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Doctors waiting for reimbursements from state

READ MORE: Doctors waiting for reimbursements from state
State health care has a cash flow problem. Health care claims for state employees exceeded the money available in the ‘08 fiscal budget causing delays in reimbursements to doctors over the past two weeks. The state legislature is now working to appropriate $250 million to shore up the plan through the end of the fiscal year, June 30th. State health plan administrators say its money necessary to pay the bills. State health care insures more than 660,000 people state-wide and about 33,000 in our area alone. Changes may be voted through the legislature to change the state employee health plan including a ten percent increase to dependent’s premiums. You can visit their web site for more detailed information.

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if this

involved a private insurance provider, as in health insurance company, the Department of Insurance would have investigators and auditors all over that insurance company. Why are the same standards not applied in this instance to ensure the health care providers can have reasonable certainty they will be paid for services provided? Would serve the state right if these service providers stopped accepting state employee patients. In the meantime, when hospitals calculate the cost fo doing business, they have the costs for providing services and the absence of state paid funds for services provided. The bottom line there is they ultimately pass those unreimbursed costs on to the paying consumers. Let's not forget, the doctors, dentists and hospitals all have salaries and other legitimate expenses to pay. Where do the State and Governor think the funds come from to pay the expenses incurred? Is this part of the change which was promised during the campaign?


everyone with a job needs to work harder because their are millions of people on welfare relying on you

Sure...raise their premiums....

....delay payments to doctors....hold back tax refund checks.... Meanwhile, the worthless sponges who are sucking our nation dry continue to receive all the benefits you do....the only difference being that YOU pay for them, too. Wake up people! You cannot sustain a national (or state) tax-base that is funded by only one-half of the population, yet plays Santa Claus to the lazy, incompetent, and inept.

The actions of the state and

The actions of the state and federal governent are going to make it unattractive to be a Physician. Where are we going to be when it is no longer profitable to go in debt to the tune of 200K and pursue 20 years of education to be a MD? What we don't need is fewer doctors.