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Dog court hears case of pit bull

READ MORE: Dog court hears case of pit bull
Four cases were heard at New Hanover County's Animal Control Wednesday including one that involves an aggressive Carolina Beach pit bull. Dog court was packed Wednesday night for a case that pitted a Carolina Beach neighborhood against Carmella Edwards and her attorney Jason Vaughn. Edwards owns Deogie, a 6-year-old male pit bull. Deogie killed a cat two months ago. Ten days later the pit bull destroyed a dog. Last year, the dog bit Jasmine McKee's husband. Jasmine is the plaintiff in the case and her neighborhood says enough is enough. "Our neighborhood is opening ourselves up for a lawsuit and that's been stated and emailed to all of us. We're scared to bring people over to our houses because of this dog." In order to save the dog's life, the defendant offered to give up possession of Deogie. The plan involves cross-country travel. "The dog will never return to Carolina Beach. The dog will be trained in Maryland and upon successful completion be placed in California. You may choose to euthanize the dog. I just ask that you choose not to euthanize the dog,” said attorney Jason Vaughn. The decision now rests with the three dog panelists. "I see a risk of flight if this dog left here. I cannot see with 13 weeks of training with a dog that's a ticking time bomb is going to make that much difference and I’m not going to send a problem dog out to California,” said dog court panelist Joyce Bradley. A lack of responsibility on the owner's behalf apparently led to the final judgment. Deogie will be put down unless Carmella Edwards appeals to Superior Court. Carmella Edwards has ten working days to appeal last night's verdict. The panelists also upheld two euthanasia appeals and two dangerous dog appeals.

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Owner didn't listen the first time

It is true, it's about the owner and how a pit bull is raised. At this point, it's a question of the owner following the rules and restrictions placed upon her the first time. When the dog was originally deemed "potentially dangerous", a letter was delivered to the owner. She was told in person, and in the letter, that she would have to confine the dog to her home, only walk it on a leash with a muzzle, and when left unattended in the back yard, the dog would have to be kept in an enclosure with a pad-lock on the door, a concrete base and a roof. She did none of those things. She did not comply with the conditions mandated by North Carolina Law, not County Animal Control, that would permit her to keep her dog. Therefore, when animal control was notified and given proof of her failure to comply, they took her dog and determined it should be put to sleep. As far as sending the dog to live with someone else across the country, the owner said that was plan the first time around, but it never happened. This is a case of an owner whose dog attacked a person, killed a cat, killed and ate a dog right in front of the neighbors, their frightened children and guests. On the last occasion, she didn't even know where the dog was and had to be called to come get it. That was shortly after it had gotten free and killed a cat. Bottom line, the owner was given a chance several times and failed to exercise caution or follow the restrictions set by North Carolina State Law and administered by County Animal Control. She was given plenty of chances. Even the guy who got bit didn't press any charges and tried to be the good, understanding neighbor. So, preach on about training, the breed, and how bad animal control is, or how uneducated they are, but remember this, the owner has proven she can't even obey simple restrictions that were designed to allow her dog to continue to live in this county in a manner that would prohibit it from destroying other people's pets and injuring someone again.

Pittbulls continue to endanger people and pets in Wilmington, NC

I quite agree with this statement regarding not heeding the first warning. Today, a lady from our neighborhood came to our door handing out fliers which told the story of how her dog was killed by a nearby neighbor's Pittbull. The owner of the Pittbull has three pittbulls and one of the two also killed a neighbor's dog. This Pittbull owner has been to court in New Hanover County previously and was ordered to contain his dogs with the concrete slab with roof, etc. but today one of his dogs got loose and killed a dog. I shutter to think what could happen if a neighor's small child encountered one of these dangerous dogs. The laws regarding this breed should be greatly stiffened, particularly within the city limits. If anyone knows of any other offenses committed by these dogs and their owners, I would really like to know about them and what people can do to protect themselves and their pets.

Thanks ... Michael


PLEASE CONTACT ME. My daughter was attacked by my neighbors pit last week. She is 2. Scarred and traumatized for life.


One of the unfortunate things regarding this situation is the lack of information that the media as well as Animal Control have failed to report to the general public. Remember sensationalism sells papers and evening news spots. If the complete story were revealed I believe people would look at this more objectively and less emotionally. There are circumstances that haven't been made public or have been covered over that would possibly open the eyes of many of NHC citizens on just how this county department really works. I urge any attorneys and animal advocate groups out there to contact this owner and help bring this biased, as well as many other animal issues out in the open. The owner presented to the panel a very viable alternative to this situation, in lieu of having the dog euthanized. As an animal advocate myself, I sat in on this appeal hearing Wednesday night as a silent spectator to better understand the procedures of such hearings. The Animal Control Supervisor, Ms. Evonko, was asked by the hearing panel if in the past 30+ days the dog has been in their care, had he shown any type of aggression towards any of the personnel or animal handlers. She replied, not at all and that in fact he was very friendly to the employees there and really likes people. But the main spokesperson on the panel, Ms. Joyce Bradley, claimed a 13 week training and rehabilitation would not make that much difference to this "ticking time bomb", and upheld the original ruling of having the dog euthanized. Had Ms. Bradley engaged in any interaction with this animal prior to upholding the decision? The owner, along with her attorney presented a plan which included relinguishing the dog to an out of state Animal Rehabilitation Facility willing to accept the dog, put him through an extensive training program and evaluate him upon the completion of training to deem whether or not the animal was truly aggressive, but the panel just glazed over this option. It was also promised by the owner that the dog would be immediately be removed from the state upon his release, and not to return, which was beyond the request of her neighbors who just wanted the dog removed from their neighborhood. If the owner was willing to go to such lenghts as to have this determined by a professional Animal Behavioralist, at her expense, why wasn't Animal Control willing or held to this standard instead of making a knee jerk reaction to euthanize this animal. This whole procedure seems flawed and seems to have a lot of political over tones. Like Guest 1111 commented on this site, "What I am concerned about as well is the qualifications of these judges on this dog court. How many of them have degrees in animal psychology?" So again I urge any attorneys,legal organizations, animal advocacy groups as well as prior victims of this court that are true animal lovers to contact the owner, Ms Edwards. This needs to be brought out into the open and hopefully better regulation of this county department will be mandated for this case and all cases in the future. We have to be the voice for all of these animals wrongly put to death without prior evaluation by a licensed Animal Behavioralist. Please get involved. Make a difference. There is only a 10 day appeal window which will expire September 9th.

Pit Bull

Sure, yeah, ship the dog to another state, give it a new name and let the mauling begin all over again with unsuspecting people of the dog's background. Just like those of us who don't want sex offenders living next door in a halfway house, we don't want convicted aggressive dogs doing that either. What are these people thinking? Put that dog down before it goes off on another person. Two pits, that we know of, were "rehabbed" by so called rescue groups that went on to kill people. Even with all that temperament testing because TT doesn't work with pits, they are not normal dogs. Don't ship the problem off to others. Disgusting that people don't accept that pits are beasts, not dogs.

It is not pitbulls' faults

It is not pitbulls' faults for the way they are bred. They are bred to be intense and focused hunters, not mauling killers like the media and ignorant people like to believe. Because they are such a powerful breed, they have to be owned my a responsible person. Just like children, if you dont have guidance and boundaries you are bound to have problems. If you look up the dog with the most dog bites, I bet you will be surprised that it is retrievers/labs. That doesnt mean they are all bad dogs, it just means people are irresponsible. And we trust criminals to be "rehabilitated", why not dogs?


The Pit Bill was originally bred for Bull-Baiting... A sport in England during the 1600's/1700's. A bull was placed in a 30' ring with pepper blown into its nose to enrage the Bull. The object of the sport was for the dogs to immobilise (kill) the bull. Later on, farmers used Pits to bring down unruly bulls. A bull weight 1/2 a ton to a full ton. It is not the breeds fault that they were bred for these purposes, but it does make their bloodline dangerous... (yet still trainable) What is MOR dangerous is how badly the breeds have been inbred.. Now you don't know what to expect from one minute to the next.. And that is dangerous... Although the AKC does register the American Pit Bull, most individuals buying Pits are buying inbred and misbred Pits which equals a very bad situation... Is the breed dangerous? Sure... We as people must feel to the dog senses as small as tennis balls.. I don't weigh a ton.... But is the breed trainable with a resoonsible owner? Yes..... Are most owners with a pit responsible? No.... The breed should not be banned but it SHOULD be controlled..... So what about this dog? There is an old kennel saying... "Once they taste blood in their mouth, they will forever crave it..." After all. It is a dog (pack animal's) natural born instinct.... The saying is true... This dog can be trained to an extent, and if kenneled (unfair to the dog) or housed (also unfair) it would be ok IF it were the only animal and IF there were no small children...... But this dog given it's history and looking at it can never be trusted without barriers of defense in place.... Sad story but the dog needs to be put down.....

I have paid close attention

I have paid close attention to dog court over the past year and it seems like anyone who enters is subject to the whims and personal opinions of the dog court judges, not actual facts. If this lady is prepared to go to such lengths to save this dog, and he will no longer be under the jurisdiction of their court, there is no logical reason to kill this dog. The owner is taking on this responsibility for an animal she will no longer even have the company of. Animals fight, and dogs chase and sometime catch cats, to the cat's unfortunate end. It is nature. As far as the person getting bit, how seriously injured was he? Snapped or viciously mauled? There is a big difference. What I am concerned about as well is the qualifications of these judges on this dog court. How many of them have degrees in animal psychology? It is a joke. I believe it is just a stop gap measure to make it seem like the county is giving the dog owner a fair shake to avoid possible lawsuits. It is really just a kangaroo court. Since Ms. Edwards already has an attorney, maybe that should be her next step and to file a lawsuit against the county, and request permission from a civil court to relocate the animal. I would also seek to get an injunction to stop this farce of dog court until some properly trained and documented judges were found to administrate it. I'm sure if Ms. Edwards simply contacted prior victims of this court, she may be able to obtain a substantial number of backers.

turning into a control issue

The owner is willing to relocate the dog, problem solved and everyone wins-including the dog. What is the problem with that? Seems "dog court" has a control problem that needs to be addressed.

This is what the problem is......'s a dog with aggression problems or it wouldn't be where it is now, under fire in dog court. Relocating the dog will not solve the problem. Would you think it to be okay if it maims or kills a California child? The "dog court" has control! Somebody has to have control because many times the dog owners do not and allow their "pets" to cross the line. This is all cut and dried, not rocket science. Dog dies...simple.

Oh, please. They are

Oh, please. They are animals. And guess what? That's what animals do. It is no different than the way humans act, your comment is a case in point. So, if a criminal is attacking your spouse or child and the dog intervenes, it should die, correct? One reason dogs bite is because they feel threatened. They don't have the common sense and self control of humans (or what humans are supposed to have). It doesn't mean they should be killed. Maybe one day we will all just have Stepford dogs instead of the real thing. Don't have to feed them, walk them, bathe them, etc. No pooper scooping. They will bark in a musical tone of your choosing. And as you look into those dead eyes, maybe then you (and dog court) will finally be satisfied.

Pit Bull

Well, if you're going to punish the dog by putting him down for his behavior, which by the way is learned behavior, from guess who? Go ahead and put down the owner. Makes about as much sense as killing the dog. The dog can be rehabilitated, it's just that society finds it easier to just kill him. Maybe, just a thought, send the dog to live with R.C. Soles, he wouldnt have to shoot anyone then. Watch the Discovery Channel and Cesar Millan and just maybe you will see that not all hope for dogs like this are lost.....I even contacted him myself, hopefully, he will feel as concerned with this as I am....

Labrador retrievers

Hi Mary. I'm not sure if you are even the Mary waldrop I'm looking for but I bought two labs from you 11 years ago. One just died, and I have to know if you still breed labs. My heart is broke . Please call me 706-405-9642

Thank you

It is not learned behavior....

Sorry, but the demeanor of the pitbull is strongly influenced by the past breeding and training habits. The dog was bred to maim and kill hundreds of years ago. It is the dogs nature and no matter how "sweet" or "calm" the pitbull may appear, it is that one circumstance, that one flash or wrong move that will incite the dog to snap. Be it a child or an adult, when the pitbull turns on you, that's it. There have been thousands of children that had their little faces ripped off and hundreds of adults have been mauled and killed by these dogs. Similarly by rottweilers as well which were bred and developed for the same purpose. Their sheer size and power equate to severe injury and or death when they snap. I am an avid animal lover, but believe that these breeds should be confined to prison camps and junkyards. I wouldn't even mind seeing them eradicated. If the animal has the propensity to bite someone, it needs to be taken out!

Sorry, but there are several

Sorry, but there are several incorrect statements in your post. First Bulldogs were bred hundreds of years ago to participate in the sport "bull baiting" where they were trained to fight bulls, not other dogs. It was not until bull baiting had begun to be outlawed (late 1800s) that the terrier started being bred with the bulldogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier were the result. These three breeds are the only true "Pit Bulls". The chance that the dog in question, or any other "pit bull" portrayed in the media or in people's memories of bad experiences with Pit Bulls, is a pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier is slim to none. These days the term Pit Bull is used to define any type of broad headed dog that has attacked someone or something by the media. Second, a large percentage of animal behavior is learned behavior. Animal behaviorist, animal physiologists, and people like Cesar Milan would not exist if this were not the case. Case in point I have an American Bulldog. This is the closest living relative to the original Bulldogs in England that participated in bull baiting. He is about 4 years old and this past week got in first altercation with another dog. The altercation consisted of a Bassett Hound repeatedly biting him on the face clamping onto his neck. The whole time this was happening he just stood idle with barely a peep out of him until the owner of the other dog was able to take control of his dog and remove him from the situation.

As the owner of two pit

As the owner of two pit bulls and a former owner of Dobermans, I will advise you that frankly, you do not know what you are talking about. It is in how they are raised. Simply because these dogs are often mistrained and become vicious does not mean that it is a genetic trait. Since these dogs you speak of are often large in size, they are a natural pick for this type of activity. There was a time when German Shepards and Dobermans had the same reputation now applied to pitts and rotts. Over the years as the preference in breed changed, so did the reports of incidents and fear of these two breeds. Eventually, someone will cross breed a dog that will be bigger and stronger and when that segment of society that finds it necessary to obtain dogs of this type gravitate to the new breed, pitts and rotts will no longer have the reputation they have now. Want to talk bred to be viscious? What about rat terriers? They were bred to hunt and kill. What about Daschunds? They were bred to go down badger holes and bring them out and kill them. My mother has a Chihuahua that I wouldn't turn my back on if you paid me. How about Dalmations and Labradors? They can be vicious as well. And the Chow Chow? Murderous. Jaws of steel. Pitts and rotts have been obtained and trained to fight in dog fights and used as protection for drug dealers until they have the reputation that they are all killers. Not so. And animals will defend themselves when they feel threatened, just like people will. More importantly, misinformation is often why attitudes are skewed. You speak of thousands of children with their faces ripped off and hundreds of adults being killed by pit bulls. Where do you get your information? Over the last 24 years, there have been 264 dog related fatalities. That averages out to 11 deaths per year. And that is out of all dog breeds, not just pit bulls. And no where can I find statistics that establish thousands of childrens' faces being ripped off so will you please respond with your sources? I would like to read this information for myself.

You convinced me.

Okay, all dogs are dangerous. I've been searching for YOUR statistics/information re: 264 dog related fatalities in the past 24 years and cannot find those exact figures. It seems a little higher. As to the faces of children: just call a few emergency room doctors/nurses for your statistics. Or better yet, volunteer at the ER. You may learn what all the fuss is about. BTW, that bit about your mom's Chihuahua was so funny! They are high-strung, crabby little beasties, aren't they?

So are you a Pit

So are you a Pit expert????or just an owner????? please respond with your sources.

What is wrong with this picture????

Why are people so uptight about a dog being put to sleep? Some people think that a dog life is more improtant then a human life.If this dog kills one of there kids how would they like that. I know people that let them dogs go and put everyone in danger. If they want to keep them then buy a farm. So that the dog can hunt out there. People do not want to take chances on a dog that have killed before. If a person had did what this dog did they would want to hang them.


Frankly I have seen far more aggressive children and ones that annoy me more than dogs. Frankly I don't think anyone can say that a person's like if more valuable or important than a Human's though...not up to us. As to Pitt Bull's, I think killing them isn't the answer. Just outlaw the breeding and let the breed die out. Not that it would make much difference, people would just train another breed to be aggressive then...



killing a dog

maybe my input will not matter,i installed cable at this address about 6 months ago-reason i remember this dog is i'm always confronted with numerous encounters with dogs and sometimes cats.i do recall this dog,which i was very concerned about.the dog look very menacing,but upon meeting the dog and letting the dog meet me.this dog was the nicest and very loving dog i've seen.i've installed cable on carolina beach for 21 years-i've been bitten many times by both dogs and cats.the problem i have is you're letting someone who has no previous contact with this animal but yet they can decide who lives or dies based upon their own do my job for 6 months and you'll know what pets need to be killed....whatever the aminal court says....

Just looking at this dog on

Just looking at this dog on video I am inclined to agree with Mr.Richardson's statements. I feel this is why the owner is fighting to keep this dog alive because she knows it is not truly agressive. Animals kill animals, its nature. Anything with teeth can bite, biting doesn't make an animal a danger. If so then we need to also kill a lot of horses. I've been agressed by dogs at least 25 times in my life but have never been biten. I have been biten by a horse though.

Let's not forget. A dog is

Let's not forget. A dog is an animial, we can't begin to understand them or what they may be thinking. I love my lab and I love dogs but I'm not for one second going to pretend that she won't turn on me or another person. And this is a pit bull who by nature is an agressive animal that has attacked before and even trained will still have that desire. As a mother of a small child I would fear his safety around such an animal. Unfortuanely, euthanizing the animal may save a human life. Would you risk your safety or that of your child.


Interesting, you say your lab is an animal..yet you don't fear for a small childs safety around it? Unfortunately, this breed of dog gets a bad wrap because of what they CAN be used for...ALL dogs have this type of behavior depending on where they are in the "pack"...if you don't know don't know dogs

Reply Guest7969

She said she IS concerned for a "small childs safety around it", meaning her Lab. I wish people would take the time to really read a post before they respond to it. Several small dog breeds are seemingly more aggressive than larger breeds. But which would you rather be attacked by, a cocker spaniel or a chow, for instance? Dog owners must be responsible for their beloved pets who have sharp teeth.