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Problems with DirecTV

READ MORE: Directv giving one local man a lot of problems
Last week, DirecTV acknowledged that employees had given customers incorrect information regarding HD packages available in our area. Now one former subscriber says he shouldn't have to pay for canceling his contract. John Jacovino had stakes sticking out of the ground and filled holes in his house where his DirecTV dishes used to stand. When his older television went out earlier this year he bought an HD television and had to decide what carrier to use to get high definition service. Jacovino said, “After talking to DirecTV and their telling us clearly that we would get HD reception with two Wilmington stations and all four network stations in HD, we signed the contract with DirecTV.” But Jacovino said DirecTV never delivered that service. He said he wrote a letter to the billing office explaining the problem and got a mailing receipt. He followed up with phone calls several times and kept a record of each conversation. After several months with no response or improvement Jacovino canceled his service and feels he should not have to pay the 400 dollar cancellation fee. He finally spoke with a representative from the DirecTV president's office. They did not have a copy of the letter. It seems like Jacovino isn't alone. The Better Business Bureau gives DirecTV a C rating and said in the last 3 years the company has had more than 20,000 complaints. They made no adjustments in nearly 7,000 cases. Consumers have listed detailed complaints on consumer affairs including one Wilmington man just a few weeks ago. Jacovino just wants DirecTV to make good on their word. “I am owed a $340 fee. I would like that fee waved. I'm happy, DirecTV has done the ethical business practice, that they should do and we can go on from there.” Jacovino has since switched to a cable service and has HD. If you have a complaint about a business in our area you can call North Carolina consumer protection at 877-566-7226.

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I had TWC for 5 years before

I had TWC for 5 years before switching to DTV. My bill for TWC kept increasing and without notice. I was told that the increases were due to improvement being made some of which were for packages like HBO which I did not subscribe to. I have had no problems with DTV yet and I have been with them for a little over a year. My only problem with DTV was I thought I was getting the local channels in HD and that is why I signed up for the HD channels. I called and complained about it and they gave me 3 months free of the HD channels and took the previous two month charges off my bill.

Here is a warning about Direct TV

Here is a warning about Direct TV......... Don't plan to invest seriously in their internet services......... If you use a "vpn" from home connect to your office remotely, be warned...... There is something in the propigation of Direct TVs internet signal that does not like encrypted packets... So ok....wait.what does this mean???? If you depend on DirectTV for your wireless at home VPN connection..Don't ount on it so much.......... It very well may just not work...

Love my direct tv, been with

Love my direct tv, been with them for 7 years. My bill has stayed the same for 7 years, except for the taxes which go up every now and then. Unlike time warner which started at one price and then 4 months later it had doubled. When I asked why, I was told I was paying for a new program they were starting up called Road Runner. Something I didn't even have. they had to go. Also everytime it would storm I would lose my cable for like 3 days. That's right 3 days. Direct tv has not done me wrong, but just like with any contract, always read the fine print.

Direct TV will lose a lot of business...

Direct TV performs much less than ethical business practice. They promise you the world to get you to sign up, after that you're pretty much on your own and you will never, ever receive a bill for the amount they contract you to. My $39.95 package first bill was $69.95. They told me nothing about paying for "leased" equipment fees @4.95/room. They said nothing about it taking 6-10 weeks for the "rebates" to take effect. They said nothing about tacking on $5.95/month for equipment service fees and they said nothing about the $4.00/mth for their channel guide. They got me once and it's the last time!!! I don't do business with crooks like this and realize now that when they want a 2 yr contract for television, that is why...otherwise, 90% of their customer would walk away after finding this type of business practice out. I doubt they will post this note, but if they do, I hope Direct TV has someone reading it and realizing that I do all that I can, everyday to describe their business to my family and friends. Good luck Direct TV, the word about you is making rounds. Even your parent company AT&T won't be able to pull you out of this one!!!

I sure wish I would have

I sure wish I would have read your comment before I looked in to directv. Every problem you stated is exactly what my fiancee and I confronted. The only difference is there was no mention of a contract, though I can assume one, and they never mentioned the price going up after a year. The lady also told us about an, "area special" that gave us an additional amount off a month. This never appeared and when we called for information regarding this call, Directv had no history of it. This is peculiar b/c it was the only contact we had with the company until they showed up to hook us up. Terrible business practicioners.

how about football

we are paying for the nfl ticket and we have hd and we were told that we had too pay for the up grade to get nfl on hd why should you have too pay more for something you are all ready paying for if you pay for nfl then you should get it on hd if you have hd i'm not happy with direct tv when something goes wrong you cann't get anyone too come out and fix it the next time my direct tv goes out i told them they can come out and pick up there junk off of the road because that is were it is going on the road


Golden opportunity for Time Warner Cable. Please, Time Warner Cable, put together an NFL package similar to what DirectTV has


DTV customer here! Been a DTV customer for 8 years now and I LOVE IT...EVERY once in a while I loose signal, but no more than my friends who have digital cable, actually a LOT less than they do. Also, during a hurricane, I just tie down the dish and when the storm is passed..POOF I get my signal back..instead of waiting for TW to fix their lines. TW likes to tout the whole...its a DISH thing and by their office and look whats in the back of their building...TW customers get degraded signals as it comes into a ..YES SATELLITE then piped all across the county... I LOVE DTV...the ONLY downside I have is no CW...


direct tv does unfair billing also. i called them because they over charged me, they checked and found that i had paid two bills at once, but they still charged double. i had it shut off and they still want me to two months. they do this often. i could never get my bill paid up to date. they are not a good business to deal with.

You are not the only one, I

You are not the only one, I been with Directv for 2 years, the reason that i did not cancell it before was because i was under a 2 year contract. I'm so glad that finally my contract is over, I never received a good service from them, my signal was always cutting off and every time that I call for service, they will give me an appointment during my working shcedule, I will sit and wait for them and never show up. You can be transfer from one person to the other and none of them can give you an answer. Many times they will just hang up on me. If you want a good service, do not choose DIRECTV.