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Democratic Senator Basnight speaks out about Soles

Tuesday, Senate Republican leader Phil Berger spoke to WWAY about two ongoing SBI investigations into Senator RC Soles. Wednesday, the top Democrat senator responded. Senator Soles is under investigation by the SBI for accusations of sexual misconduct, and for shooting a former client at his home in late August. Senator Marc Basnight is the Senate President Pro-Tem. We asked him what impact the SBI investigations could have on Senator Soles' role as Chairman of the Commerce Committee and Chair of the Democratic Caucus. Senator Basnight responded in a statement. "Senator Soles has been an outstanding senator on behalf of the people of this state and as effective and dedicated as I've ever seen for the people he represents in his district. It would be unfair to him and to the people he represents to rush to judgment."

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You don't care about his "personal" business? How about a 13 year old boy? You acknowledge you don't like what he does for these young boys in his community. This senator shows a lack of judgment and yet is one of the most influential in the state of NC. What kind of people vote for a man like is a wonder!!!!11

Don't pass judgement

OK Folks. Let's not pass judgement on a situation that we are not clear on. Senator Soles did shoot Kyle in the back of the leg, so the news cast has shared with us but you know what, the thug should have been with his family and not at the home of anyone trying to break and enter. Who knows this situation with Kyle, BJ, and Frog might turn up more news if we be patient and listen. It very well could be a person paying them off that envy's Senator Soles and wants his Senate seat. I think a lot of Mr. Soles as he has been a friend of my family for many years but wrong is wrong and right is right. I am very upset that he does for these thugs as he has been known to do but a person's personal life is their business. Let's just all come together and pray of these situations and ask God's blessings upon the hardships we are facing today and that his will, will be done.

voting record

There is one thing that is perfectly clear,,,, Sen. Soles is an anti gunner. He has voted consistently in anti-gun legislation. That is in his voting record. There again another liberal lefty hypocrite.

to the person that said dont

to the person that said dont pass judgement. Is that not what you are doing by calling this young boys thugs. I know Kyle and yes he has made mistakes and he has paid for his mistakes, Kyle is no way a thug as you have called him. I dont know BJ but Im sure his family dosent think he is a thug. For Frog I have meet the boy once and I can tell you this he is not a thug, I have talked to people that live around him and his family and have done nothing but say good things about Frog. Dont pass judgement on these boy just cause they are young and made mistakes in there lives. As far as Soles go Im not passing judgement on him, I have know right to do that only God has that right. The only thing is some of my family is related to him and they feel that he has made a laughing stock out of the name of Soles.


Quote from dull (very appropriate name for yourself) "...they are young and made mistakes in there lives." Really? Mistakes? Arson and running from the police are NOT mistakes. They are crimes and if that boy is convicted he will be a criminal. Don't try to make excuses for bad behavior.

to guesty the last time I

to guesty the last time I checked a person was innocent until proven guilty. As far as Allen Strickland supposely setting his own house on fire come on it dose not take a rocket scientist to look at the evidences and have to question it. There was gasoline pored all over the front of his house, the fire was started at the front of the house right blow where he sleep. his stairs where sprail and he had a alarm system which would tell if he had turned the alarm off. Im a fire insurance agent and I have to question it to me things just dont add up. As far Allen supposely running from the law the police officer said he could not say for sure if it was Allen driving because the windows are tinted. Allen went to report the car had been stolden and they arrest him with out checking it out.

check again...

It is only in a 'Court of Law' that a person is 'Innocent until Proven Guilty'. That is for everyone protection. As for me, if it barks like a dog, wags it's tail like a dog, walks like a dog, etc, etc, etc....then it's a dog. So I think he's guilty until he's proven innocent. About 15 years ago I saw with my own eyes, a crime take place. The man was guilty as far as I was concerned. He still got his day in court and 'was innocent 'til proven guilty'. I didn't need the court to tell me he was guilty, (I knew he was) but the court needed me to tell them what I saw. He went to jail and had a hefty fine. Example: you get a speeding ticket for going 65mph in a 45mph zone. you go before the judge and plead not guilty (in hopes of a reduced sentance). The cop knows you where speeding (& so do you). But 'Your Innocent until Proven Guilty' in that court of Law. Your whole premise of his innocence is based on your personal experiences. Someone else may think he's guilty based on their own experiences. So get off this 'Innocent until Proven Guilty' crap.

Slow down "dull"

Ok dull I'll try to use small words so you can follow. I agree, you are innocent until proven guilty. If you took the time to read (or have an adult read to you) all the words in my post you would see I stated "They are crimes and if that boy is convicted he will be a criminal." I'm sure it is all a big conspiracy against a poor little boy. Calling your car in as stolen is the oldest trick in the book. It is usually a drunk that does that after he dumps his car in a ditch.

I take it your screen name

I take it your screen name describes your intellect. There is no way you're a "fire insurance agent" since you seem to have the writing and spelling skills of an eighth grader. Too funny!


What is a fire insurance agent?

Exactly. I have no idea

Exactly. I have no idea what he was talking about. That's a job title I've never heard before.

Of Course

what else is he going to say? Who knows, the investigation could drag on for years. And, you are innocent until proven guilty. But it takes a trial to prove guilt before the law. Any bets on whether charges appear before the next term? And do not forget, former Representative Wright maintained his seat until he was convicted and expelled.

Actually, the Senate's

Actually, the Senate's Republican leader, Phil Berger, said almost the exact same thing - that we should wait to see where the investigation leads. It looks like the sexual abuse accusations won't go anywhere, since the accuser said he made it up. (I wonder if he was paid off?) And no jury in the country, especially in rural NC, would convict Soles for shooting a person who was attempting to break into his house. And the guys accomplice even stated that the guy was threatening Soles. I would bet no charges are brought, and no trial will ever happen. Hopefully, Columbus County's citizens will tire of the controversy surrounding their Senator.

Everyone knows about the

Everyone knows about the shooting that took places at R.C.Soles where Kyle Blackburn was shoot. Kyle was leaveing when R.C. shoot him, R.C. life was no longer in danger with kyle leaving but as kyle back was to R.C. Soles walking away R.C. shoot him in the back of the leg. R. c. did not call for help for Kyle who was bleeding to death. when Kyle was taken to Loris hospital he was almost dead from loosing so much blood. We all know that this all will be swept under the rug. If this had of been anyine else they would be in jail waiting for a trail. The law would have charged any of of us with attemed murder. They would have said that our lifes were know longer in danger because the person was leaving.

I doubt it will matter where

I doubt it will matter where he shot Blackburn. Juries have repeatedly sided with homeowners in these situations. As an example, a teenager was caught by a homeowner breaking into his garage in Durham. As the teen ran away, the homeowner shot him in the back with a rifle and killed him. The homeowner was arrested, charged with murder, tried, and found not guilty by a jury. This is typical of juries' verdicts in cases like this. Juries very rarely, if ever, side against a homeowner on his own property - especially an elderly homeowner confronted by a much younger, agressive man. Just recently in Charlotte, several teenagers broke into the home of an elderly couple. After the kids left, the old man got in his car and drove around the neighborhood looking for them. He found them a few blocks away, and shot and killed one of them. The old man wasn't even arrested, and the D.A. decided not to press charges. Even though I don't like Soles and would never vote for him, I don't think he should, or will, ever face charges. In my opinion, a trial would be a huge waste of time and waste of taxpayer money. Blackburn started the confrontation by trying to break into Soles' home and threatening him; Soles ended the confrontation with a gun. Looks to me like maybe Kyle learned a lesson the hard way. Maybe he won't try to break into someone's home again.


Sober up and try that one again!

Soles has made a laughing

Soles has made a laughing stock out of this party.. and because of all of this he will lose the Senate seat for it.. and lets not forget his law license..