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Deer causing problems for motorists

READ MORE: Deer causing problems for motorists
With the start of hunting season, comes the scattering of deer in rural counties. With more deer on the move, the more likely they are to run into your car. October and November are busy seasons for auto repair shops. If a car hits a deer straight on, the animal could severely damage the car. Jason Clara has seen his fair share of fender benders, but come October and November, it's usually deer causing the damage. "There have been a lot more deer collisions here the last couple years, with people building more, and encroaching on their environment,” Clara said. Just last week, Clara fixed seven cars that had run-ins with deer. "Nine times out of ten, when deer hits a car, it will hit the front end of it. To fix a front end bumper could cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. "It can be something minor as a bumper being dented in, or a headlight busted out, all the way to a total loss with the airbags being blown,” Clara explained. Monday, a car driving down Midway Road in Brunswick County when a small deer ran out in front of it. The driver was fine, however the car suffered some damage. That said, it was one of the lucky ones. "I have seen many collisions where cars have hit deer and run off the road and struck a tree, where the probable cause of the collision was an animal, like a deer,” said Trooper John King of the Brunswick County Highway Patrol. Rural areas like Columbus and Brunswick counties tend to see their fair share of wrecks with deer. In 2008, there were more than 19,000 vehicle verses deer collisions. In Columbus County there were 394 and another 383 in Brunswick. Law enforcement says the best bet for drivers is to be cautious at night and when it’s foggy. That's when deer tend to lose their whereabouts and are more apt to wander into your car. We've all heard the term ‘deer in headlights’. Well flashing your high beams is the worst thing you could do. Bright lights tend to confuse deer and they would be more likely to run toward your car.

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after dark

You make hunters out to be the cause yet LEO notes most accidents happen at, that is to say AFTER hunting hours. Think people!


the scattering of deer does not come along with hunting season, it comes along with the fall breeding season, learn the facts!

Thank you deer hunters.

It is misleading to say that the onset of deer hunting season causes and increase in deer versus vehicle collisions. This is like saying that an increase in ice cream sales causes an increase in murder. While they are associated, it is not a cause and effect relationship. The reality is that deer hunting season coincides with the deer mating season, a time when the movement of deer increases as they search for partners and their hierarchies change. The hunting of deer during this time actually helps control the population; helping not only farmers, but you, the motoring public. So, the next time you see a deer hunter, instead of thinking of him/her as a redneck, hick, or hillbilly, think of him/her as a friend who just saved you thousands of dollars on auto body repair bills.