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Department of Transportation hiring freeze

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is concerned over the federal funds they receive. The money from the government comes from a trust fund that gets its money from gasoline tax. According to the Department of Transportation., because of alternative fuel sources, the fund does not have enough revenue coming in. Due to the funding uncertainty, the Department of Transportation has a freeze on hiring new employees, leaving 80 positions currently vacant. Allen Pope, North Carolina Department of Transportation Division Engineer said “What I'll have to do is take some of my permanent employees and train them to operate those bridges which means I may have to lose some other things whether it's regular maintenance items to actually fill that need.” Pope said Congress has passed a bill making $8 billion available to the Department of Transportation, but if that money is not passed by the President they may have to delay a couple of projects slated to start in 2009.

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MILLION screams from DOT as now they HAVE TO WORK!!! I think this guy is full of bull...NC has one of the HIGHEST gas taxes, that coupled with the tax of the feds should be enough. Isn't it nice to live in the land of the FREE where you are taxed two, three, four and FIVE times on the same items??? Man...our forefathers would bend every one of us over and whoop us with a leather belt!


That means there will be many shovels not being leaned upon.

Yes,like any other

Yes,like any other government entity, the DOT NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL. But before you start throwing stones, the "shovel leaners" are usually waiting on a process called construction. Maybe you should take a course in concrete,asphalt or road repair to enlighten you as to the waiting time needed in these jobs. Yes, the DOT system could use better ways of doing things to save tax dollars, such as TRAINING the inmates to do a job we could all be proud of and make it mandatory to all inmates to learn a skill that would help defer the cost of housing and feeding them. Instead of just complaining, be active in seeking change!

don't need it

Sorry, I don't need that course, I familiar with working, not watching, concrete. You must be one of the shovel holders since you are trying to justify not working. Or do you get the flag?