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Department of Social Services starts statewide Crisis Intervention Program

READ MORE: Department of Social Services starts statewide Crisis Intervention Program
On Monday, the Department of Social Services started its statewide Crisis Intervention Program, which gives out money to help with heating bills. The program has been up and running for the past few days and some people have been waiting in line for over eight hours. "I am getting gas to go in my heater at home too, because I'm cold. I am waiting out here," said Donnil Lewis of Tabor City. Caroline Jones of Whiteville said, "I've been standing here five hours, my hands are freezer burnt." The temperatures are severe enough for Department of Social Services to begin their Crisis Intervention Program. The goal is to help people stay warm, by giving out money to go toward heating their homes. The money that will be eventually dispersed comes from the federal government. It is given to every state in the country, and then equally dispersed to each county. "This amount of money would have taken as long as two months to disperse, and we are doing to be able to do it in about three weeks," said Linda Fry of the Columbus County Social Services. They will hand out a total of $250,000. After individuals qualify, based on income and crisis level, they can receive up to $600 each. Standing in line for hours in the cold may be worth it for some. Monique Peters said, "Actually, I think this is a good thing, with the economy the way it is, it's good to get something for free. It's a free will thing, of course the line is long, when you have something free of course there’s a line, because it's free." For others, they think something should have been done to prevent the long wait time. "It was long line, it was cold, and these people were not trying to help us out in any way shape form or fashion," said Lewis. Department of Social Services said they can only accommodate 100 people inside the building at a time due to fire codes. They said they were working as quickly as they could to filter people in and out. The program will be going on for at least a few more weeks, or until the money runs out.

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Heat bill relief

If these folks are worried about paying the heating bill then I can tell you who's hiring. I figure if you've got 5-8 hours to stand in line then you can go to work. McDonald's on Market/Gordon has a for hire sign, ProLube on Market, just down the road from McDonald's, is hiring, I saw several jobs on the government channel that has positions available. Plus a way to cut costs-have a yardsale & sell everything that you can live without, cancel cable/satellite, cancel cellphone, cancel all subscriptions, turn off the TV & go for a walk-may cut down on medical bills, don't go out to eat at all unless you make your own picnic, sell the truck & drive a small car, if the kids are over 14yrs old send them out to work after school so they can help pay the bills, shop at thrift stores, yardsales, flea markets only-can find terrific deals there, cut out all sweets, live within your budget.

It's free? are you kidding?

It's free? are you kidding? it is tax payer's money. YOU AND ME are paying, so they are getting it for free.


continuing to do what they do best...CRY AND WHINE because they don't have and wanting what the rest of us have....being in the cold is a SMALL price to pay to heat your home for a discounted price paid for by those of us THAT WORK FOR A LIVING! Get used to it ladies and gentlemen...its getting ready to get WORSE!

Is that a cigarette...

...I see hanging from the lips of the poor, downtrodden. Can't afford heat, quit smoking.

How about that

$3.00 plus per pack; over $30 for a carton. If a person smokes 1 pack a day; that's $21 per week which leads to somewhere between $84 and $90 per month. In the course of a year, that's nearly $1,000. I hate to say it; but if they can afford cigarettes, why can they not afford an essential like heat? Could it be they use the EBT bennies to buy cigratettes rather than what those entitlements are intended for?

Go to Work people

If all of you would get off your lazy rumps and get a wouldn't have to stand in the cold. It is because of your laziness that our elderly (whom have payed their dues) have to make decisions about buying medicine, food or staying warm. You people need to get a life. I have never seen such an ungrateful bunch in my life. What is wrong all of you???

Yes, I do agree with the

Yes, I do agree with the people saying that these lazy, no good people need to get off there lazy butts, & get a job! Even if it's working at a fast food restaurant! And quit living off of welfare when you don't need! Let the single parents & elders get the help they deserve!

NO Heat, It's not too bad ... yet

I cannot and have/will not even turn My heat on because I cannot afford the bill.. I barely Make rent/electric/gas,as it is, and WHENEVER I recieve a bill in the mail from the Cape Fear water Co., I hope I'll be still able to afford water... Me and the Family get covered up on cold nights like this... Brrrrrrrrr Yes, I'm disabled and on SSA... No X-mas nor Thanksgiving here either.. Me & Da Misses and the Kids at least know we're thankfull to have a roof over Our heads and have each other as a Family..More than most have.. Peace to all & God Bless CT

If someone was paying my heating bill....

...I think I'd just shut up and say. "Thank you," instead of whining like bunch of little ungrateful kids because it's cold out. The recipients in this video have no pride, no shame, and show exactly what we are creating with our endless social welfare programs. They not only want your money, you'd better be quick about giving it. Don't like the speed of the line people? PAY YOUR OWN WAY THROUGH LIFE AND STOP SUCKING THE SYSTEM DRY! (BTW, deadbeat blonde woman - there's no way you were sufferring "freezer burnt" with temperatures in the thirties.)

I agree. Americans, with

I agree. Americans, with very few exceptions, have become incredibly spoiled and ungrateful. Shame on the whiners.

I have to agree

Department of Social Services had no control over the temperature. By Fire Code, Department of Social Services could only allow 100 people in the building at a time. Only one person, of those interviewed, showed any gratitude or understanding at all. I suppose the remainder were wondering why the President Elect had not arranged hot coffee and Dunkin Donuts to be distributed to those in line. But then that would have taken some of the funds from the $250,000 to be disbursed. Or, I suppose Social Services could have gone door to door so these "inconvenienced" folks could have stayed in front of the tellie watching their soaps. Wait until next year when the new Administration takes over. Let the economic downturn continue; let the tax proposals begin putting small business owners out of business. Net effect will be fewer tax dollars which will mean fewer dollars to redistribute. What's next? Perhaps disagreements over condiment types being put in the Lowes Food handouts?

I want some free heating!!

I'm looking at a graph of the average temperature by month in Wilmington. ONLY in Dec, Jan and Feb is there an average daily temperature below 50. Even then the average daily temp in those given months is 48, 48 and 46 degrees. This isn't Canada, these people will not freeze to death. Why should they recieve free heat? So they can walk around inside with shorts and t-shirts? I bet every single one of these 'needy' people has a cell phone and cable tv. I see a few of them SMOKING in the background!! Who can afford that? Lazy slothful people. YUCK.

I agree with every word you

I agree with every word you have written. I am looking at trying to keep a home heated for my two children this winter as a single parent by working and paying the bills, putting on extra clothing and cutting down the heat, etc. Nobody is handing me anything, and I could not believe the crying and whining over having to stand out in line for a while. These people could draw up to $600 each. What I think is that if you are able to stand on line half the day in the cold to get a handout, then there is some kind of job you should be physically able to do and pay your own way in life instead of leeching off the system and then not even being grateful enough that you're getting the help to keep your mouth shut. The government needs to change the way they do this. If you are elderly and drawing Social Security, or you are drawing disability for being mentally or physically disabled (excluding the drunks and drug addicts), then you should get an increase in your check or a second check mailed to you during Dec., Jan., and Feb. to help with heating costs. For everyone else just sitting around on DSS, then get up and do some physical labor. It will warm you up real quick.