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A day later, but still no arrests made involving shooting at R.C. Soles's house

READ MORE: A day later, but still no arrests made involving shooting at RC Soles' house
The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting case involving Sen. R.C. Soles, but it appears it will be up to District Attorney Rex Gore to decide whether or not to pursue charges. Monday, Gore released a written statement in which he said, "I understand there may be some sense of immediacy in obtaining comments and/or answers relating to the shooting at the home of Sen. R.C. Soles on Sunday, August 23. I have met with the lead investigator and reviewed preliminary reports. However, we are still in the fact-gathering mode and will not know what charges, if any, will be made. Nor do we know who, if anyone, will be charged. We will not know those answers until we have had the opportunity to review all the data collected by officers during this investigation. I do not have a timetable for those answers. Since there is currently an on-going SBI investigation into the shooting, I will not be addressing other questions on the matter. In addition, for anyone wanting to address the issues of self defense or defense of habitation, my staff and I will not be able to discuss those at this time. Since those concepts may play a vital role in determining the ultimate outcome of this incident, I must reserve any comment on those principles until the full investigative report has been reviewed." Some observers have asked if Gore has plans to recuse himself as the prosecutor in this case. Gore and Soles have a long standing friendship, and are political allies in the Democratic Party. In fact, Sen. Soles has given money to Rex Gore's campaign for district attorney, and Gore has given money to Soles’s campaign with thousands of dollars changing hands over the years. According to published reports, the two were linked back in the 1980s in a federal case known as Col-Cor, which was short for Columbus County corruption. The reports say Sen. Soles was indicted on charges of conspiracy, perjury, aiding and abetting bribery, and buying votes for Gore, who was then a candidate for district attorney. Several of the charges were dropped for lack of evidence and Soles was ultimately acquitted on the remaining charge. The law allows for a district attorney to ask for another DA or the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor on a case, if there is a conflict of interest, or even an appearance of a conflict of interest on a case. Attorneys tell us that the guidelines advise DAs to use an abundance of caution, and step aside if there is any doubt in the community's mind of a DA's ability to be objective because of a personal relationship. We asked Gore about these concerns Monday. He told us he didn't want to go on camera, but said on the phone there is no conflict of interest. Gore says he's not in the habit of recusing himself from hard decisions, and doesn't plan to do so in this case. We did speak with him on camera earlier this month when the state first began its investigation. Gore said, “I would hope people would trust me to do the right thing.” One question we haven't been able to get an answer to: why has nobody been arrested in this shooting? If it was clearly self-defense, you might think that the two alleged intruders, BJ Wright and Kyle Blackburn would be facing charges or under arrest. If it was not self-defense, some have asked why the Senator hasn't been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The SBI is handling the case, and all it will tell us at this point is it's under investigation.

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RC Soles and his guns

Imagine this - a senator who has always voted to have citizens guns taken from them shooting 2 crooks that threatened his safety and upset his day.Why does he feel his butt and his family are anymore important than yours and mine? He needs to take his gun and go to Iraq where he really will need to use it. Either start doing good for the people like you should be doing or retire and move to another country. If you don't like what i said - let me know- i'm sick of you politicians cheating the people for your own gain.

Rex Gore and the NC SBI

Yet another incident of gross negligence by Rex Gore, the immitation District Attorney. He and his hand picked SBI agents do little to pursue justice. Because he was elected by uninformed voters, there is no one in the state one can report his gross negligence to. His standard of ethics on a scale of 1 to 10 would not reach the number 3. I hope the voters in his district will investigate his many flaws and chose a new district attorney. He is an embarrassment to the state of North Carolina.

remember this at election time

I hope the good people of Columbus County will remember everything that is going on with RC Soles and Rex Gore.. They are a disgrace and I hope the people they are supposed to represent will remember this.. That includes Brunswick and Pender Counties too.. Enough is Enough !!! Vote them out if they are still in office by that time..


If this would have been anyone else, they would be under the jail!!!!!!!!!!

Justice who??
It is all about who you are in Columbus County..


it is called justice. It's called waiting for the SBI to release its report, later this week, so the DA can decide who should face charges. Why do you attempt to sensationalize a dead horse? If you are so offended, why not file to run against Senator Soles when his seat is up for re-election?

NC Bar

Someone needs to contact the NC Bar about their ethical standards from members, etc. I am sure that if they are worth anything they would have something to say about the DA not removing himself from this case because of a conflict of interest (or even appearance of conflict of interest).

No conflict of interest?

How can there NOT be a conflict of interest? Tell me, Mr. Gore, what is YOUR definition of "conflict of interest?" If this isn't an example of it, then I don't know what is.

Not going to happen

do they think Rex Gore will turn on RC Soles. Arrest will never happen. Wasting tax papers money...

Columbus County Social

Columbus County Social Services has not acted on information about Frog Strickland living alone since age 15, the NC DMV has not acted on information that Frog has been and is driving without a license, and the Columbus County DA has done nothing since this scandal began.


in light of recent events, could Sen. Soles be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor?...seems most of these boys became career criminals with RC's able assistance...the money he provided to the ones in prison only showed the hoodlums that crime does pay, as long as RC likes you...and Tabor City is on the State Line, has the FBI looked at any improprieties with these minor that crossed state lines?...keep at it, WWAY, clean up Tabor and Columbus County...thanks

Senator won't be arrested

If you think for one minute that this investigation into the shooting at the senator's home is going to result in the senator being arrested you are fooling yourself. There is no way this man is going down until the votes who put him in office choose to remove him from office. This story just keeps getting deeper and deeper and no one is really getting to the truth. Why do these young men keep going to his home and why does he keep giving them money? Answer these questions and then you have the story.


DA Gore and the SBI seem to ignore facts in shootings in Columbus May, Moody Dale Buffkin was shot in the neck and died...his killer hasn't even been charged in the murder and is walking free...ask DA Gore why no charges have been filed...btw, if ya have a beef, come to TC to shoot it out...Saturday nights, the automatic weapon fire rings out from the bottom like clockwork...TC, the most lawless town in NC...

Because of their long

Because of their long history and involvment in COLCOR, Rex Gore should be forced to step aside.

Someone besides Rex or

Someone besides Rex or anyone else in the state needs to handle this. RC has deep pockets and there is no telling who has their hand out. There IS something more to this story, the problem is finding someone who doesn't have ties to this "mess" to come and clean it up.

You have got to be kidding!!

Let me get this right. A senator shot someone in the leg in a gated community and no one has been charge or arrested. (Not even the intruders!) Plus, the senator is suppose to representing the young men that shot him and he is paying them. This whole situation stinks to high heaven. First, if the boys were trespassing and trying to break in, they should be charged. Does the senator have a gun permit? Did he shoot them outside the home? or thru the door? And last, I thought clients were suppose to pay the attorney, not the attorney pay the clients. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this whole thing "stinks" and it goes further than the senator. Try the District Attorney, Sheriff....why have they not done anything, if all this had been you or I, we would be arrested and kept behind bars until the powers that be, figured it out. However, in this case, everyone is an exception and walking the streets. So much for justice.

You don't need a permit to

You don't need a permit to own a gun in this state, thankfully.

What gun permit

In all of the other articles, had you been keeping with this, states that he shot the young man in the thigh with a shotgun... Just so you know, a shot gun or rifle does not require a permit due to the size. It does require the background check, but any 18+ year old can purchase a firearm (pending the results of the background check). Get your facts straight before poking your nose in to situations. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in the age of google, yahoo, bing, and other search engines.

Soles, the Benefactor

There are countless people in and around Tabor City who can attest to R.C. Soles benevolent generosity. He has paid tuition to Southeastern Community College for dozens of poor young people, black and white, male and female. It's time for these beneficiaries of Soles' philanthropy to speak up and give Soles some thanks. When my cousin was hit with catastrophic medical bills, who came to his aid? R.C. Soles, that's who! And he did it anonomously. We suspected at the time it was R.C., but it was only later we found out for sure. Columbus County is a poor county, and Mr. Soles and his 97-year-old father have contributed so much financial help over the years to poor people in desperate circumstances--they are both truly good people. These young ruffians (far more people than R.C. have been threatened by these thugs) are doing nothing but taking advantage of R.C. because they know his reputation for giving financial help when needed. I and many of my neighbors will stand beside R.C. all the way. We not only respect him, we love him and his entire family.

Mother of All Conflicts of Interest

Get real, Rex!


I think tHAT sen, soles should fess up to it and say what is really going on. Darn he is 74 and having relationships with young males. Come on Grow up. I think Sen Soles needs to be put away. There is no reason why a 15 year old should have their own house and drive a Car like Allen Has.

conflict of interest

Come on how can this NOT be a conflict of interest ? They have been friends for many, many years and both gave money to each others re-election. Years ago they could have got away with this " good ole boy " friendship, but not anymore.. Let me just ask one question, If anyone(average Joe) shot someone in his home how would Mr Gore have handled it? It wouldn't be the same that he is doing for Soles would it? The law is the Law..

R.C. Soles case & Dist. Att. Gore

Just saw the report on the latest shooting at R.C. Soles home last night. In re: Sen. Soles, "That boy ain't right" to use a local phrase! At any rate, no matter what happens, District Attorney Rex Gore should absolutely recuse himself from any case involving Mr. Soles. The appearance of impropriety is blinking like a neon sign over their long association (campaign funding for each other, long personal friendship, etc.). Plus, Mr. Gore's smirky statements on camera only serve to add fuel to the fire. SPECIAL INVESTIGATION AND SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, PLEASE!


would they charge him prematurely? He's hardly a threat to flee the area. If charged, at his age, a Magistrate or Judge would grant reasonable bail; clearly he has the assets to post bond. Let the powers that be do their jobs. Then when he is not charged with any crime, no one can say justice was not served.

Rex Gore

How can Rex Gore say there is no conflict of interest when he was involved totally with the ColCor invetigation right along with R.C.? He has given thousands of dollars to R.C. and R. C. to him. He does not care how a bullet enters as he never believed the coroner in the officer's death on Bald Head Island years ago. He is just another piece in this Soles mess.