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DNC Chairman says McIntyre running away from being a Democrat


On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, about Democrats running away from the Democratic Party. Here's the transcript:

WALLACE: OK. I want to put up something that you said last month about Democrats running away from the Democratic Party. Here it is.


WALLACE: "Democrats who kind of are afraid to be who they are or are pushing back on the leaders -- I think they're crazy."

But, Governor, I want to show you what some Democratic congressmen are putting in their TV ads running for re-election right now.


JOE DONNELLY: That may not be what the Washington crowd wants, but I don't work for them. I work for you.



MIKE MCINTYRE: I don't work for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or anyone else. I work for you.


WALLACE: Are those Democratic congressmen crazy?

KAINE: I'm going to stick with what I said earlier. I think if you run away from who you are, that you're a Democrat and you're proud to be a Democrat, it's foolish. And the reason it's foolish is you've got a lot to be proud of. This...

WALLACE: So when they sit there and they say, "I'm not working for Harry Reid..."

KAINE: Well, that...

WALLACE: "... and Pelosi and Obama..."

KAINE: I think -- I think...

WALLACE: ... they're crazy?

KAINE: I think it's OK to say, "My first obligation is to you."

WALLACE: Well, that's not what they're saying.

KAINE: Well, but "I work for you" is what they're saying. And that's fine. And that -- everybody who runs, that's -- that ought to be their attitude, that they work for their constituents.

But people ought to be proud to be Democrats right now. You know, we're a happy warrior party. And this Congress has every reason to be very, very proud of the heavy lifting that they have done.

John McCain's chief economics advisor, Mark Zandi -- he and Alan Blinder did a report a month ago talking about how the combination of the steps taken to stabilize the financial system and to bring about economic recovery have done amazing good in taking what was going to be a second depression and got us to growth.

And admittedly, it's not where we want to be yet. But I think Dems should be proud of it. I think they should be proud of health care. They should be proud of 2 women on the Supreme Court and 4 million more American kids with health insurance.




Ilario Pantano's take:

Wilmington, NC (NEWS RELEASE): On Fox News Sunday, this past Sunday morning, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine called out Congressman Mike McIntyre for running away from who he is, and called McIntyre “foolish” for not admitting that he is a “proud Democrat.” Kaine called out Congressman McIntyre, after Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace played a clip from one of McIntyre’s television ads alleging that he doesn’t work for Nancy Pelosi.

Upon learning of Kaine’s statement on Fox News Sunday, Ilario Pantano, Republican Nominee for North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District, released the following statement:

“For once, I have to agree with Tim Kaine. Congressman McIntyre is just trying to pull one over on the voters of the 7th District by running away from who he is. Everyone in Washington knows the Congressman is a proud Democratic foot soldier. Congressman McIntyre tries to talk like Jesse Helms when he’s in the District, but when he’s in Washington he votes like Nancy Pelosi.”

“Congressman McIntyre, throughout this campaign, has tried to declare that he doesn’t work for Pelosi and that he is an ‘independent voice.’ However, as DNC Chairman Tim Kaine noted, that is just McIntyre trying to run away from who he is. The record is clear. Congressman McIntyre votes in lockstep with the Pelosi agenda in Washington and when he’s not running for reelection Congressman McIntyre is “honored” to be part of the Pelosi leadership team.” (see note below)

“The people of the 7th District deserve a Congressman who is proud of the way he votes in Washington and who won’t run away from who he really he is. They won’t have to worry about me running away from my record in Washington because I’ll never vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker and unlike my opponent, I won’t be voting for the liberal Pelosi, Reid, and Obama agenda.”


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The Democrats downfall is their belief in Santa Clause ! He real name is Barack Obama.


McIntyre votes lock step with Nancy Pelosi and the Progressives in the Democratic party. He certainly won't get my vote this fall.

That's a lie

He voted against Obamacare.

He voted against Cap-n-Trade

He voted against the Chrysler and GM bailout.

There are many other examples where McIntyre has voted against the Democratic leadership.

If you people want to praise Pantano and argue that he's the better choice, fine, but stop lying about McIntyre's record.

For the record

I voted for Mike Mcintyre during his last re-election bid but I will not be voting for Mr. Mcintyre this time around. His party's actions have been harmful to the welfare of the nation.


Mike Mcintyre is a chameleon. He is career politcian and well-established Washington insider who voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House. Pelosi's agenda does not match up with America's agenda. She is a far left radical from San FranSICKO who has rammed government health care down our throats. Mr Mcintyre has NOT been proactive in leading the charge to strike down the worst legislation in American history. The Democratic Party is synonymus with the word SOCIALISM. They have no problem spending YOUR money and deciding how to spread the wealth. The government does not create wealth therefore they are an impediment to prosperity with their micromanagement of the economy and regulations. Corporations and small business owners are sitting on the sidelines until this REGIME is removed from office. It starts here at home by voting Mike " THE CHAMELEON" Mcintyre from office. He has sampled the political winds and he is concerned about his CAREER JOB in D.C.

Can't be Fooled Again!

Pantano is dead right! McIntyre pretends to be one of us when he's in the district or running for re-election. Well...fooled us once, but can't fool us twice. Just look at his voting record...right down the line with Pelosi, except when she gave him permission, after knowing she had the votes to pass Obamacare, to vote against it. Why? Because he was a Democrat in a right-leaning district and he'd seal his defeat if he voted for it! Now..he comes touting that HE didn't vote for the we can't see through THAT ONE. If he's re-elected, he's going to continue to vote the Obama/Pelosi agenda and God knows, we've had enough of that!

Yet another lie about McIntyre

McIntyre announced that he would vote against Obamacare very early on. While Piglosi was busy scrambling for votes, he stood firm and refused to cave. He never sought nor was given "permission" to vote against Obamacare.

If you Pantano supporters are basing your success on paiting McIntyre as a liberal, you are doomed to failure. His own party can't stand him because of his bucking their agenda so often.

That said, he has enough seniority that he can get some good deals worked for this district. Maybe too many, but if you have any idea of how the House rules operate, then you know that a senior member in the minority party (assuming that the GOP takes the House in November) will have far more pull than a freshman member from the majority party.

Pantano may have "stared down a lot of guns," but he will be powerless to alter the House rules.