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Demolition of former police station makes way for new Union Station Building

It is the beginning of the end for one Wilmington landmark. Crews started demolition on the former Wilmington Police Department headquarters on Red Cross Street. The building will come down to make way for the new Union Station Building at Cape Fear Community College. It will take about a week to knock down the entire building. This is the first project paid for by the 2008 bond referendum. “This year we turned away a lot of students. When we get this new building, we hope to be able to expand our capacity to enroll new students in the future,” explained CFCC spokesperson David Hardin. The station building is scheduled to be completed for the 2012 school year.

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Out with the old and in with the new!

Good ridance to the old ugly run-down eye sore of a building! The new Union Station building will be something we all can be proud of. It's architectural design is a beautiful mix of old and new..........

Old Police Station

I saw the old police station being torn down this morning on wway. My question is, if you are going to take it down why not recycle. Looked like the glass was still in the windows, they probably had aluminum frames, what about the wiring, did it come out first. The old bricks could have been used for some new houses. A lot of people don't have work. I'm sure you could have found some construction workers to take the building apart not down. Where is all that old stuff going, to the landfill. I want answers on this. John Flowers


Because it would have QUADRUPLED the cost of the demolition...I am going home and opening all my windows and turning my thermostat down to 60 because of you tonight!

Former Police Station

It saddens me once again to see one of our historic landmarks come down. This building which was once part of the Atlantic Coastline should have been restored and CFCC should have used it for its classes. Wilmington does not have much heritage left because the all mighty dollar is at work tearing down HISTORIC LANDMARKS. Shame on you Wilmington for doing this. Why can't Wilmington be like Charleston, S.C They preserve there heritage, and care about there historic landmarks. Now one other thing, CFCC has taken over the majority of downtown Wilmington and thats a shame especially since they now have the North Campas to expand. So many people always say to me "you have no downtown," it's all college go figure. I have lived here for thirty years and this just baffles me on how we treat landmarks that CANNOT be replaced. I will be leaving Wilmington to live in Charleston with people who CARE. Thanks for your time and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!


YOU should have bought it if you thought the building to be so significant... Last...DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YA when you leave...and DON'T COME BACK!


It's a matter of taste I suppose. Wilmington has preserved a lot of the older buildings, but this one was just plain ugly. Why would we want to save it? Plus it didn't fit in the plan of the new one going up that will be much nicer and more feasible, not to mention better built! Have fun in Charleston...and good riddance!

Former Police Station

Some buildings are worth saving, and some aren't. The old police station was an ugly, insignificant white elephant of an eyesore that would have cost millions to rid it of the asbestos and bring it up to modern code. All that money could have been spent to end up with a building that is still ugly. I applaud CFCC for the Union Station building that will take this building's place. I remember with awe, the old Union Station and got goosebumps when I saw the artist's rendering of the new building. We can have admirable growth tied to our heritage with thoughtful planning and design like CFCC is doing. More than I can say about a few other new buildings downtown that look like George Jetson designed them.

police station

i would have to agree that this building should have been preserved and renovated. al said it right.


Who would pay for that? Already I'm sure CFCC had to pay some big money to contain all the asbestos in that building. In fact, while it was still the WPD headquarters, no one was allowed on the third floor of the building because the third floor was condemned. I will agree that it was a historic building, but I think it was beyond reasonable repair.

former police station

i agree this building may have been used if renovated.

Former Police Station

Ummmmm, bye.



see ya

see ya

It's about time

It'll be different not to see the police station building downtown, but I don't think I'll miss it. It's been a real rat-trap for years. It was built by the railroad in 1945, but was abandoned a decade later when they left Wilmington in the mid-50s, leaving downtown a ghost town. The building was never maintained well and was constantly plaqued with a number of problems. The police department deserted the building as soon as the new station was finished two years ago. And if you want to keep downtown strong, you better hope CFCC stays put. CFCC is the only thing growing in downtown. Take a walk down Front St. and you'll see vacant storefronts on every block. If it wasn't for CFCC and the students and employees who are down there every day, many existing busineses would suffer even more than they are now. As for the north campus, the college just opened a brand new building up there a month ago and has plans for another in a couple of years. Keep up the good work, CFCC!

Great! See ya later

Can I drive you to the airport? If that building was so important to you, why didn't you try to buy it so you could spend your money to preserve an old run down building?

People care in Charleston?

I can't see how you can say that people in Charleston care? Whenever I've been there I'm appalled at the hundreds of once gorgeous homes lining blocks along the city side of the bridge that are past repair now. I saw plenty of modern buildings alongside historic ones on Charleston's waterfront. Perhaps you would like to see CFCC's students subjected to possible asbestos exposure along with mold and other unhealthy things that couldn't simply be painted over in the old, and ugly, police station. Have you actually looked at the plans for the new building? You've obviously got internet access, since you were able to post your opinion, so hopefully you can go take a look for yourself at . The new project has its roots in Wilmington's past. It will provide much more usable, and safer, space for students and faculty alike. I don't think one can possibly argue that it's not going to beautify the corner of Front and Red Cross that is currently an eyesore. Just because something's old doesn't automatically make it worth preserving.

Just because something's

Just because something's "ugly" doesn't automatically make it worth demolishing. Ugly is very subjective. The point is that it was a historic building - one of the last in Wilmington to document ACL's mid-twentieth century history. It's not to say that the new building isn't attractive. The significant waste of materials is a real shame and hardly a "green" project, which CFCC should be striving for in construction of new buildings. I would think the college would want to minimize it's environmental impact. What do you think has happened to all that asbestos in the building while they are demolishing it? That's right - it's all in the air in downtown Wilmington.

demo of police station on red Cross st.

FYI. All buildings that are schedualed to be demolished have to have the asbestos removed and placed at a certified landfill before you can get a permit to do the demolition. What makes anyone think that all alternatives were not explored before they decided to demolish

This is the sort of attitude

This is the sort of attitude that would see the hideous former sheriff's building and the awful Admin Annex over near Thalian preserved as Historic landmarks....

Check the facts before posting

Actually, the asbestos was already removed from the building. You can't get a demolition permit without it. Also, the bricks and concrete will be hauled away, crushed and reused to make driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces that are made with fill material. All new buildings at the college will be LEED certified and must comply with new energy efficient guidelines set by law.