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Deer becoming a major problem in Kure Beach

READ MORE: Deer becoming a problem in Kure Beach
At some point, you may have had to swerve on the road to avoid hitting a deer, or passed what is left after someone else has hit one. People on Pleasure Island have been dealing with the issue a lot recently. Greg George who lives in the area is used to the sight. "We see them everyday on the side of the road, it's like a zoo out here." For the past few months, the town of Kure Beach has been inundated with complaints from residents concerned about the increasing deer population. "The issues have run the gamete from people just seeing deer, which is not really considered a problem, to issues such as deer hitting people, and people hitting the deer with there vehicles," said Robbie Norville, a State Wildlife Biologist. Deer have become a nuisance beyond the roadways. Many residents have reported landscape damage, and tick bites. Robbie Norville said the piece of land off Dow Road has made the problem worse. It is part of Sunny Point, and owned by the US Army. The land has been a safe haven for local deer, but that may be changing. Residents said they hope the town can find a way for the deer and humans to co-exist. The town of Kure Beach is also considering putting up fencing around the Dow Road area but no decisions have been made yet.

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Over populated Deer in Kure/Carolina Beach

I have lived in this area all my life but the deer are becoming over populated having this many deer is not good for the enviorment and is a hazard to drivers. I've almost hit deer crossing the street coming off from the beach access. I enjoy seeing the Deer but as much as many people hate it. I think that the best thing to do would be to open up an Archry season in 2009 and only hunt with Bow NO FIRE ARMS. It would be a good decision if they could issue a limited amount of permits to local residents. And put a bag limit of 2 a person. It would cut down on the poulation and keep the deer under control.

Every Thing Has A Purpose,

Every Thing Has A Purpose, And Theres A Purpose For Every Thing

Thats so true. Deer serve

Thats so true. Deer serve several purposes. 1) venison stew 2) venison burger 3) venison jerkey 4) venison sausage you get the idea . . .

Deer in Kure & Carolina Beaches

This is a dangerous situation on Dow Road. At night time it is scary. I now travel thru town versus Dow Rd to avoid an accident. When I bike thru the neighborhoods I have seen as many as 6-7 deer at one time. Wondering what accident will get somebody to do something?

It's not only a vehicle problem

This is NOT the time of year that a jogger or pedestrian (or even someone working in their yard) wants to be around a buck.


Are you kidding? It's the last haven for wildlife in the southern half of New Hanover County. Slow down, put down your road beer, get off your cell phones, and pay attention. Be glad you still have some green space and some wildlife...


LANDFILL allows bow hunting...that is about as small and enclosed as you can get!


Excellent comments greenie! Hunting on Carolina Beach/Kure Beach --- this island is way too small and filled with too many residents to allow the killing of wildlife.


You guys don't get it do ya? The island is not too small to allow thinning the deer population. Lastly...this isn't the LAST green space in NHC...nor in NC...plenty of areas for wildlife that can NEVER be can thank hunters for that.

What you say is true...BUT.... piece of property can support an infinite number of deer. Since man all but eliminated the natural predators that kept deer in check (cougars, wolves, and bear), man has an obligation to keep their numbers to a reasonable level that will ensure a healthy herd. Sure, nature will eventually send an epidemic or possibly a rare severe Winter that will cut the numbers back substantially, but that will be a slow, cruel death. A quick kill by a hunter is far more merciful. I'm not even a hunter and I know that this is an ideal situation for a controlled hunt. However, it's also a situation to make some money. Instead of simply adding this property to the Gamelands Program, Sunny Point should hold a raffle or auction to allow a finite number of hunters in. There are some big bucks in there, and people will pay "big bicks" to hunt an area that hasn't been hunted in many years.

Problem Solved - Bow Hunting Only!

It would be a safe place to bow hunt, because in bow hunting your max distance is about 60 yards and that would be ideal. It's quiet, humane and it will not disturb residents. It would probably save your plants and your paint job. Don’t forget the hunter have to come and eat in the restaurants and shop in the stores. It works for everybody. Think about it.

Its called

HUNTING..and it is the ONLY thing that is going to decrease the numbers....better contact some bow hunting club...