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Deputies bust two illegals for having cocaine

READ MORE: Deputies bust two illegals for having cocaine

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Another big bust for New Hanover County drug agents. Officers with the drug unit say they've busted two drug dealers who also happen to be illegal immigrants. The investigators say their bust involved a very ordinary children's toy.

"They're just very creative," said one of the drug agents, whose identity we're withholding to protect him and his duties. "You're talking about a large amount of money, and when a large amount of money is involved they're going to be creative as to where they hide it."

Deputies found 18 ounces of cocaine with a value of more than $50,000 Tuesday. The majority of the cocaine was found stuffed inside a toy bunny rabbit.

"Working in narcotics, detectives, after doing this job long enough, most detectives know to look where most people wouldn't," the agent said.

The New Hanover County Vice and Narcotics Unit arrested Humberto Cortez Diaz and Enriqueta Aragon Sosa and charged them with maintaining a dwelling or vehicle for drugs, trafficking cocaine, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony cocaine charges.

"When you find the scale, you find the baggies and the other little baggies, the grand baggies ready for sale, yes, everything is clear cut that he was selling," the agent said. "When we're able to catch this and get it before it hits our streets, it's a win-win for everybody."

Not only do investigators say Diaz and Sosa were dealing drug, the two are illegal immigrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have placed detainers on the two, which means after they serve their time in the county jail, they will be sent back over the border. The drug unit says Diaz and Sosa face a minimum 15 years in jail.

Meanwhile, New Hanover County commissioners will discuss immigration laws at their Monday meeting. They'll consider a resolution in support of a controversial Arizona law that gives law enforcement the right to question anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

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drug bust

But we house and feed them for the next 15 years minimum...

Illegals, yes....

...but would you care to wager on who the majority of their customers were....?

It's all about supply and demand, and as long as there's a demand, there will be entrepreneurs willing to supply it. Until Americans stop shoving drugs up their nose, into their arms, and into their lungs, there will ALWAYS be an Humberto and Enriqueta somewhere.


BRAVO...GOOD JOB FELLOWS. I'm proud of you. Stay on them big time, we've got to get the drugs and illegals off the street, both are dangerous. I hope that Wilmington will push the issue of Illegals...just as every city and county in our state should do.

But beware, the Mexican's are not the only illegals in our state and country. There are millions of Middle Easterner's right here in our state illegally. They come here, commit their crimes, open their own business, because they can't work, don't have the paper work, and live among us everyday with no one doing anything to remove them.

Almost every restaurant, cigar, cigarette, subway, convenience store, etc. is owned and run by illegals. They form a corporation, never filing the annual reports, obtain a privilege license, never file with the tax office, and don't register the DBA they use for their business...cheating us out of tax money, and revenue in every direction...No one ever ask any questions, never. They know how to work our system. We need to wake up, look around us, and beware of where we shop and spend our hard earned money, because a lot of their income is sent home to terrorist organizations that mean us harm.

Good to see our Sheriff is interested in arresting drug dealers

Good to see our Sheriff is interested in arresting big drug dealers and taking their drugs instead of their money. This has been a fresh change and one that needed. Congratulations and keep up the good work NHSD. People notice the job your doing. Now if we can stop the flow of illegals before they get here, I bet it would help local law enforcement out tremendously.

Thank you Sheriff McMahon

Thank you Sheriff McMahon for continuing your persuit of drug trafficrs. Not only were they dope dealers, they were illegals. Keep up the good work.

Yes, Thank You...

However, is there any way that we can have them serve there time in Mexico? Otherwise, our taxes are paying for them over the next "15 years". Just a question? Not sure how everything works, but it sure would be nice to send them back and let thier own country pay to detain them.

Illegals need to serve time first

Illegals will serve their time first than be deported after their sentence has been fulfilled. If we just sent them back across the border, they would be here again within the month.
Local law enforcement needs help from the feds in getting a clear law passed and having enough personnel to take the illegals once they are arrested.
The local economy will not allow for us to hire more Deputies and Police officers to specifically target illegals. Heck, we are already giving emergency workers furlough and cutting them back. How in the world are we going to staff enough law enforcement to deal with this problem? Looks like a job for big goverment.