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Dark days may be ahead for Pender County schools

READ MORE: Dark days may be ahead for Pender County schools
Until area school districts get some answers from the state on possible budget cuts, administrators are preparing for the worst. That is just what they did in Pender County Monday night. A quote from Monday night’s school board meeting put it perspective, when it comes to the budget, there are dark days ahead for Pender County. School board chair Tom Roper said, "These are devastating times, but we have got some tremendously resilient staff." Resilience may be the tool to help Pender County recover from a possible 11 percent reduction in their state funding. That translates to a $4.6 million loss for schools, and a dramatic loss in staff and operating expenses. The biggest blow would come from layoffs. Cuts would affect 33 teacher positions and 25 teacher assistants. Operating expenses cut even deeper. Four central office staff positions will be eliminated. Other impacts include increased class sizes and consolidating bus routes to cut at least 500 miles. Textbooks and staff training are also on the chopping block. A major source of state funding comes to Pender County because of its low wealth status. A million dollars will be eliminated, which helps pay for 18 positions. "The million dollars and those 18 positions are crippling, absolutely crippling," added Roper. Nothing is final until the state finalizes its budget but board members said they have to be proactive to prepare personnel for the worst. Roper said, "I have been on this board for twelve years and I have never faced these kinds of decisions. When you are dealing with people’s lives and the integrity of your organization, it's extremely painful." Many parents said the pain will be felt in the classroom. "Every aspect of it has a possibility of having a negative effect to the school system and educational wise to the students," said Will Tate, a concerned parent. Roper also told WWAY that with budget cuts this deep, it will be a struggle to help students stay competitive with a high-quality education. Board members plan on meeting with affected personnel individually within a week or so to prepare them for future layoffs.

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burgaw loser

Just when I thought I had seen it all,I got word today that Burgaw has lost 9,yes 9 teaching positions.The lost positions will not in the future be replaced.This school was already understaffed.No I do not work there,I'm a Pender county resident who is very concerned about taking away funding for our most helpless of citizens.Why not cut the pay of the folks in good ol Raleigh NC and see how well they like it.Or better yet,cut there staff.Shame on our state for doing this...

lottery scam

The person who commented about the lottery money was indeed right. They take away general money for the school systems and then try to balance or replace it with lottery money. But the lottery money that our school system gets is very little and has so many strings attached. We cannot use it for anything except capital outlay. For instance, we might be able to patch a leaking roof with the money. I have not seen where the lottery has done any good or affected education positively at all. The teachers or students are hardly affected at all. I would encourage the people of nc to investigate into how the nc lottery was even passed, when the majority of state legislature was against it and bev perdue voted yes for it when 2 members that were against it were out on excused absences. Its funny that she is now the governor. Makes you wonder...

Uhhh right!

First off, I think the lottery is fake. I don't think those prizes are released like they say, rarely hear about anyone winning..even though they say those jackpots are won...secondly, the state needs to give up on the pet projects they think they need to persue. Take for instance, the changes they made from Monkey Junction through past Go Gas...I mean, did we really need to change those stoplights and add more...only to cause accidents? Third, way too much money goes into the politicians pockets. I don't have kids in school, but it breaks my heart to see the state ruining the educational needs of these kids. We are in recession, and the politicians have done nothing except put us as the consumers deeper and deeper into the hole. Thanks NC, Thanks have really done it this time.

Such a Hard Blow...

My children are educated through Pender County Schools. Our teachers receive the least amount of supplemental pay than any of the Tri-County area, and guess what? THEIR SCORES ARE THE HIGHEST! We all know that class size is going to suffer as well as things like text books, hands on learning, etc. Our kids already share bus routes with the older students and now they want MORE bus routes cut. I just don't see how that can happen while maintaining safety for both the bus drivers and the students. The sad part is that this POOR county takes two steps forward and then gets shoved back three more. How can Education even be an option for our legislatures? I know the cuts have to come from somewhere, but let's leave our nation's future off the chopping block. We are never going to be competitive in a Global market, and that's where our children are going to be competing when the time comes. We as parents need to support our teachers and schools by writing letters and attending ANY forum made public in regards to this matter. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!


70 % of the lotto money goes back into the lotto for prizes. The lotto money is only giving 16% back to schools for construction. the rest is a little there and little here. but they show commericals as the NC EDUCATIONAL LOTTO. which isn't true. People get involved with the school and the ones that are handling the money The local schools have a lot to say about where the money goes. Parents start getting involved


Can someone please explain to me why on Earth we in NC have an "EDUCATION LOTTERY" and school systems across the state are cutting positions. Where is that money going? It's obviously not going to what it supposed to be used for. If the money isn't used for education, then stop the lottery. I wanted to see the lottery to help education. If Mike Easely and Beverly Purdue haven't done that, maybe it's time to start looking a little deeper into Easley and start looking at Purdue.

Where have You been?

If you follow the news, you would have seen his Majesty Easley raided the Education Lottery in an effort to balance the budget. He failed. Her Highness Bev tapped the Lottery Fund during her first thirty days in office. Pat McRory had some better alternatives. Perhaps those who voted Democrat in the last election will remember these mis-steps when they next step into the voting booth.

Pender County Schools

Exactly, where is the lottery money?!! My son goes to school in Pender County and the classes already have too many students in them and they don't even have text books they can take home! I really don't know what else they can cut from the Pender County School System. It is a sad situation when our children's education suffers like this.

Cutting teachers

My son goes to a Pender County school and with all the cuts they are talking about, his education will suffer. The class sizes will be much bigger and teachers will not be able to give larger classes the attention they will need. Cant some of the people making these decisions take a pay cut instead of loosing all the teachers and assistants? I am sure if they took a .5 precent pay cut, they wouldnt eveb notice it.

As far as I know all NC

As far as I know all NC state employees have already taken a .5% pay cut. About a month ago my teacher at CFCC came out of his office saying he just got a phone call about his, and all other NC employees, pay being cut. Any others on here that can verify this? Maybe he just meant teachers, but he seemed pretty clear on it.

education cuts

my boys dont go to school in pender co, but they do go to school in brunswick co. i am troubled by the fact that the educational system has to take a direct hit as a result of shortfalls in the budgets. where is all of the billions of dollars that the lottery has raised???? why are the schools getting that money? why do the children have to suffer all of the time?? why cant the county comminissioners and state reps take a dramatic pay cut instead of the educational system???? they need to make the biggest scraficies. when the kids start dropping out of school b/c of all of this, then nothing better be said. our "wonderful government" has put us in this boat!

Don't believe the lottery hype

Quit believing the lottery hype. Lotteries accounted for less than 1 percent to 5 percent of the total revenue for K-12 education last year in the states that use this money for schools. Most of the money raised by lotteries is used simply to sustain the games themselves, including marketing, prizes and vendor commissions. “Legislators merely substitute general revenue funds with lottery dollars so the schools don’t really gain any additional funding,” said O. Homer Erekson, dean of the business school at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, who co-wrote a national study on lottery money and school financing. Get over the dream of the lottery paying for school. It's a lie.

A pay cut? Do you have any

A pay cut? Do you have any idea what a North Carolina Teachers salary is? The teachers already give way too much!

pay cut

I think the original poster said to cut the salary of "the people making these decisions," not the teachers.

Are jobs being cut in

Are jobs being cut in Raleigh? If they would stop all this needless spending, there would be money for education. How about cutting back on social programs? Who pays for more at four and migrant buses to run? Let those kids stay home another year so the school age children won't be 35+ children to a classroom. Cut backs need to start at the top first (lets say Raleigh)