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Defining Digital: Who will the switch affect?

READ MORE: Defining Digital: Who will the switch affect?
With the digital television switch just a few months away for folks in our viewing area, we want to make sure you understand how the switch will work. Today we're going to look at exactly who the switch will affect. Randy Robinson relies on an antenna to watch television. He hasn't always had rabbit ears on his TV -- Just the past few years. "Satellite is just a little bit too expensive," said Robinson. Robinson usually gets six stations through the antenna. Robinson said, "Some stations I pick up good, at times then again, I can't pick them up at all. It depends on the weather. A lot of the time it's fuzzy. Once in a while I can get it real clear." Robinson is a prime example of who the digital transition will affect. If he doesn't do something, like buy a digital converter box, come September 8, his TV will go black. "I plan on trying to get it hooked up with the box so I can see it before it even it happens, but, you know, I don't know for sure how it's going to work out because of the money situation," said Robinson. Robinson lives in one of the 12,000 households in our market that receive over the air signals, and must hook up a converter box to continue to use analog TV sets. Megan Pollock of the Consumer Electronics Association said, "The number one thing that consumers need to understand is that if you have cable or satellite or another paid TV service, you don't need to worry. Your provider will make sure your TV continues to come in, for Wilmington viewers, after September 8, for nationwide, after February 17, so that takes out, I mean in Wilmington is about 92 percent of households, nationwide it's 86 percent." Time Warner Cable is the largest cable provider in this region serving 80,000 customers. Marty Fuerer of Time Warner Cable said, "The bottom line is, if you're our subscriber and you've got our cable going into your television set, you're set." ATMC serves 25,000 customers who won't have to worry about the switch. Shallotte Wal-Mart associate Court Heath said, "Our customer that has been impacted will be, since we're a beach area store, the people who do not keep cable television all year long, or the people who don't have satellite dish." Randy Robinson hopes to get his TV prepared for the switch soon, but in the meantime, he'll continue to rely on his rabbit ears. If you have questions about how to go about buying a digital converter box, you'll want to tune in Thursday. We'll follow a Brunswick County man through the whole process as he buys his boxes and sets one up at home.

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