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Decal helps parents of teenage drivers

READ MORE: Decal helps parents of teenage drivers
Eighteen-year-old Meredith Stanley has a new sticker to add to her truck thanks to her mother, Cindy. The new decal is part of a new program at the Brunswick County sheriff's office, aimed at keeping parents informed on how their young drivers are acting on the roads if they get pulled over by a law enforcement officer. "They're going to write the decal number down and they're going to give us that number at the sheriff's office and we will in turn contact the parents and let them known what type of a violation or accident or law occurred,” explained Todd Coring of the Brunswick County sheriff’s office. Meredith said the way young drivers are acting behind the wheel isn't ideal. “Just racing basically and speeding basically and I know their parents don't get told." Cindy, who works at the sheriff's office, wants to ensure she's in the loop. “I have over 100 body guards out here and most of them know by daughter. But say it's a trooper or a city cop that doesn't know that she's my daughter, then I'd like to know." Meredith admits having a heavy foot and this sticker will remind her to be more conscientious, and she knows her mom is just looking out for her. Parents can register for a decal for kids 18 and younger on the sheriff's office website or call the office at 253-2777.

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Ok Hi Im Meredith.The 18 year old girl that was interviewed for this program!I have read everyones comments and I agree with some and others I do not!For one if I get a ticket or are driving wreckless it will affect my parents insurance!I still live under my parents roof and they pay for my insurance and my truck is in my moms name,so therefor they should know if I am doing something wrong on the road!Yes I am legally an adult but, I respect my parents guidlines!

How about other risky drivers

Ok, since you think this sounds like a good idea (so you'll know there's an inexperienced driver in front of you) about this: It's been medically proven that senior citizens have slower reaction in their driving abilities the older they get = GIVE THEM A STICKER. Drivers that have received more than one traffic violation (obviously a risky driver) = GIVE THEM A STICKER. Handicap drivers = GIVE THEM A STICKER. Drivers that don't pass the driving test the 1st time = GIVE THEM A STICKER. Drivers that are required to wear glasses to drive = GIVE THEM A STICKER. This is what's next folks. I agree the sticker first seemed like a good idea (even to me), but look at the can of worms it opens.

Where are you lost?

What part about this story seems to be making you dizzy? This sticker is for parents, whose children are of driving age and are using a car that is insured by them. This has nothing to do with taking away anyone's priviledges. If you don't want the sticker on your car, get your own insurance, your own car, and your parents will no longer have the right to place this sticker on your car. Seems pretty simple to me. No reason to go off the deep end.


I totally agree...if she owns the car and pays the insurance she has a right to privacy...otherwise whoever is paying for it deserves to know. We agree on that :)

You left something out

You left out the part of as long as the teen is living at home. As long as my boys live under my roof, my rules apply, no matter what their age is. SO, if the teen wants total privacy, then move out first and take on total responsibility of your life. As ong as I am responsible for their finances and boarding, my rules apply, like it or not.

NC Insurance laws

If you live in NC you should have a clear understanding of the law. The owner of the car insures the car. Irregardless of who is driving.....the owner of car's insurance covers any and all drivers. So, just because Mom and Dad pay the insurance is not a good enough argument in this case. Look at our society....continuing to rip the rights of individuals. Come on with the Scarlet letter A next. I agree it appears to be a good idea, but once you realize how much it violates OUR civil rights (that's the rights that you and I all have), hopefully you'll all realize what a bad idea this really is.

For five and a half years, I

For five and a half years, I travelled down part of Hwy. 17 in Onslow County to get to work. There was a high school standing between my home and place of employment. I cannot count how many times I thanked God that I arrived at work in one piece. I have never in my life witnessed the all out idiotic driving practices like I witnessed out of these high school students trying to get to school on time because they have waited til they have five minutes to drive ten miles. One of the more prominent experiences that stand out was while the DOT was expanding that section of highway to four lanes. There are three overpasses involved, and while they were working on one side of the highway, there would be two lane traffic using the overpass on the other side. I was going up the overpass behind a large panel delivery van and this young girl came from behind me and passes both of us going up the overpass on a double yellow line and a dump truck coming facing her who had to lock up brakes to keep from hitting her head on. With the insurance rates for teenage drivers being as high as they are, I would bet 75% or more of the kids out there driving are on their parents insurance and they are paying the premiums. If they are under 18, then the car is in the parents' name and if it is financed, probably also in the parents' name. If these parents chose to park along the way one morning and see their little darlings in action on the way to school, I daresay that most of them would be grounded until they were 40. The parents need to be aware of how their children are driving. I have two teenagers and if they are acting like idiots on the road, then yes I want to know. Putting a stop to that behaviour may just save their lives. It has nothing to do with violating civil rights, and the program is voluntary.

You mean your IMAGINARY civil rights?

This is a VOLUNTARY program that parents can opt for. As long as a son or daughter is driving mommy and daddy's car, mom and dad set the rules about the car. So the only "rights" here are the rights of property owners and parents. "Don't like the decal, sweety? Don't drive the car." It really IS that simple!

If you feel like it violates

If you feel like it violates your civil rights, buy your own vehicle, pay your own insurance, and move out of your parents home. And YES, just because Mom and Dad pay the insurance, IT IS a good enough arguement in this case

I am a father

Just because I'm against this doesn't make me a teenager. For your information, I'm 35 yrs old and have one son(a child that I hope has a few rights left when they are adult). Great job profiling me....

You will find

Father, you will find out if your son gets a ticket while driving. Suddenly you will begin to receive advertisements from attorneys in your area asking you to allow them handle your case in court. I am 51, have 2 sons, and I am as against the government taking over my rights as anyone out there, BUT this is my right to have someone out there that cares enough to let me know if my sons are fooling around while driving. If my sons do not want me to find out, then either they had better not be fooling around, or not driving, it is their choice. At my job, if I get 2 tickets within a 5 year period of time I lose my job. Is that a bad policy? I'll tell you this, it makes me a much better driver.

That's fine, if you are

That's fine, if you are against it, then don't participate in it. It's not mandatory, it's a volunteer program. And you have a right to be gainst it, but let's not distort the facts. There are no civil rights being broken here. And as a person under the age of 18, they don't really have too many rights. Like I said, if someone doesn't like what their parents are doing, they do have an option. It's called living on your own.

Re: Awareness

This is a great idea. It also makes other drivers on the road aware that the person around them maybe an inexperienced driver.

Teen drivers

The reason why this is a good program (even though the girl is 18) is because the car and the insurance is probably in the parents name. They, not her, are responsible for the damage she does while driving. They are liable not their daughter so if she drives foolishly they have every right to take the car away from her until she learns to drive responsibly. The parents could lose their home if someone sues them because of their daughter's driving habits. Better to be safe than sorry!


While the concept behind this program is probably good, I would think it violates the privacy and rights of someone who is 18+ like this girl. She is legally an adult and therefore shouldn't really be answering to someone about her driving, other than the law itself.


I totally agree...if the mother is still paying for the insurance or car then she has a right to know. At least that is my opinion, though that is some sticky legal areas I imagine. However, if they are paying their own insurance and car payments then no one has a right to know but the person driving.


...if the parent(s) own the vehicle or the insurance is in thier name. They do have a right regardless of the age of the person driving under thier insurance or driving a vehicle owned by the parent(s). In other words to me it's like the signs you see on some company vehicles "How is My Driving" call 1-800-***-****

if her mother is still

if her mother is still paying the car and the insurance, yes she should be answering for what she does. She isn't the one who has to pay if she makes a mistake.


Unless she still lives at home, drives her Moms car and is still on her Moms insurance. 18 or not I would want to know as well if she was still living off me under my roof.

good points

For once we agree Zippy. The owner of the vehicle is always the primary party responsible for damages in the event the driver is involved in an accident for which they are held liable. And in today's litigous society, lawsuits always go for major dollars. I wonder which is better. Let someone drive your car and not know how they are doing; and run the risk of losing your home and income. OR, get a heads up when someone is driving unsafely. Add to that, most parents are concerned parents when it comes to their offspring's safety.

If she doesn't want the

If she doesn't want the sticker, she can move out, pay for her own vehicle, her own insurance, her own place to live, and her own groceries. I'm sure she is still living at home, and if you are under your parents roof, you WILL follow all their rules. If not, C-YA

Decals for teens

Eventhough this young lady is over 18, she does have to "answer to someone" about her driving. First: Is she paying her own insurance? Second: Is the car registered in her name? If she has an accident and is driving dangerously and the answers to the two questions I asked above is NO....her parents will be responsible for her actions on the road! They have every right to protect themselves!