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Dog Court: Woman wants dog court for Brunswick County

READ MORE: Dog Court: Woman wants dog court for Brunswick County
Each month on WWAY, we bring you the latest from the New Hanover County Dangerous Dog Appeals Court. Now, a Brunswick County woman wants the same appeals process where she lives. "I saw that Wilmington has animal court and you are a part of it and it seems to be more fair than what we have here in Brunswick County," said Linda Janus. We asked the Health Department in Brunswick County for a rundown on the procedure for a dog complaint in the county. "When we receive a complaint of a dangerous dog we go out to investigate the complaint, collect the evidence and we provide that to the health director,” said Brunswick County Environmental Health Director David Stanley. He (the health director) is the person who designates dogs dangerous in Brunswick County." If there is enough evidence, the dog is declared potentially dangerous, which happened to all three of Linda Janus' American Eskimos last month. "I'm not saying my dogs didn't get out of the yard because they did, but being declared potentially dangerous is something I don't agree with. The whole process is also quite stressful for me and my dogs. They had to be taken away from me for 11 days." Linda does not like the dangerous dog label for her dogs. As a result there will be an appeals hearing on Thursday with her, the accuser, witnesses and the health director. "My neighbor says the dog bit him. When he showed me the wound there was one. By the time animal control got here there was two and the police (Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept.) had to come. They wanted us to settle it as neighbors," said Linda. If Linda's dogs are again deemed dangerous by the Brunswick County health director, she still has more recourse. If she chooses to pursue it, she can go before an appeals committee. There is even one more appeals step after that; an appeal to Superior Court. Linda hopes it never gets that far. "I've posted No Trespassing signs, Beware of Dogs signs - everything humanly possible to try to prevent them from getting out. I just want them to be able to live their last few years the way they've always lived it. My dogs are 14 and 15 years old. They're part of my family," Linda said. Stanley said he will consider looking into New Hanover County's Dangerous Dog Appeals Court procedure.

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David Stanley

I'll tell you from personal experience that Mr. David Stanley doesnt look into things as closely as he should, he thinks hes better than most people and would not continue a debate I was having with him about a health concern with public water fluoridation...

Corny story

Now are you sure it wasn't a Giraffe?????How could such a small dog bite a person on the head.Well did he have to get a CT scan???Well to be honest with you I've never heard of a flying dod before.Have you??It soulds mighty corny.I don't think they have the full truthful story.Well good luck to Ms.Janus and her beutiful dogs.

Her dogs are beautiful and

Her dogs are beautiful and they appear to be taken care of. Any dog can get out of its pen, no matter how secure you make it. I used to own some American Eskimos who lived to be around fifteen years old. They are loud little dogs and some people are afraid of them because they bark a lot but we belonged to an Eskimo Club and I never met a vicious one. There should be some leeway here. Knowing the temperament of this type of dog, I don't see tham out and out attacking someone. Sounds like we don't have the whole story. Good luck to Ms. Janus and her dogs.

Anything but

Thank you for your kind words. You obviously are familiar with the breed. Animal Control described them as 1 medium (17 lb.) and 2 large (23 & 34 lb.) white dogs, with short hair, straight tail, erect ears. At least they got the white and erect ears correct. And this is while they were in their care. My dogs are 14, 14 and 15 years old. The appeal process is the most ridiculous, process I ever experienced. Not only did Director Youncy not allow into evidence complains and reports, taken by their dept. but didn't even follow their own procedures for the appeal process. Then boosted that he never had one of his appeals overturned and if I wanted to waste my money, I could hire an attorney and take it to Superior Court. This is hardly professional behavior for a county official. In Nov. 2008 Mr. Youncy said in the Star News, that they were looking into revising the way they currently do things. I guess 5 months isn't enough time.

Dog Appeal

Yes, they certainly don't have the full story These dangerous and vicious dogs bit a 78 year old man and then turned aggresively after his senior wife with major medical conditions. What is more imprtoant the life of these dogs or the life of my parents?????????? They also have a history. People should consider all the facts before making a conclusion.

Another poster makes a good

Another poster makes a good point. Just how did these little dogs bite a man on the head?