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Dessert anyone? CFCC hosts annual Holiday Dessert Expo

READ MORE: Dessert anyone? CFCC hosts annual Holiday Dessert Expo
The culinary students at Cape Fear Community College held their annual Holiday Dessert Expo Tuesday. Our Steve Rondinaro and John Rendleman were lucky enough to get the sweetest news assignment of the year as judges. Watch the video as Steve, John and guests indulge in peppermint pattied cake, cannolis, tiramisu, and even chocolate covered bacon.    

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How is it that great events

How is it that great events like this keep happening in Wilmington and they aren't mass advertised by the news until they have already happened?!


My guess is that they dont want every bum and unemployed resident downtown appearing for free goodies. I am sure there are enough students and family members that attend.

You really have no idea what

You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? This is a community college event, what kind of budget do you think they have for advertising? The only reason WWAY covered it is because CFCC was right across the street and it was a slow news day. Do you have any idea how local media coverage even works? Or are you the typical 'Obama and the liberal media is planning world domination and socialism for all, and you only see what they WANT you to see'. Most local television stations are lucky to be able to cover 1/5th of what goes on in their own town.

WOW, why the extreme comment?

I can't imagine what you would say (or do), if someone had said something extreme. You need to lay off the conspiracy kool-aid. 'Das Weibstück' was just venturing an opinionated guess. Don't be so sensitive. Do you work for WWAY?


cyllsn: I think their post was in reference to the first poster, but thank you for your comment. I am still trying to figure out how someone can negatively relate a cookie and cake tasting to Obama. Paranoid I guess.

Nah WECT... and yes

Nah WECT... and yes conspiracies. The truth lies behind the grassy knoll

My guess is that they got no

My guess is that they got no $$$$$ to advertise! There is no such thing as a free lunch (unless you're judging) :)