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Dogs test positive for distemper at local animal shelter

The Brunswick County Animal Shelter is on lock down after two dogs tested positive for a virus. Two dogs adopted last week tested positive for distemper, a highly contagious respiratory disease. No dogs will be adopted from the Brunswick County Animal Shelter. The shelter will decide in two weeks when all dogs in the shelter have been tested whether to start allowing dog adoptions again. This is the second time this year the shelter has had cases of distemper, which comes in from the outside. "The dogs that we pick up in the wild are exposed to the distemper and since we are a public shelter, that's why we have the dogs that are more at risk," explained Fred Michael of the Brunswick County Health Department. All services for cats, including adoption, will still be available. If you have questions about distemper, call Brunswick County Animal Services at 910-755-6434.

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I adopted a dog from this

I adopted a dog from this shelter on June 26,2009.That same day I went ahead And took him for all his shots & a check-up.He seemed to be okay,other than having worms.But on July 1st,he started having green discharge from his nose & the first thing I thought of was distemper.I immediately called the shelter because I knew earlier this year they had distemper in that shelter.They told me he never had any symptoms while he was there.I took him to the vet. & they said it was probably an respiratory infection but wasn't sure if it was distemper without sending off a swab test that took a while to come back with results & test was really expensive.The med. they gave me for his infection seemed to work but the whole time he kept a cough that wouln't go away.The day after he came off his med. the discharge came back,so back to the vet. we went.they put him back on med. for twice as long to try to clear this up.He seemed to be doing better again except for the cough that still woudn.t clear up.On july 14th that afternoon he started have neurological problems,like staggering,running into things & not standing well.So we rushed him to a local different vet that I could get to quick.They ran a cbc test & found that his blood cells were very low & they thought was very likely that he had distemper.We toke him back home with fluids to give him daily to see how he would do for a few days.That afternoon he had a seizure,that was one of the worse I have seen.Then later that night he had 2 back 2 back.So we rushed him to the animal emergency hospital,he had a seizure on the way ther & as soon as we got ther he had another one there.They said it sounded like distemper from all the symptoms he had since he got sick the first time.We decided to euthanis him because he would probably die & suffer in the mean time.It was hard to do,but we didn't want him to suffer.This is the 2nd dog I adopted from them in a year that I had to put to sleep.The other was a small puppy & he had parvo.Sorry this is so long,but I wanted to tell my story.

So sad for you but as least

So sad for you but as least those 2 doggies died peacefully and their last days were with a loving family not in a shelter.

Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your comment it means alot when someone understands.I had renamed the dog that just died Chance because I was trying to give him a second chance by getting him out of that shelter.Plus like you said their last days were with a loving family!