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Dog Owner Hires Lawyer For Dangerous Dog Appeals Court

READ MORE: Dog Owner Hires Lawyer For Dangerous Dog Appeals Court
Mittsy is a 13 year old lab collie mix. She belongs to Valerie Desanti who lives in the Porters Neck community of New Hanover County. Charles Reis is Valerie's neighbor. His main complaint about Mittsy is the dog is not consistently leashed even though she was found to be dangerous six months ago due to an apparent threatening attack. Valerie Desanti calls Charles Reis a neighborhood bully. She said his stories are fabricated. In fact she's embarrassed by having to deal with it, but not too embarrassed to hire an attorney for Dangerous Dog Appeals Court. Wilmington attorney Kristine Ferrell said, "Mittsy is a well-behaved dog. There may be tension between two neighbors, the rest of the neighborhood seems to understand what a well behaved dog Mittsy is." After hearing both sides of the case, appeals court member John Boozer voted to rule in the owner's favor. "I just don't feel like a 12-year-old plus dog is that much of a threat if she's had cataract surgery and she's had knees replaced, I don't imagine she feels like charging somebody." Joyce Bradley and Whitney Doremus agree Mittsy should not be carrying the dangerous dog label. For Valerie Desanti it is a welcome relief. It was not the news Charles Reis had in mind. "All I can say is they didn't have enough time to read the material thoroughly, because there was more information in there that would have smacked with the truth. We didn't get the right answer here."

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This guy sounds like a real jerk! It sounds like he has nothing better to do. I had a neighbor just like him, we moved due to we were just sick and tired of dealing with her. She was a little nuts!!

If the judge ruled in her

If the judge ruled in her favor, why hire an attorney? I am a little confused. Not saying she is wrong for doing so, just saying I don't understand why she needs one.


i am very surprised by the coverage of my little problem, but i just want everyone to know that the reason i had an attorney with me was that i missed the original hearing date by mistake, and had to go to appellate court to be allowed another chance to defend my dog against the neighborhood bully. ACS rules say if you don't show up the first time, you don't get a second chance. i was fortunate enough to get a second chance to clear my dog's name and let the bully know that we won't be pushed around. thanx for your comments.


I'm glad you won. I had the same issue with neighbors. I was asked to reschedule my hearing by Animal Control on behalf of the complainers. I agreed trying to ease the tension. I later tried to reschedule because I had to work and that is when I was told that it could only be rescheduled once. Very seldom do the animals and their owners win.

WOW! I too have a neighbor

WOW! I too have a neighbor like this. He wants to rid the world of dogs and cats. No good will come to those like him.