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Deputies use pepper spray at Williston Middle School fight

Wilmington Police and New Hanover County deputies converged on the area around Williston Middle School Thursday night. A fight broke out behind the school while a talent show was going on inside. The school resource officer and a faculty member attempted to break up the fight and were rushed by the crowd. That is when the deputy fought back. Deputy Charles Smith of New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said, "The deputy did use pepper spray to push back the crowd. EMS was called.” Three ambulances responded. Five people were treated and released at the scene, which moved down 11th Street to the corner of Castle. At this point no charges have been filed but the investigation is ongoing..

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Williston Middle School

And also the news should have been focusing on the talent at the talent show not the fights that went on outside, It makes our school sound bad.

Williston Middle School

I was at the talent show that night and was stuck inside the building in the bandroom. I'm really tired of the news focusing on the bad aspects of our school when we have some brilliant and talented kids. I'm really hurt that people would speak badly about all of the students that attend my school, when the truth is we have alot of great kids here. Please take this into consideration next time you do a story on Williston.

is this

not the same school where the Principal was wrestled to the ground and the young man with the street name went to a holding cell?

i go to wiliston n was dere

i go to wiliston n was dere wen it happenend my sis n cuz had got pepper sprayed even wen dey was across the screet and dey had 2 go 2 da fron of da scool to the ambulance cause dey couldnt breath

That comment is fake. No one

That comment is fake. No one who spells that INCORRECT spells "ambulance" correctly. Stop the drama. But, thanks for trying.


I think that is "MY SPACE" lingo. Regardless, the school is in a high crime area; it's not new to hear prblems are on it's grounds that are not school related. I think the police were in place to advert problems and are glad they were. I hope the school beefs up it's security to keep the students safe and to maybe deter a not so good student from crossing that line.Let's face it,we need to fence in these inner city schools so we can at least know whose starting trouble and can be held accountable.


Typical Thug slang. So glad I pay for my sons education to keep him from this type of environment.


i go to williston too in da 7th grade and yes i was at the talent show when this accured. and i so agree with Keda cause many got pepper sprayed in fact i happened to be one of them. it was a harsh moment even babies got sprayed. But hey its williston what stuff dont happen there. And all you people who critizing my school need to take the time and come check this school out because even though we are known for the baddest school our school has some of the smartest kids you could never think of.


Stupid comment. First of all, if they were not a part of the problem, they would not have gotten sprayed because they would not have been right there in the thick of it. Second, I know for a FACT that NO ambulance was in FRONT of the school. Two were at the rear (where the buses drop off/pick-up) and one was at Gregory. If what you say is true, you'd KNOW that your "sis" and your "cuz" would not have gone to the front of the school seeking medical assistance. How do I know this is a fact? I WAS ONE OF THE ONES CALLED TO RESPOND TO THIS INCIDENT. Unlike YOU, I was actually there.

You'd Better Watch Out!

You'd better watch out troll or the grammer and spelling police will flame you!

to Keda

This is a joke, right, noone could type like that for real.

If you actually go to

If you actually go to school, I wonder who teaches you English?

Re: i go to wiliston n was dere

You should learn how to type and speak English.

and we wonder

We wonder why there are problems... please take the time to read the above comment.


They wouldn't have been sprayed from across the street.

Concern if child should attend this school

Is violence as a means to an end a normal practice at this school? My child is slated to go there for 2009-2010 year. I am terrified that this is the norm. So many have said this school has improved, but incidents such as this make me think otherwise. Please respond if you have a comment on this school one way or the other. Prayers go out to all involved. violence never solves anything. I wish people knew that by now.

Report cards

I've also had experience with Williston. However, I'll let you do the research. One good place to get relatively neutral information is the New Hanover County Schools website under the school report cards. Williston has had a violent past. Suspensions and even Expulsions are high. Were those suspensions/expulsions equal to what acts they were for? I'll let you decide as any number of posters will have varying opinions and experiences with that. When my son was preparing for 6th grade, we were in the Williston district. After research, I decided to apply for him to go to another school. The choice was either Virgo (which would have provided him school bus transportation) or another school (which would not have provided transportation). Virgo has/had a low population in comparison to other schools. This is actually a plus from my perspective. Unfortunately, when we visited the area, on a weekend, we weren't pleased with the neighborhood. Many much older kids were hanging around. Perhaps it was unreasonable of us, bet we decided that the school didn't look all that safe. Roland Grise had a population closer to Williston, but we'd have to provide transportation. Still, at the time, that was an option. I applied for the lottery (I keep forgetting if it's Open Choice or Open Enrollment that you're required to provide transportation). But didn't win that year. My son ended up going to Williston for his 6th grade year. Things were not pleasant, but we suffered through it. Again, others will have different experiences, so I'll let you make up your own mind. I filed again for my son's 7th grade year to go to Roland Grise and succeeded. Unfortunately, a few months after starting, something happened having nothing to do with the school that eliminated my son's transportation options. My son loved Roland Grise and we both hated to have to find another option for him, but suffice it to say that he no longer goes there. But my son's limited experience, and MY limited experience with Roland Grise was very positive. We hated that he had to transfer elsewhere. Do the research properly and make your decision. But remember, applying for the lottery doesn't guarantee success. Andrew


Is violence a means to an end at this school? Pointless question, and it has no merit, in my opinion. Have incidents occurred there? Yup. Have incidents occurred at other locations in the city and the county? Heck yeah. Answer me this: Which have you heard about more: Problems in the city and county, or problems at Williston? brainer. A BETTER question might be...does this generation of young people recognize and value anything besides fighting, violence, and resisting authority? Like another commenter noted here, I also attended Williston, 1982-1985. I can assure you that School Resource Officers were not present then because they WERE NOT NEEDED. After all...why have deputies in EVERY school if there's no need for them? I will agree with part of your statement, however. Violence itself never solves anything. Violence STARTS problems. The School Resource Officer and the faculty member would not have intervened had the students in attendance not gotten out of control. Pepper spray was used to stop their actions. Would it have been better for them to let it go on and have a person wind up SERIOUSLY injured or worse? Thank goodness we have deputies and SRO's on premises these days. They are CLEARLY needed in order to deal with the current generation of students. It is precisely BECAUSE they are on site that I honestly believe your child will be safe. Our SRO's and ALL of our law enforcement officials will see to it that those bent on mayhem and destruction WILL NOT PREVAIL. I also wish this current generation knew that violence is NOT the answer to ANY issue. Like you, my prayers go out to ALL involved. I pray the kids will see that violence will NOT be tolerated, and I pray that they will abandon practicing it. I pray that parents will once again start teaching their kids that fighting is NOT the answer and to start respecting laws and expectations of good behavior. I pray that one day, School Resource Officers will no longer be needed because kids no longer show their immature behinds. I pray that those currently serving as School Resource Officers are not haunted by what they see and hear on a daily basis from our young people.


I would let them go I'm an 8th grader from Williston Middle School. It is a great school for kids accidents like this could happen anywhere but it hardly happens at my school. I have been there for all 3 years and to me its a great school and the teachers and staff will do anything to protect there students and your child. So please don't blame this accident on any staff that works there and don't judge the kids i ask you this from the bottom of my heart.

when are we gonna stop hiding?

When are we gonna ask why there's so much violence in these communities? Have they NO CONTROL? We need to start talking about the fact that this violent behavior is SO prevalent in our black communities. How would they respond? We just stand by and we all think this is normal. I know we all have violent tendencies, but can we not see the obvious percentage of this taking place in and around our black communities? I'm sorry but this is rediculous! We all have the same rights and responsibilities. All of this violence on a CONSTANT BASIS just facilitates any and all differences between us.

I totally agree with you.

First, let me preface this by noting that I totally agree with you. You are 100%, dead-on when you note "We all have the same rights and responsibilities." Second, I'm not sure that turning this into a TOTALLY racial issue is the way to be understood here. It largely serves to polarize white and black, and that really won't solve the very basic issue at heart here. If blacks view your comments as racially motivated, they will automatically be discounted and then nothing moves forward. It's time parents EVERYWHERE begin to once again take responsibility. Teach your children right from wrong. Teach them that if they act outside of the law, there WILL be consequences. Teach them that while we ALL make mistakes - sometimes HUGE ones - we must ALL take responsibility for our actions. Racial tensions have made great strides towards extinction with the inauguration of our first African-American President. Therefore, African-Americans can no longer claim that they are held back from reaching the top. No, I did NOT vote for him. Nonetheless, I want him to be successful and be remembered for more than just his race. It seems clear to me that most Americans want to move forward with improved race relations, otherwise, how would Obama have become President? Race is NOT the major issue that it once was (in my opinion.) In my opinion, the greatest INTERNAL issue facing everyone in this nation is TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions. THANK YOU, lessonhere, for stating something that most in our country would be too afraid to point out.


Why can't any of those people around there just get along for even a minute without fighting, especially when kids are trying to do something good, for a change. There is no respect, concern or morality! no suprise...a fight

I went to Williston when it was a junior high school (grades 7-9) 21 years ago, just before they changed it to middle school (grades 6-8). I guess some things will never change. We always had problems from the thugs in that area. They need barbed wire and gun towers to keep this school out of the news.

To the above comment...if

To the above comment...if you attended Williston in the past and it is no surprise to you that a fight broke an adult what have you done to give back to the school you attended..have you voluntered as a positive adult role model? Have you gone back to speak to the children about how you went to Williston and now you are a productive citizen...? No surprise...if you don't one will...I've volunteered there and have seen excellent students and teachers...and I have also seen not so excellent students and school in New Hanover County is perfect especially middle schools...I am a product of Willisotn and the inner city and I give until you are part of the solution to help these kids you are part of the problem too...