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Deputies and school officials looking for answers to Williston fight

New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies and school officials are looking into why a fight broke out last night at Williston Middle School. It happened behind the school, while a talent show was going on inside. A school resource officer who was acting as security for the event, and a teacher, attempted to break up the fight. Officials said they were then rushed by the crowd, so the deputy fought back by using pepper spray. Three ambulances responded and treated people at the scene. Now, school officials are investigating what sparked the fight, and whether students were involved. "That's why we have law enforcement there; we want them to practice law enforcement. At the same time, if school consequences are appropriate, they are also going to be omitted out," said Rick Holliday, New Hanover County assistant superintendent. At this point no charges have been filed.

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Simple ...

If kids were involved and were under 18 than the parents and kids should answer to the distict attorney and a judge or for that matter have a town hall. Further more I don't care what color the skin it's about time we put the blame were it belongs if kids are involved in this and under age, >> the parents << When I was in middle school back the the early 80's we didn't need law-enforcment on campus. We knew that if we steped out of line at school as soon as we got home or parents gave us hell.. I'm thankful my parents had enough respect, weren't lazy, and taught me accountability for my actions from the day I was born. Enough said.

Officials looking for answers to Williston....I have the answer

Williston is located at between 10th and 11th Streets and between Castle and Ann Streets. There's your sign. Anyone who wants to argue with this....go for a nice evening stroll after dark around that area.....then come back and comment.

well just look at the drug

well just look at the drug bust at UNCW that's not around castle, or an street what the problem now

You are talking about two

You are talking about two very different situations...but nice try.

Walk around UNCW or Williston at night?!?!?

I'm aware of the drug bust of a few UNCW students that you're referring to (that was NOT at UNCW, but actually half way between UNCW and Creekwood); but to humor your posting.... You pick the night....I'll walk around UNCW for 2 hours anytime at night; and you walk around Williston at the same time. We'll post our comments on this blog afterwards. Enough said.


UNCW has safety zones all over the place where you can summon the police by pushing a button. I have always felt safe there...completely and the drug bust was OFF campus. You walk around Wiliston at night you better be packin cause it's in da hood!

You are exactly right!! But

You are exactly right!! But you know what we are going to hear from their families? "But they are such GOOD boys." BULL... they are the future criminals of New Hanover County. They should take the kids responsible and lock them up now.


I agree with you. However, be prepared for the onslaught of racial accusations that you are about to receive. Those that refuse to see will label you as a racist and nothing more, and your views will therefore be discounted and not considered valid.