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Dead bear cub found covered with Obama signs

Police at Western Carolina University say a dead bear cub was found dumped on the campus Monday morning, draped with a pair of Barack Obama campaign signs. The Asheville Citizen-Times reported that maintenance workers reported finding the 75-pound cub dumped at a roundabout near the Catamount Statue at the entrance to campus. The school's police chief said it appeared the bear cub had been shot in the head, and that two Obama signs had been stapled together and stuck over the animal's head.

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According to other news

According to other news outlets, this was a student prank, not a political statement. Supposedly, they found the dead bear while camping, and wanted to dump it on campus as a prank. But, they didn't want to get blood in the back of their truck. So they randomly stole the signs to lay the bear on in the truck. If this is true, I'm glad that it was just a bunch of college kids being stupid rather than a political message. But, it makes me wonder what type of twisted person would find humor in leaving an animal's carcass on campus. What is the world coming to?

Bear Cub

Have any of you considered that these acts against OSAMA we actually committed by his supporters to gain sympathy for his campagin? Just a thought.


Why is anyone on here "assuming an obama supporter" did this? It is clearly an anti-obama act. It's not anyone "posing as an obama supporter" either. Has the whole world gone crazy? Who in their right mind would assume a dead bear with a campaign sign on it would be in support of that canidate?


McCain right wings are so psychotic that Obama supporters do not place signs in their yards. So notice... In each neighborhood you may see 4-7 McCain signs.. That means the rest of the homes in that neighborhood are for Obama... Just sayin.. 10 point lead nation wide today.. Its no mistake.

Right Wing

Listen here, people up here have been threatened and had there windows broken by Obama supporter just because they had a McCain sign in there yard! I have never heard of McCain supporters doing anything like that. You All Better Wake UP! Obama is a socialist/Marxist and his people are radicals! As for that bear cub, how sick can you get. Someone needs help! It's not funny and actually it is the act of a person that is mentally deranged! Better Wake up people who are usually quit normal are turning into zelots. Not good people.

Re: Did it Ever

Did it ever occur to any of you that this was not done by an Obama supporter but just by some sick individuals that wanted you to think it was Obama supporters??

As a student at WCU, I beg

As a student at WCU, I beg you not to judge all of us based on this incident. Even from a conservative, this is a horrible, sickening act. There is NO reason for behavior like this. Many students, like myself, come from upper-middle class families and do not in any way condone this kind of thinking or behavior. We are college students working to better ourselves. Please believe that the students of Western Carolina are adamant that the individuals involved be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent. There is no humor in what was done to the bear cub, regardless of the fact that it is bear season.

dead bear

I wonder if it was meant to be a threat toward Obama.


It's really sad that we live in such hatred!! I find it funny that the only crimes related to this election are people lashing out at Obama supporters! People are burning signs, breaking windows with Obama signs and now killing an innocent animal! Makes me wonder what the faces of these criminals look like! I'm so glad that I was raised to treat all races equal and not to judge by the color of someone's skin color!! There is ignorant in all races and I'm proud that the "Obama supporters in the most, are carrying their selves in a respectable manner!!

Assuming Obama gets elected....

...the bear got off easier than the rest of us.

you are so right. The bear IS better off than the rest of us

Poor cub, but true, he is better off than us if Obama gets in...

Why so quick to assume the

Why so quick to assume the culprit was an Obama supporter? I would consider a dead bear cub to be a very negative message that no supporter would condone to convey a positive political statement.

Dead Bear Cub

This is sick & scary. It was probably a McCain Psyco, the same who slashed tires in Fayetteville. But it could have been an Obama pyscho. Either way the person(s) who did this need serious help & prison time for murdering a beautiful creature. I would rather vote for Ron Paul at least his supporters had maturity & believe in America & the Constitution of the United States. We've got to get over our differences & come together as a nation united as our forefathers worked & died for.


How terrible that people stoop to unthinkable lows and use innocent animals to make their sick statements! I only hope they find out who did this and bring them to justice.

Ahhh to be in college again,

Ahhh to be in college again, just a couple of young kids having a good time. The cub was a legal shot no laws broken there; dumping on school grounds might get them a slap on the knuckles, but to me the worst thing is the meat that was wasted. I don't think it gives WNC a bad wrap if anything it lets the world know at least there are still a few people with some cahunas left. A little mischief never hurt anybody.


CANNOT believe that Obama supporters would sacrifice a bear in his name! HOW SICK!

evil mccain people

Evil McCain people!!! A special circle in hell is reserved just for you. Poor little bear

OK. I cannot believe ANYONE

OK. I cannot believe ANYONE could misunderstand this message sent by Obama haters - with guns. THIS IS A DEATH THREAT. It is obviously an attempt to intimidate Obama supporters and to suggest what will happen should Obama be elected...that he will be killed and/or those who support him or their children will pay. THAT IS SICK. Please use your God-given brain. Obama supporters did not commit this heinous and despicable crime.

Im Scared

Im Scared for this country, if we cant learn that we are wasting the time we have on earth to fighting against other peoples beliefs than we dont deserve to live our time on earth, anyone who would take another creatures life to make a statement is sick in the head and im scared to both of the candidates because people are going crazy right now, too many people are extremely on one side and forgetting that we are a nation united and during these times it feel like we are on the verge of separating again and it makes me want to get out of america, so keep on radicals and well see how much you can ruin your life and our nation.

Agree with you

Find this sucker and make him pay for this crime, using an animal to create political statements is insensitive and outrageous.

Bear found dead.

I agree with you. This is scary stuff. I'm afraid to put a sign in my yard after reading this morning about people having rocks thrown through windows and tire's slashed.. What is really scary is this is what we have been living with the whole time only now it is coming out because we have an African American running for President. How sad. !

you think your scared now!

if you think your scared know wait to the idiots that vote obama in start the chaos that their gonna create.

You, back to class

Get back into school and get a basic grasp on the English language before you post again.

Grow up.

Grow up.

Hadn is an idiot

For Hadn Fear is not gonna work this time. Obama will win and it will be great! Maybe you could find a hole to crawl in.

to mcpain

your absolutely right! i probably need to find a hole to crawl in. probably be the only way i can prevent my tax dollars from being stolen by oboomer to pay for all the handout programs as he spreads the wealth to the freeloading society that he will generate! besides that you support oboomer? if so calling me an idiot is kinda like calling the kettle black....don't ya think? got to go back to work SO I CAN PAY FOR YOUR NEXT MEAL TICKET....YOU HELPLESS, BRAINDEAD, MORON...ETC.

To Hadn, Thanks for the

To Hadn, Thanks for the laugh! Educate yourself. All I've heard from you is the republican talking points!! Did you bother to investigate them? It's so sad that you are ignorant. Your parents if they have'nt abandoned you will use Medicaid someday. Do you consider that a handout program? Or is it OK because its for someone you love? The only people paying taxes will be for those making 250.000.00 or more. Spreading the wealth? Its more like middle class relief as it should be. Freeloading society? That he will generate? Are you that stupid? Alot of these programs are for children- so they can compete globally. Do you know how low the US ranks in the world in terms of education? Your paying for my next meal ticket? I'm employed and so is my spouse for years now. Raising a family of four (on no programs) But definitely want the programs there for other parents who need the help!!!!!!!! Definitely!! Republicans don't care about anyone unless your rich. We're the middle class and we've been carrying everyone for too long. (and I mean you rich people who don't wanna pay your fair share!) Obama will win anyway. I do not know why I'm wasting my time on your hatred.

We Are In Trouble

Speaking about Obama Ray Stevens Had A Song Out Years Ago With The Verse ( Obama Your Mama Wraped Your Headban To Tight) After 911 Al-Quada Made A Comment ( The Next Time They Hit The U.S. It Would Be From Within, Now What Better Place THan The Oval Office, Come On People Listen To His Name Bracka Hussen Obama That Sure Aint No Redneck Name Nor By Far Yankee, Ay Least McCain Served His Country And Lets Not Forget Also Was A POW ( Thank You For Your Service John) Obama Wont Place His Hand On A Bible, Wont Face The Flag And Never Served In The Military Go Ahead Place Your Childeren In Harms Way How Can A Man Lead This Country That Appairantly Knows Nothing About It How He Sounds On TV Well Let Me Tell You This Car Sales Men Sell Cars He Will Sell His Words To You There For Buying Your Vote ( What Have The Others Promised , And What Did You Get In Return? Stop, Look And Listen To The Whole Story


Are you single? I have found another poster named proudwoman, and while you two disagree about Obama, this could be a match made in heaven....