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Dog Court: Trying to reverse the label of dangerous dogs

READ MORE: Dog Court: Trying to reverse the label of dangerous dogs
Wednesday night, WWAY's John Rendleman was in Brunswick County Dog Court for a follow-up on a case we first profiled earlier this month involving three American Eskimo dogs. They are accused of biting a neighbor on two different occasions. The dogs belong to Linda Janus and they have been labeled dangerous. Linda does not believe her dogs are dangerous, while Brunswick County Health Director Don Yousey disagrees. Yousey upheld Animal Control's dangerous dog decision three weeks ago. Linda appealed the health director's ruling - that is how she ended up in Dangerous Dog Appeals Court Wednesday night before the Brunswick County Environmental Health Committee. Keith Cannon said he was bitten on the calf last year by one of Linda's dogs; he is not alone. Harmon Kivett claims he was a bite victim as well. "One had me on top of the head…and he got my arm. There were 3 of them,'' he said. Linda Janus hired a Wilmington attorney to help her with Dog Court. When it was over the panel upheld the previous dangerous dog verdict. For Linda and her son, it was not a surprise. "They want to hear the bad stuff and that's it. Their mind is made up, it's a circus," said Matt Janus. Linda plans to appeal to superior court; they have the final say. After that, she runs out of appeals and her dogs will have to live with the dangerous dog label permanently.

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This dog owner and her

This dog owner and her family should consider themselves and their dogs lucky, but her neighbors should be livid that they live in such a tolerant state. In Texas, after one bite to a human or even a severe bite to another dog then your dog is labeled dangerous. The circumstances surrounding the bite do not matter unless it was an illegal intrusion into your house but not other property like your yard. I learned this when my three dogs were all labeled dangerous after I got bit while breaking up a dog fight between two of the dogs just weeks after bringing the third dog into the home. My dogs are all mixed breed rescues but none are breeds generally reported as dangerous. Also in Texas when there are multiple dogs in the household, if any of the dogs so much as growl, look intimidating, or even seem "too shy" to the animal control who comes out to evaluate the biting dog, then the animal control officer can label all of the dogs dangerous since they live in a "dangerous” pack. A dog can also be labeled dangerous even if the dog has not bitten anyone if the dog repeatedly displays aggressive behavior, such as lunging at the fence when people pass by. One can appeal the dangerous dog label, but the attorneys we contacted about our dogs said that Animal Control almost never reverses their decisions and that the courts always uphold Animal Control's decisions due to the media attention after several fatal dog bites here. In addition when you dog(s) are labeled dangerous your home owner's or renter's insurance premiums go up since the insurance companies consider it likely they may have to pay future claims. After being labeled dangerous if a dog bites a human or severely injures another dog, then dog is killed. In case my explanation was too long the summary is: In Texas two bites and the dog is dead. My personal opinion is that the Texas laws are too harsh since there is no consideration given for the circumstances surrounding the bite incidents, but the North Carolina laws may be too lenient since it seems from the story that these dogs were involved in at least 3 bite incidents and are just now being labeled as dangerous.

What a stupid thing to take a person to court for!!!!

This man sounds crazy!!! How can 3 pint sized dogs bite and average height man on the head unless he was on the groud!!!! I mean dang are they magical jumping dogs...... this man sounds like a true trouble maker!!!!! I hope you win in this case or already have Linda because this story just does not add up and create a perfect puzzle!!! ~DONT GIVE UP LINDA KEEP PRAYING~

"Miss Country Gurl"

Kids under a certain age should not be on here if their parents, aunts,UNCLES want to make a statement let them do it, especially when you profess to be Christians. I guess the deceased, female victim was a trouble maker too and crazy as you say. She saw it all happen and testified to it. You should be ashamed to write vicious statements about people who worked hard , shared what they had with those in need, and were Christians.
As for prayer, pray for your own family and judgement upon them.

There are no bad dogs just

There are no bad dogs just bad owners!!!!!!!!! We have 6 we spend all our time with them and they know how to behave. Don't set your dog up for failure,take the time to teach them.

Dangerous dogs?

I've seen these dogs, and can't help myself to ask, how can 3 pint size dogs bite and old man on the head. What were you doing, playing in the dirt? Good luck Linda on your pursuit of clearing the dangerous dog tag for these dogs. I'm amazed that any logical mind would allow these claims to go forward in court. I hope justice is served at the next level. Sounds like the dogs are not the real issue here. Don't give up.


I can tell you 1st hand , minds are made up before any kind of hearing , Mr Yousey will tell you him self , none of his ruling have ever been over turned!! 1ST THING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IS TAKE AWAY FROM HIM ANY SAY SO IN ANY DANGEROUS DOG RULING AND GIVE IT TO A JURY OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD REALLY LISTEN,

Barking dogs

The dog barking constantly can easily be solved by going to PetSmart etc and buying an anti bark shock collar! NO, they are NOT cruel for the dog. I used one to stop my dog from barking at night and know several other people who have used them. The dog will not bark and get the mild shock more then three times before it figures out its barking is causing the uncomfortable feeling. You don't leave the collar on the dog all the time. It works to train a dog not to bark at the air or every little thing walking by.

Everyone is forgetting!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I sit hear and read these replys one thing is forgotten-these dogs attacked people. It was not barking that got them to be declared dangerous. Not just once but what I have read from all the new media from the Wilmington area that it has been more then once-a little girl(her family didn't call animal control),a man walking down the street and then the older couple on their property. I do still walk around the harbor but again not in that area. Too spooky for me!!!

If they bite

They should be considered dangerous. I feel bad for the Janus's and their dogs but, they have to understand that a well trained dog does not aggressively go after people walking down the street.


sir are WRONG. Just because a dog is socialized and not aggressive, doesn't mean that they cannot or will not bite, growl or chase. DOGS ARE ANIMALS and while they are domestic animals...they are still ANIMALS!

You are right RSmith

Wow you are right RSmith.She needs to keep those dogs under lock and key. I am glad I dont live on that street.When I walk my leashed dog ,I avoid that area and my husband walks with a big stick.. Use to be pretty nice around the harbor......

Your are right SHbeachldy

Ms.Shbeachldy you are right. I onced walked around that part of Sunset Harbour but no more. Who would want to walk by three barking dogs out of control? Don't blame the neigbors on both sides for their fences-wouldn't want to hear or see that each morning.

Thanks Visiting Neighbor

When is the last time you walked by? There are plenty of dogs barking all over the neighborhood. The complaining neighbor doesn't even live in the neighborhood, but has sentenced the rest of the neighbors with these dogs who are condemned to living outside, in a cage in their 6 Ft. fenced in back yard, for the rest of their lives. The complaining neighbor only comes occasionally for holidays and then stay at their house on the water 2 blocks away. If these dogs do bark so much the complaining neighbor certainly hasn't done a favor for anyone else. The neighbors would be better off if the dogs were allowed in the house and a fence was put up in the front yard for security. That way there is no way the dogs could get past the fence in back yard and if the dogs bark so much, the neighbors that live there full time, don't have to hear it.

FRIST BITING, NOW BARKING "move to country"

A good socialized dog does not bark all the time.He does not bite children, old people or attack other dogs.His owner controls him. THAT IS RIGHT BLAME THE you said they don't ever come anymore. Wonder why? These dogs are supposed to be old according to the news and owner.Then why are they always barking? Are they properly fed and watered? Have they always barked constantly? Did they live in the country before? or Maybe to upset everyone around, to keep and issue going. By what I read these dogs are allowed inside on a leash. Some people always complain if they do not get their way. I have seen that yard, where would you put this double fence. Maybe that is a great idea...clean up the yard for the dogs and help the property values that have gone down in that area .....Like I said it used to nice around the Harbor

Is there medical

Is there medical documentation to prove these dog bites? How does a grown man get bitten on the head by a dog that looks to be about 18" in height? Where were the dogs when they supposedly bit these people? And where were the people when they got bitten? And the answer to the question I REALLY want to hear, is what other issues are there between the owner of the dogs and these people? That is the oldest trick in the book, get mad at your neighbor and call the authorites on them for either their pets or their kids. It's the reason DSS quit taking anonymous phone calls about child neglect. I hope that when it goes to court, that this lady is actually allowed her day in court and gets to give her full side of the story. I think there is a lot more going on here than we have heard so far.

I agreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree. Sounds like a

I agree. Sounds like a story has been embellished to me.