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Delair speaks out about financial troubles

READ MORE: Delair speaks out about financial troubles
Wilmington City Council woman Pat Delair speaks out about her financial troubles and recent criticism that she may be unfit to be a city leader. Just before the city council meeting tonight, Delair said her personal finances in no way effect her ability to make decisions about the city's. Delair was also the only vote delaying a million dollar city investment in the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. After a short stint in the hospital, Pat Delair was back in her seat at Tuesday's regular city council meeting. Delair responded to criticism from fellow councilman Jason Thompson that her personal financial problems make her unfit to handle taxpayer money. "No one is clearly aware of what I've been going through so to comment on it, to have a comment from someone who has no idea was kind of short sighted on their part," Pat Delair. Delair's downtown property is in foreclosure. The building that housed her feed business and an apartment is set to be auctioned off later this month. Delair says she's being strong-armed by credit card companies, while she's trying to do the right thing as a business owner. "I'm working with other vendors at this time, paying them off and I just did not feel compelled to be extorted and I just said do what you have to do, but my obligations are the people I've made commitments to," Delair said. Delair also responded to questions about whether she was fit to be on the city's audit committee. "I didn't ask to be on the audit committee. If I'm not on the audit committee its not great shakes its not that important of a committee in terms of making decisions," Delair said. At City Council Tuesday it was Delair who suggested council wait to approve nearly one-million dollars in funding to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. Delair said it was because fellow council woman Laura Padgett wasn't there. As for her opinion on her personal debts, she says it has no bearing on her ability to make good decisions about the city's finances. "The two are not related at all. This is something I'm working out... business department and it's being taken care of," Delair said. As for the funding for the Cape Fear Utility Authority. The second and final reading on the ordinance will be heard at the next City Council meeting.

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I am not a resident of New

I am not a resident of New Hanover County, but I can't help but feel that NHC and the City of Wilmington has become a better place because of Miss Delair. She probably got into financial trouble trying to protect her property that was in danger of being stolen from her. She is a tough lady with good common sense (something lacking in most of her peers). Give her a break and let her continue to serve you, as she will do it well. I would be proud to have her serve us in some capacity in Brunswick County anytime!

Pat Delair

I used to like Pat Delair, but it is obvious that her reckless spending and poor judgment keep her from being fit for public office.

Pat Delair

If you don't have access to her financials you have no right to judge her as Reckless. Poor judgment on your part? Walk a mile in her shoes then make a comment.

Good Judgement

But would not that describe the entire Wilmington City Council?

Oh no the council and mayor

Oh no the council and mayor have done a fine job. millions of gallons of sewage into the creeks skyrocketing crime out of control traffic highest place to live in the state with the lowest wages HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA HA HA AH HA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHH I'd say they would be embarrased but that takes a conciuous

Pat Delaire for City Council

Elena Pezzuto Pat Delaire has the essentials we need on our City Council, Brains and Brawn ! Not to mention she has been a beacon of hope for many who are weary city citizens who have been frustrated with the "business as usual" approach to running our city for the benefit of the few while the rest of us seem to be engaged in a never ending battle to get the the message across to our representatives that you are elected to serve us! The city council's role is of "public service", rather than "private interest". Let's make this race about what's in the highest and best intrest for our community's growth and development. Growth and development does not only pertain to building more homes, shopping centers and offices, it's moreso about building cooperation, compassion, character and integrity! With Pat on the city council we have a chance to maintain the "spirit of community" which demonstrates a leadership with it's focus on enlightened conversation which inspires our city's citizens. Let's drop the mean spirited gossip that serves no one. If you truly believe that your council person is less trustworthy because she ran into hard times, yet you don't mind turning the other cheek as your council person runs down the character of other members,well then maybe we are living in two different worlds!