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Decline in sea turtle population

READ MORE: Decline in sea turtle population
New research shows the sea turtle population is more threatened than ever. Some scientists say commercial fishing is to blame. Teams of marine scientists and wildlife advocates with the national organization Oceana are working hard to protect these creatures. New research by the organization points to the fishing industry for driving the sea turtle population to the brink of extinction. According to Oceana, fishermen's trawls are trapping turtles in their nets while gathering fish. Shrimping vessels are the only ones required to use devices allowing the turtles to escape, but Oceana says other types of fishing vessels are also to blame. To help, Oceana is petitioning the government to change the status of sea turtles from a threatened species to endangered. This will ensure better protection, and put tighter regulations on the fishing industry. The National Marine Fisheries service is working on a proposal to present to the federal government that would expand the number of fishermen who use devices to make their vessels safer for sea turtles.

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I don't know what the big

I don't know what the big deal is with turtles anyway. Even if they become extinct, what difference will it make? Who cares?

I'll tell u what's up with

I'll tell u what's up with the sea turtles: The entire ecosystem in the world is based on balance and is constantly walking a fine line.If just one organism goes extinct, the whole ecosystem goes out of wack and has to take TIME to readjust. The population of plants/animals that turtles used to eat goes way up and the population of the animals eating turtles goes down. It's like bees - the world thinks we dont need them but in reality if we didnt, almost all plants would be overpollinated and die, and as everthing relies on plant life, the world would die too. Its not that sea turtles are a big deal, its that the whole issue would effect the world and even human beings. I suggest u rethink, cas im only 13 and I think it end up being a very big deal.


Hey yo. Go to a couple of websites on sea turtles and you will find why there is such a big deal. Like and you could learn that if they die the entire world is affected

Ecological Systems

Obviously you have no understanding of ecological systems. Perhaps consider taking a course in biology. It isn't simply a matter of saving one species for the sake of saving that species, despite all the importance that this entails. Conserving species is necessary to maintain healthy ecosystems on which millions of people depend for a livelihood. It may not be apparent to you but yes we do use natural resources and the intricate nature of ecosystem demands that we protect all species for the sake of our own good.


we as humans realized yet that sometimes Mother Nature is a HORRIBLE THING....I love these critters as much as anyone, but if it isn't in the cards for them to make it....then there isn't much we can do about it. Of doesn't help that commercial fisherman are ALLOWED a turtle by-catch....

It isn't that sea turtles

It isn't that sea turtles "it isn't in the cards for them to make it". Sea turtles have survived for over 100 million years (back even with dinosaurs) and have survived mass extinctions. But now that humans have been affecting them they are on the brink of extinction and it is not just"in the cards for them to die" and it is definitely not mother nature's doing. It is humans fault and we need to do something!


It's not mother nature's fault that humans are killing hundreds of thousands of sea turtles a year. There are hundreds of options we have to solve this problem, it's just a matter of actually doing them. Thanks for the hard work, glad to see people trying to make a positive change!