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UPDATE: Deputy quits after DWI charge


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy has resigned after being charged with driving while impaired. The sheriff's office says Dep. Brandon Matthew Jordan was off duty when he was stopped for speeding on NC 42 in Johnston County Friday night by the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

The 26-year-old had been with the sheriff's office since 2006. He was on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, but quit this morning before the investigation could be finished.

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Who is to say he only had a

Who is to say he only had a couple of drinks, blew the minimum of .08? The minimum, for a male, is typically only a few drinks. For a male, it typically doesn't impair your driving. For those just judging, they should just stop. They have no clue of the incident, nor who the officer is.

And choice or mistake? Really?? So its a mistake to turn left instead of right? Isn't it a choice not to look at directions? Or to forget to pack clothes? Isn't it a choice not to double check your luggage? So let's not confuse choice or mistake. Because it comes do to the same definition.

Matt is an excellent human being. And human beings are prone to making bad choices (mistakes). So leave the judging to God. And quit acting holier than thou.

So true... I can guarantee

So true... I can guarantee you that a .08 (or anything in that range) holds much differently on a man his size (over 200lbs) than it does to some others. Once again, the people making such negative comments are the people that don't know anything about him, or the situation, and have no room to judge (unless they, themselves, are perfect).

He didn't get fired, he

He didn't get fired, he resigned of his own free will. However, when you have someone who is guilty of something that he has arrested others for, you must have to consider that maybe some other line of work might suit him better. There are far too many DWIs out there who have not been caught. Until they are and the consequences are severe enough on the first conviction to keep them off the roads, we will continue to have people killed by drunks.

I gather

some folks don't read or don't focus on what is written.

He was on administrative leave. He had not been punished. He had not been found guilty of anything yet.

He chose to walk. Now follow this train of thought.

He resigned from the force. He gets a good lawyer who has the DWI reduced or thrown out.

He is then free to seek another position in law enforcement.

He may be more on the ball then he is given credit for.

But seriosuly, after the incident in Vance County where local authorities overlooked the DWI of a Trooper Captain, and they all eventually lost their jobs, does anyone think law enforcement will put their jobs on the line by looking the other way?

He was 2 hours or more from Brunswick County. Was he beginning a drive to return? Think about that; over 2 hours on I-40 and then south on 17 into Brunswick County. Would you really want him on the interstate, doing 70 or better, with any alcohol in his system?

He wasn't driving 2hrs back

He wasn't driving 2hrs back to Brunswick (actually New Hanover) County. He was staying the weekend in the same 2mile radius in which he was pulled over for speeding. Maybe that doesn't make it better, but let's not make assumptions on an issue we don't really know about.


I made no assumptions. I asked a question.

Regardless, he was stopped for speeding and the arresting officer determined he was under the influence.

Why do people like you not read the entire post before you make irrelevant posts?

For the record, I stated nothing which had not been posted.

So, what about the Rocky Mount resident who was driving west on I-40 before she was involved in 2 seperate accidents and cited for DWI? No similarities are there?

DWI or DUI related incidents are on the rise. Police Officers should conduct themselves in a manner which sets an example for others to follow.

Wouldn't it be ironic to be cited by an officer for DWI and later learn he had a conviction on his record?

Im sorry....

I am deeply sorry he is going through this... Maybe a bad decision but he is a great man, brother, son, and friend! The events in our life shape who we become... Soon he will be shaped by this struggle... My prayers for him and his loved ones!!!!

AMEN!!! It's nice to know

AMEN!!! It's nice to know other people have a heart!

Id like to thank the Trooper

Id like to thank the Trooper who actually did his job and got this guy off the road. At least some officer has the balls to do whats right and not extend professional courtesy everytime an officer breaks the law. I hate that the Deputy made such a a bad choice. I wish him the best of luck in his future career.

Casting Stones

He was wrong.Let's get that out there 1st.#2 What do you you do that you think is right,but you know is wrong? Just because you have'nt been caught yet don't make it right.Your shoe's are as heavy,I think.

Oh so true... I didn't

Oh so true... I didn't realize there were so many people out there that were "perfect" and haven't made mistakes.

None of us claim to be perfect

Comparing DUI to a mistake is incorrect. A mistake is forgetting to pack enough clothes for a trip. Drinking and then driving is a choice. Big difference there.


Question; what ever happened to the female officer in Brunswick county that demolished her Mustang at a high rate of speed ? Does any one know ? Since she was/is a LEO maybe she got a courtesy get off the hook. Maybe they just swept it under the rug ?

Men and Women in Law Enforcement...

are to lead by example. In this case, former deputy Jordan knew he shouldn't have been driving. It looks better on a resume' to have resigned than been fired.


A LEO can NOT bend the law

Everyone makes mistakes. I

Everyone makes mistakes. I believe in second chances- (but never 3rds) and it is a shame that he lost his job over this and was not given a lighter punishment for a second chance. DWI means you have blown over the legal limit- however some people are able to handle themselves better at certain blood alcohol levels and I do think the result of him losing his job is too harsh on a first offense. My heart goes out to him, his g/f, family and friends. He is a great person on and off of the clock. We've all made mistakes in our lives, and this was an unfortunate one for Deputy Jordan

Actually a mistake is

Actually a mistake is defined as "an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning..." And I don't think he, or anyone else, has ever claimed that he drank or stepped into the drivers side on accident, but all anyone knows is what is on the news and I think there are plenty of other cases that have been publicized and come to find out, were not entirely what they were made to be. I can only imagine what he and his girlfriend and family must be going throught right now. They are human beings with friends and lives of their own, and now because of 1 unfortunate mistake, their lives have been changed. I wish some people would have a little more heart and a little less judgement.

Mistakes do happen, but....

...did he "mistakenly" drink Vodka instead of water or soda? Doubtful. Did he "mistakenly" get into the drivers side of his vehicle rather than the passenger side of a taxi or with a DD? Doubtful. Did he "mistakenly" think he hadn't had enough to drink to cross the limit? Doubtful. As you can see, there were a lot of opportunities for him to review his checks and balances prior to getting behind the wheel as an intoxicated driver. He fully understands what that is all about.
I'm sure he is a great person and all of that, but these were cognitive decisions he made himself, not really mistakes, ESPECIALLY with his training and knowlege of the law. This man is a public police officer and knows very well what the law is regarding drinking and driving and what the consequences are for breaking them. So, now where is his credibility for testifying in any of the DWI's he has charged others with? How would he be able to perform his duty as a Deputy without a drivers license?
I enjoy a cocktail as much as the next person, I have the good sense and respect for the rules to drink them at home or hail a taxi. It really isn't rocket science to figure that out, right?

Not a mistake, a choice

A mistake is turning left when you needed to turn right. Getting behind the wheel after drinking is a choice. He obviously made a bad choice and now has to live with the repercussions of that choice. Remember that stupid girl at Wrightsville Beach that was drunk and wrecked? Same applies to her. They both made choices and now have to deal with them. No pity from me. There are so many other alternatives to driving drunk. 1) Have a DD. 2) Call a cab. 3) Don't want to leave your car behind, call a tow truck. They will take you & your car home. $50-$75 is much cheaper than a DWI. 4) Stay there. 5) Take a cab out in the first place, then you don't have a car to drive.

Professional Courtesy

It is a sorry state of affairs when one LEO officer does not extend the benefit of the doubt to another. Where is this guy going to get another LEO job now? Will all his pending court cases be in jeopardy now?

What do you expect from a

What do you expect from a State Trooper...they would arrest their own mother for jay walking.

As far as giving other LEO breaks, I don't see a problem with an extent. I don't think they should give other LEO breaks when it comes to DWI, but minor traffic violations I do. It's not different than your employer giving you a discount just because you work there.



How about giving me the courtesy of NOT DRIVING DRUNK on the roads I drive on.

Tough noogies if he can not get another job as a LEO, that's his fault 100%. Apparently he wasn't a very good LEO anyway now was he?

You are unbelievable.

I 2nd that... he was known

I 2nd that... he was known by ALL other deputies as being one of the best at his job. It may have been a bad decision but you only know what is being said in the media, & not the whole story. His ability as a LEO should never be a question in ANYONE's mind.

actually he was one of the

actually he was one of the best LEO officers in this County. But keep on being cynical on public forums. i'm sure that will get you far in life.

fine example

If he was one of the best we have and he speeds and drives drunk what does that say about the rest of the LEO's we have? That is rather insulting to the fine ones out there, don't ya think?

Did you think before you wrote that statement?

I actually did think before

I actually did think before I wrote that statement. Crazy huh? He was one of the "fine" ones out there. He made a mistake off one has ever done that I guess. Again, cynicism will get you nowhere in life.

I did too

You seem to be obsessed with me being cynical. Just taking in facts.... he was drunk, he was driving, he was speeding. Those are not MISTAKES, those are choices. It does not matter how many other people do this... HE BROKE THE LAWS HE IS SUPPOSE TO UPHOLD AND ENDANGERED THE LIVES OF INNOCENTS ON THE ROADS.

"Fine"? You need a higher standard.

I am sure I have gone farther in life being a cynic than being a Pollyanna like a lot of the folks on here are. (But of course you all know him.)

I agree with you 100% on

I agree with you 100% on this one. On-duty he was one of the finest... off-duty he was and is one of the best men there are. All mistakes aside, he will get through this and come out on top of it all, in the end.

As was said by "Guest 159"

As was said by "Guest 159" above this one: You only know what is being put out there by the media and not the full story... if you were a friend, coworker, or family member you might have the right to make that judgement, but since you don't know anything about the actual incident for yourself, then your comments really don't carry any weight.


He was stopped and found to have been driving while intoxicated. Unless the trooper is just lying, which a breathalyzer or blood test would have proved his innocence. Fact is, he knew better and drove anyway. I don't think he should have lost his job (if he hadn't quit) because of it, but he should have been demoted and given a desk job for a few months.