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Dead Shallotte man's car found

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Brunswick County authorities found the car Shallotte realtor Adam Bradshaw was driving when he disappeared. Bradshaw was found dead Tuesday night, off Watts Road. At that point his blue Ford Mustang convertible was no where to be seen. It was spotted today in the Longwood area of Brunswick County. Bradshaw never returned home after running errands Saturday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and 14-month-old son.

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shallotte man

I certainly hope they find this man and he gets maximum punishment. It's a bad situation when one can't drive in a convertible without someone jumping in and killing a person for their car. My prayers are with the precious child and wife he left behind.

Not sure,,

First of all, are we not getting the full story? I don't remember reading any thing about how he was killed. I mean how can you make a statement like he was killed for his car? How do you know someone jumped into his car and killed him? We aren't really sure what this man was into and not into. Yes, we read he was a nice guy, new dad, but, did he have enemies or anything? I feel really sorry for his wife and new son. I pray for their sakes they find someone who was there and knows what happened. The answers need to be told for sure.

Murder of Realtor Adam Bradshaw

What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers will be with his wife and precious young son. I will never understand WHY or HOW any person could take another persons life and destroy the lives of others. I hope whomever is responsible will be caught soon. God Bless the Bradshaw family.


Sure hope they catch this person. Would be a good oppurtunity too change some of the current attitudes about law enforcement in brunswick county.. May all of brunswick county keep this family in thier parayers.. May the quilty involved be brought to justice swifly..


don't worry, Sam Davis and Gene Caison will catch him

Shallotte Murder

Good thing, because Gause will never be able to catch anything, except a cold.

Car and Shallotte Murder

I cannot believe how arrogant and cocky some of the officers of the law are in Brunswick County. That is what is wrong with Brunswick County. Some of our law officials are too busy being cocky and arrogant to do their jobs. Meanwhile murderers and other criminals are committing murders and other crimes. Get off your cocky butts and do your job.

Call me when they do

Call me when they catch whom ever is involved..I will write a ten page apology... but dont call me if some one else does it.... Either way my heart goes out to the family and my prayers are with them... I apologies for the police officers, arrogants on this site your husband case should be top priority not there reputation....

Southern Born

Oh my God, did you do another flip and now you love LEO's. Your a crazy person, get help. Like that one writer said, you need to learn to read what you have written.

No I hope the best for this

No I hope the best for this family, and for justice, perhaps you can have some sympathy for the family, I hope they are in your prayers as well..