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Do you feel safe with others texting while driving?

READ MORE: Do you feel safe with others texting while driving?
Multi-tasking is something many people do quite well, but lawmakers say multi-tasking while behind the wheel needs to stop. A bill making its way through the state legislature would make it illegal to text message while driving. "I’ve done it from time to time, but I do know that when I’m texting, I can't concentrate 100% on driving, so the bill would be good if it passed,” said Tami Rosage of Jacksonville. The bill to ban text messaging while driving in North Carolina passed the House and now it's off to the Senate. Violators could face a $100 fine.

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I think they should also ban the following. Eating in the car, pets in the front seat (normally in drivers lap) and they should fix the stereo systems so they can only be adjusted when the car is in park. The problem is they can't enforce the laws they have now. Just drive around town and watch the people speeding by and running stop signs and red lights. The police will sit on MLK Parkway and run radar, but you never see them on third street.

First off, I agree texting

First off, I agree texting should be banned when driving....but do you really think it can be enforced? It's almost like that law that says those under 18 can't use a cell phone while driving. An officer can't pull someone over just because they look to be under 18. It's an unforceable law. Just like the texting law would be. And sometimes it isn't necessarily the person texting that's the problem. Or at least they aren't the inititial problem. I have seen several times where someone has no clue what they are doing while driving and either make a quick stop or sudden turn....if you are texting your reactions will be slowed. You may hit the idiot in front of you which could lead to hitting other vehicles. The accident itself may not have been your fault, but since you weren't paying complete attention you weren't able to avoid the collision.

Phones should be banned from

Phones should be banned from cars. Their is nothing more annoying than driving down the road and the person, or LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, driving in front of you is going almost 10 miles under speed limit because they are talking away on there freakin phone! They should also be banned because no, it's not safe to text while you drive. This takes your concentration directly away from driving. && This is coming from an 18 year old, not someone that doesn't have a concept of a cell phone. I wish to speak for my generation because South Brunswick High School lost a student last year when she got into a wreck because she was texting on her cell phone while driving to school.


My friends text while driving all the time, they look at me like I'm their mother when I tell them to stop. Making it illegal to text while driving would be the best thing that could happen.


Gee, I remember the day that we had to find a pay phone and a quarter to make a call when we where driving around. Was not that long ago. Why do people think they are so important nowadays that they have to be in contact 24/7? My husband and I have cell phones that are often left behind or turned off to avoid being annoyed. Texting is harder to do than talking, but it makes it easier for people to avoid human contact and social relationships doesn't it?

At a previous place of

At a previous place of employment, I drove on average 1000 miles a week. I could write volumes about the idiots on the road either talking on the phone, texting, and even playing video games on the phone while driving. I was behind a woman one day doing 10 miles under and weaving all over the road. I finally went around her, and it looked like she either had TWO cells phones and was trying to conference a call, or she was recording with a hand held recorder. This was on a six lane hwy. and she was trying to steer with her elbows. Inattentive driving is already against the law. You can be ticketed for putting on makeup, eating, or even playing with your car stereo. I don't see why a separate law should be necessary. Just start writing the tickets.

Texting while driving

Please stop the texting! If they don't, then we should be allowed to blow our horns until they stop while we are driving around them as #1 They don't drive the speed limit, #2 They don't go when the stop light or arrow turns green, #3 there is no way they can be driving defencivily. I don't want them driving near our car or near my childrens car. One of them has my grandchild in it. I don't want to be an example of what happens if people don't pay attention while they drive. These people say..."I don't even have to look at the keys while I text". So what...your not paying attention to what your doing..driving.

All I can say is THANK GOD!

All I can say is THANK GOD! I hope this passes. It will give me some peace of mind when I am driving with my kid.

Mearly passing a law is

Mearly passing a law is hopeless, unless it can be inforced. It is the drivers responsibility to pay attention to the road when they are driving a 2 ton piece of equipment.

Do you feel safe with others texting while driving?

It scares me. When I see someone texting while they're supposed to be keeping their eye on the road while they're driving, makes me have to take my eye off the road every other second to watch them, and make sure they don't run in to me. We're talking about other lives you could be ending when you do this. It's awful. It's bad enough because of our radios, us girls putting on our last bit of make-up and lipstick, or looking at some papers we need. Texting is like putting the icing of death on the cake. I have a cell phone, and when it rings, I ignore it and just call them back when I pull over to the side of the road. That's what I do is pull over to the side of the road, when I make a call. I park! I feel like there shoud at least be a $300 fine, then if caught again $200, then if caught the third time $100, and then start at the three hundred dollar fine any time afterwards. Our jails are already full, and they would probably only have to stay overnight. If people want to keep on texting, they'll have to pay a whole lot, and I don't think they'll think it's that necessary........Pull over and Park It

I feel completely safe

I feel completely safe driving around Wilmington while others are texting while they drive. They should pass a law where you have to text while driving, even if you don't want to. Then will be the end to the human race :-)

Texting while driving

I think texting,along with talking on a cell phone while driving should be illegal.The fine for a violation should be $500 for the first and $1000 for the second. I think you need to get people's attention and hit them where it hurts most,IN THEIR WALLETS.