with our family which includes a one year old, a four year old, a 10 lb dog, and a 13 lb. dog. We firmly believe it's how a dog is raised and its environment. There is truly so much misinformation and misconceptions out there.

You are correct; Numbers don't lie........

........but the media does. Stories of "Pit Bull attacks" sell. Stories of lab attacks don't. Basing these numbers off of media reports is just not good statistical science. Second the term "Pit bull" is a misnomer. There is no such thing. There are American Pit bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers. These are full bloodied animals that simply aren’t perpetrating attacks on humans in any significant number. You are more likely to find these animals at a dog show. Notice how the dangerous animals are always Pit bull mixes. That means absolutely nothing. If you don't believe me take this quiz. As the owner of an American Bulldog I agree it is all about how these animals are raised. My dog is a perfect example. I will admit though that there is a disproportionate amount of owners of non full breded bully type breeds that raise their animals for all the wrong reasons. This skews the numbers as well.

disgusted with dog court

This should all be left to civil court and animal control. The owners should be held accountable as the dogs are doing what the owners train them to do either directly or indirectly due to ignorance. Start fining the owners $$$ and if they can't pay they provide community service. It's the same as a gun, the owner is accountable. Maybe dog court should require owners to undergo dog obedience training or remove the animal and place it in another home with responsible owners. This makes me sick that several people can play god with animals lives when the animals are not at fault. I hope the dog court panel sleeps well at night.

I agree to most of what you

I agree to most of what you said,That is what Animal Control and Civil,as well as Criminal court is for. Next thing you know it will be Stealer's Court,Drunk Court,Cat Court, Chicken Court. We have a court system and laws for all. I fear this court will rule a dog dangerous,reverse it and then a child will be mauled. Will the dog court be held responsible? Then the public will be "loaded for bear".The the county will be sued for setting up this court.. years of legal fees that are not necessary,and higher taxes. Let THE REAL COURT SYSTEM WORK AND ANIMAL CONTROL DO THEIR JOBS.Fine the owners big bucks$$$$$$.

you must be kidding

Did it ever occur to you that this cat was somebody's PET that they loved very much? Dog's do not chase and kill anything that runs from them. I hope your dog is never around small children. What will your excuse be then?


I disagree with you as a whole, but you had the right idea when you said "dogs do not chase and kill anything that runs from them". They don't, but they will chase a cat or smaller animal that runs from them. I recently adopted a dog that has never had contact with a cat until about a month ago. She chased a cat up a tree and I'm sure that if she had caught her she would have killed the cat. Not because she's a vicious dog, but because dogs chase cats. It's always been that way. However, this dog adores my kids, lets them lay on her, put their hands down her throat, poke her eyes, etc. I have no fear of this dog around my kids. But I do fear that she could potentially one day kill a cat, or small rodent. That's why I have neither in my house. The cat that she chased was in OUR yard and NOT mine. I agree with a statement earlier made that cat owners need to keep their cats on their property. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to weed my garden, or pick potatoes and I've come up with cat poop instead. I've even had to get rid of my kids sandbox because it was like heaven to the neighborhood cats. Cats owners are responsible for their cats the same way I am for my dogs. My dogs stay either in our 6 ft privacy fence, or are on a leash at all times otherwise. The law is the SAME for cat owners, though not always enforced. I feel for the cat owners, but if the cat was on the dogs property.. well. Sorry, that's life.

I agree, dangerous for

I agree, dangerous for killing a cat, a dog's God-given instinct? It is unfortunate a cat was killed, but it is nature and does not make the dog dangerous, it makes it a dog. I had a cat ruin the paint job on my brand new car once walking on it. Cat's kill birds all the time, should we declare cats dangerous?

Not the breed to blame but the owner

Rottweilers, pit bulls, dobermans, etc. are powerful dogs that are not appropriate for everyone. Consistent socialization, training and exercise are key. If someone is not prepared for this commitment then chances are they are going to encounter problems. It's so unfortunate that the dogs always end up paying the price for their owners' mistakes.

Dangerous Dogs

With any type of domestic animal, no matter the breed ,it all comes down to one thing. The training or lack their of provided by the owners.

are you kidding? the dogs

are you kidding? the dogs are considered dangerous for killing a cat???????? what in the world, my golden kills cats... dogs chase things that run from them! Oh but its a pit so hang the poor dog out to dry for it! Wow, I am SHOCKED!

Dog that Kills

Qoute by Lauren3 (not verified) on 15 October 2009 - 2:03pm. (are you kidding? the dogs are considered dangerous for killing a cat???????? what in the world, my golden kills cats... dogs chase things that run from them! Oh but its a pit so hang the poor dog out to dry for it! Wow, I am SHOCKED!) A dog can become dangerous once it kills and gets a taste of blood. Isn't a child small? Don't children run from dogs? The problem is irresponsibility of the owner mostly.

thank you

i just wanted to thank you. it is in all dogs nature. well animals for that matter a cat kills birds and rats but they arent considered dangerous. and of cousre my pit must be mean and scary, yet the most she would ever do to someone would be to lick them to death

I know, that is the most

I know, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard calling a dog dangerous for killing a cat, its natural God-given instinct. I had a cat ruin the paint job on my car once. cat's kill birds, but that is okay? I think we should declare cats dangerous. people kill animals, are we declared dangerous?


It's crazy that we always hear about the same type of dogs in these cases. We know about these dogs and the problems they cause esp. when the wrong people are raising them. This is NO surprise!!! Why do they think its every going to get any better?

some things just happen

sometimes the owners are not to blame. things can happen. and how ofter do u here about a lab harming something? so it could just be that they r just being ANIMALS.