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Detectives investigating two animal cruelty cases

COLUMBUS COUNTY -- Columbus County detectives are investigating two cases of animal cruelty, both of which happened on the same day, within miles of each other. One of the dogs was shot in the eye with a BB gun, the other stabbed to death. Jim Nance says he woke up Sunday morning to find his six-year-old rat terrier "Skip" stabbed multiple times in his pen in the backyard. Nance said, "Why would anyone want to hurt something that's not going to hurt anybody?" Nance says he tried to save Skip but the stab wounds proved fatal. "I knew the wound that got him was the one that was up high on his back," Nance said. Skip left behind a litter of puppies to remind Nance of the dog he loved, but Nance still wants justice for his best friend before whoever Skip's attacker is hurts anyone else. Nance said, "Anybody that would stab a harmless little dog like that would stab a child." Judy Floyd lives a couple of miles down the road from Nance. The same day Skip was killed Floyd found her dog "Roadside" shot in the eye by a BB gun. Floyd said, "There's like a hole where it went into the cuticle of his eye. You can see where it went in, and I don't know if it exited." Roadside survived but now is blind in that eye. Floyd said, "He's got ointment that has to be applied three times a day, give him lots of love and attention." Roadside's attacker is also unknown at this point. Floyd said, "I think they really need to be prosecuted. It's bad, this is an animal and he can't speak for himself and people are doing this stuff to him, it hurts." Psychiatrists say anyone who hurts animals may suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Experts say people with ASD are less likely to have a conscience and more likely to break laws and be more violent. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has not said if the two cases are related. The Humane Society is also looking into the animal cruelty. If you have any information about the cases call the Columbus County Sheriff's Office at (910) 642-6551.

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"big bad redneck"

This is to the lassie dog comment..... excuse me no offense or anything but i myself am a redneck and that comment is stereotyping my Pregidous friend. Not all rednecks go around shooting dogs with BB guns. that comment was offensive and most likely hurt alot of peoples feelings. if you havent notice, this is the south......... there are bound to be rednecks somewhere around here