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Development brings people to North Fourth Street

READ MORE: Development brings people to North Fourth Street
WILMINGTON -- Development in one downtown Wilmington district is bringing people to a section of the city that hasn't seen much action in recent past. North Fourth Street is becoming home to a growing number of people and businesses. Those familiar with the area say it's showing no signs of slowing down. In the last five years Plantation Building Corp has built six buildings on North Fourth. Developer Dave Spetrino says everyone from young professionals to retirees are making the move to that end of town. Business owners are also realizing the potential of the growing district. The owners of the Goat and Compass, a bar that's been open for two months, say they're getting business from people who live on the block as well as PPD employees. Many people say North Fourth Street has a true neighborhood feeling. Spetrino said, "This part of downtown has become such a vibrant spot that and now it looks like, how could you even wonder if it was going to be successful or not?" Spetrino says his business has given North Fourth Street its roots to start to branch out on its own. He says about 100 people are living in his company's buildings in just the one block acre.

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My family has been in the

My family has been in the North 4th Street community for more than 50 years...... and wow have we seen a wonderful change. Oh, yeah and never have we had to use a vest, we've always known how to talk to people. I guess that makes the difference. We love North 4th Street and the new face-lift.

nor fort skreet

Funny how these metrosexuals from the north think they can move their peekachoo and signifigant other into a place on Nofo without buying a gun. Imagine the prices!!! $400,000 for what? The view of the NEW TAYLOR HOMES public housing? I'd rather be across the river on 12 acres for that money. But to each his or his/her own.

The negativity on this whole

The negativity on this whole site is ridiculous. There are so many closed minded commenters that have the brains of an elf.

So you....

post a negative comment about negative comments, LOL

Close minds

And you're doing what here?

Response to Guest Rapper

Guest Rapper obviously doesn't know what she's talking about and probably has never even been to North Fourth St., otherwise, she would know it's a perfectly safe neighborhood with a diverse group of good people. She's probably just jeoulous because us homeowners are drastically gaining equity while the housing market steadily decreases, along with home prices in almost every neighborhood in Wilmington except for this area.

Guest Rapper knows the area all too well

Guest Rapper is glad that he gets to carry a .45 when he's in the area after dark. It's not a matter of "negativity," it's a matter of reality. You cannot deny that you are a small island in the middle of a very stormy sea. Walk two blocks East or two blocks West, and you'd better be carrying a piece, too. Problem is, the folks you may meet while walking can walk, also....right up to your doorstep.

There is so much anger and

There is so much anger and negativity whenever an issue comes up regarding downtown or Wilmington Police or Sheriff's office. It's sad.

North Fourth

While North Fourth is nice the best part is Coffee Kraze. I went in today for my a.m. coffee instead of waiting in line at Java Dog and while I was there this woman brought in the baked goods delivery. These weren't "goods" they were "amazings!" I had this turtle cookie with pecans, caramel and chocolate and I about died. It was still warm! These were fresh cookies!!!!! Who knew????

Do the residents of North Fourth...

...receive a new Kevlar vest and SiG-220 with every condo purchased, or do they simply stay inside and never go out after sundown?

Things have changed

Yeah... things have changed for the better recently on the northside and it's getting better from what I've seen.

kevlar not needed

What a crazy thing to say! Kevlar is the last thing needed on North 4th street. We are a peaceful, friendly, group of people. Saftey on the new north 4th street is not an issue. The homeowners and the retailers all enjoy a very peaceful atmosphere and are thankful to be here. Come join us and see for yourself!

Oh! So you put up fences....or walls?

The NEW North Front Street still borders the OLD inner city. But I admire your courage.....just like the early settlers in Texas, braving the Comanches....

Comment on Kevlar and Guest Rapper

Hellooooo, Rapper) obviously don't know what your talking about. I walk my dog at night all around the North Fourth street area and have never encountered a problem. It is a perfectly safe neighborhood with good people and new up and coming business'. Your right though, it does border the OLD inner city, however, newsflash, Times change and the NoFo residents are the NEW inner city in that section of town now, and we're not going anywhere. Your Texas metaphor makes completely no sense either, keep on reaching though.

Lemme guess....'s a 115 pound Rottweiller and you stand 6' 4"? Look folks, I realize that you hate anyone intruding on your Polyanna world because it might hurt your property values, but facts are facts. When people are being robbed at gunpoint on Third Street, don't PRETEND that you're so much safer, one block away.

Most are yankees

Most of them have moved here from New York so to them living in a swanky apartment in the middle of a war zone is perfectly normal. SoHo or NoFo the life is the same high cost or rent and dangerous streets.

ignorance, just plain

ignorance, just plain ignorance, do some research before you sling out numbers,,, in fact do some research on the buyers, their returns on the property, and how to have a set of balls in this world....

I bet guest rapper is the

I bet guest rapper is the nosey neighbor that calls the police on everyone in their neighborhood. How sad and negative a person you must be.