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The definition of marriage could be re-written so same sex unions won't be recognized

READ MORE: The definition of marriage could be re-written so same sex unions won't be recognized
A bill moving through the state legislature would define marriage. The bill ultimately states that any marriage other than that between a man and a woman will not be recognized in the state of North Carolina. Some people say this is discrimination. "I don't think I've ever met anyone who makes me feel the way he makes me feel. It's like my cup of life was full, then it ran over when I met him." Woody and his partner, Jacob Lewis, met a year ago. The men say their love for each other will never be defined by the law, but some republican lawmakers want an amendment in the state constitution, that would define marriage solely as being between and man and a woman. The bills in the house and senate are called "Defense of Marriage" bills. Senator Julia Boseman, the state's first openly gay legislator, wants lawmakers to focus on fixing the economy instead of reiterating something that is already written as law. "I think the laws in North Carolina are very clear. It's very clear how marriage is defined,” Boseman said. Representative Bonner Stiller supports the bill. "A definition of marriage is a biblical term, and it was created by god, and I’m not in charge of changing any rules that god has made, it's just that simple for me." Woody and Jacob say they don't need paperwork to define their relationship; they plan on showing their commitment to each other in front of their family and friends in July. St. Jude's Community Church offers holy unions between homosexual couples, although North Carolina state law still does not recognize it. "It's a celebration of love, and it's to be able to stand in front of the family and friends that we have created here in Wilmington and show our love to each other and be able to celebrate and rejoice that,” said Jacob Lewis. If the bill passes, a proposed constitutional amendment redefining marriage would be on the ballot for November’s election.

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Marriage is meant for 1 man

Marriage is meant for 1 man and 1 woman to join together and make a commitment to one another and reproduce. A man with another man and a woman with another woman cannot reproduce the way it was intended. Why else do we have the REPRODUCTION system in our bodies? It just disgusts me. Yeah yeah yeah all you gay and lesbian people can bash me all you want it does not bother me, I am not a lesbian and I do not believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to be married. Marriage is between a man and a woman. We have FAR bigger things on our plate to deal with. So call me a right wing nut job or tell me that I discriminate all you want, but it wont bother me. End of story!


"Marriage is meant for 1 man and 1 woman to join together and make a commitment to one another and reproduce" - Jess So should a man and woman who don't want kids be denied marriage?

Same sex marriage

Same sex marriage should not be legalized. There is nothing Holy about a union between homosexuals, when it is an abomination to God, according to the Holy bible

"There is nothing Holy about

"There is nothing Holy about a union between homosexuals, when it is an abomination to God, according to the Holy bible" There is nothing HOLY about Civil marriage, PERIOD. Civil Marriage is the union of two people UNDER THE LAW, not recognizable under God. Religious marriage is the union of two people under God, NOT RECOGNIZABLE UNDER THE LAW. These are 2 completely separate institutions. People get confused and think they are the same because often they are performed at the same time at a house of worship. Churches only recognize one's marriage under God. Churches DO NOT recognize a straight couple's union who had only a CIVIL MARRIAGE, as a married under God. Under the eyes of God, that same couple is considered single. In order for God to recognize their marriage, the straight couple need to have a separate RELIGIOUS ceremony. WHY SHOULD IT BE DIFFERENT WITH GAYS? Churches don't have to recognize the Civil marriage of same-sex couples the same way they currently don't recognize the civil marriage of opposite-sex couples, as a marriage under god. PERIOD. The opposite is also true. If a couple have only a Religious marriage ceremony and not also a civil marriage ceremony, the law is not going to recognize their marriage. They are going to be considered to be single under the law, making them ineligible for the 1100 benefits that come with Civil marriage. Once again, these are two completely separate institutions!!! We have a separation of Church and State clause in our State and U.S. constitutions!!! AND IT WORKS BOTH WAYS!!!! It's not only the church that is protected from government influence, BUT ALSO THE GOVERNMENT IS PROTECTED FROM CHURCH INFLUENCE!!!

That is exactly right

One4All has it exactly right. And to take it one step further: Even if a state (or the entire nation) legalizes gay marriage, there is no legal way to require any church in the U.S. to perform it.

We do not have seperation of church and state

Our Constitution has no clause on the seperation of church and state, it states that the Government cannot mandate any religion over any other religion as the religion of the state. I think our school system has failed in the basic teaching of our countries historical begginings as well as the true meaning of our Constitution.

It's a pretty common misconception.

It's pretty common to confuse that "Seperation of church and state" and what is actually in the First Amendment. While there are links, as told in the wikipedia article: (A very thorough article by the way) there still needs to be the recognition that it isn't what's actually written. The eduction system does need a revamping. Decade upon decade of schools teaching the word "irregardless" in spelling vocabulary lists only to discover much later that it isn't actually a word. :/ Andrew

What a lie!!!

The Republicans are just trying to keep marriages between a man and a woman and civil unions civil unions. Man, gotta have your cake and eat it too dont you? Got to run over everything religious and change it into something else don't you? Why do we have to have everything re defined by a minority? Why does all the media have to be so one sided and liberal?

The Federal Defense of

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act which was signed into law in 1996 was overwhelmingly ratified in both houses of government and signed into law by Bill Clinton. Last year, a bill was introduced at the federal level but not voted on to establish a federal amendment against gay marriage. It was written by a Democrat. Really doesn't sound like a Republican thing to me. Just look at the poll results from yesterday. If this state was 75% Republican, then we wouldn't have a Democratic govenor, the state would not have went for Obama, etc.

Gay Marriage

Gay Couples who are committed just want to have the same rights legally(medical benefits tax filing ect....) as hetros They are not trying to disguise as a GOD issue just a STATE separate from GOD issue! Mother of a Son who may fall in love one day and should have the same rights as His Dad & I

Gay Couples

As the mother of a son who "may fall in love one day", don't you think if is part of your responsibility to bring him up understanding the correct relationship between a man and a woman, rather than conceding that he may become gay?

Why can't you realize that

Why can't you realize that people don't 'become' gay. They are born that way.

Ask a shrink and they will

Ask a shrink and they will say gays are born that way, but ask the gays and they will usually tell you something else. Besides, pedophiles are born that way, what rights do you suggest we give them?

There is nothing in the law

There is nothing in the law that mandates that those who practice a sexual deviation are guaranteed the right to marry on the basis of discrimination. In fact, sodomy is a class A felony under NC law, no matter what the sexual orientation of the practitioners. At least, to the benefit of homosexuals, this law is rarely enforced. Even if the state of NC legalized gay marriage, they would not have the right to the tax filing on a Federal level. The Defense of Marriage Act which passed in 1996 with overwhelming majorities in both houses and signed into law by President Clinton maintains that the government may not treat same sex relationships as marriage whether recognized under state law or not, and no state has to recognize any same sex relationship as a marriage even if it is recognized as a marriage in another state. The argument for gay marriage used to be that unmarried partners had no next of kin rights over their partners medical treatment if they were incapable of making decisions on their own. That is easily resolved with a medical power of attorney. Life insurance benefits were also a non issue. You can assign anyone as a beneficiary. They can hold commitment ceremonies and some churches perform gay weedings that are just not legally binding under law. They are free to love who they want and apparently they do so. If a person's only reasons for getting married is for a tax break or to be added to a company medical policy, maybe they should go back and rethink getting married at all. It is really not what marriage is all about.


Maybe gays and lesbians want to get married because they love each other......ever thought about that?

Legal vs religious marriage

"If a person's only reasons for getting married is for a tax break or to be added to a company medical policy, maybe they should go back and rethink getting married at all. It is really not what marriage is all about." Then there should be NO legal contract at all regarding marriage and benefits or penalties should also not use marriage as a positive or negative. The fact is, only Anti-US Constitutionalists oppose legal marriage and oppose the NEUTRAL legal system that was supposed to be created by the US Constitution. Even the so-called law that defines marriage based on religious definitions is clearly in violation of the US Constitution's First Amendment. Only those who wish to subvert the US Constitution and create an illegal Theological Dictatorship in the US believe that said law, or ANY law that limits, segregates, or denies any Constitutionally protected individual from having the same legal Rights under the law as any other Constitutitonally protected individua, is a Constitutionally legal one. Andrew

I guess old people who are

I guess old people who are past the point of having children shouldn't be married either? And it's not for a tax break. If for commitiment, love and being able to provide for their partners, just as a heterosexual would. With any luck President Obama will get rid of DOMA as he promised during his campaign.

1. Homosexuals are born

1. Homosexuals are born that way. No one chooses his/her sexual orientation. 2. Julia Boseman, a lesbian is against this bill. Bonner Stiller, whatever he is, is for the bill. Both will vote for what they PERSONALLY want. Have they forgotten that they represent what the VOTERS want? 3. Why should any marriage, homosexual or heterosexual be based on reproduction? Many heteros choose not to bear children. 4. Why can't people stop pushing their values off on others and mind their own damn business? 5. The Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Do you want others meddling in your affairs? If not, refer to the above Golden Rule.