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Dangers of leaving your pet in a hot vehicle

Many people like to take their dog with them with them everywhere, but this time of year, that may not be a good idea. New Hanover County Animal Control received about 10 calls last week about animals left in hot cars. Animal control workers compare leaving an animal in a hot car to sitting in an oven. WWAY did our own test and put a thermometer in a car. In less than 15 minutes, the temperature reached over 120 degrees. The heat can lead to brain damage, or even death. Experts say leaving a window cracked does not help. Dr. Jean McNeil, New Hanover County Animal Control, said, "You need to leave your pet at home. That's the safest place for them because you have no way of protecting them if you have to run into a store for example." If you leave your pet outside make sure they have shade and cool water. Also, if you see an animal in distress, call New Hanover Animal Control at 798-7500.

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Really????? Do we really

Really????? Do we really have to go through this every single summer here???? Are people so dumb that they don't realized that your car gets hot in the sun????? It makes me so angry!! When I worked at the Battleship we had a state trooper open a van because these idiots left their dog in the van and it almost died. We were giving it water and trying to cool his feet off, then he was transported to the emergency clinic, and the people were just allowed to go over there, pay the bill and take him home. They didn't even get in trouble over it!!! It is truly sad people have to constantly be reminded about this.


if people dont know this by now........

Dangers of leaving your pet in a hot vehicle

I don't see how anyone could leave a pet in a hot vehicle. And, if they happen to be caught usually get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. My dog loves to ride with me and generall goes everywhere I do - except in the summer time. It's just common sense that you don't leave an animal -or a child- in a hot car. Unfortunately, common sense seems to be in short supply these days.