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Don't forget furry friends in frigid temps

Most of us are taking steps to stay warm as extremely cold temperatures take hold this week. But don't forget about your pet as the mercury dips. New Hanover County Animal Control says it's imperative you keep them warm during these frigid days and nights and to bring your pets inside if possible. "If they do keep their animals outside that they have a doghouse that's facing away from the north wind," said Animal Control's Stephen Watson. "You can hang a burlap sack or curtain over the opening. They'll learn how to go in and out. Bedding should be five inches thick, and it can be rugs, blankets, pine shavings." It's also important to make sure if your pets are outside that they have clean, unfrozen water.

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Several points to make here.

First, I find it amazing that a person owns a pet but doesn't seem to care about it. Why own a dog or a cat if all you are going to do is leave it outside? If you can't care about an animal, don't have one!

Second, most domesticated animals can not survive in the wild. Their survival instincts have been dulled due to thousands of years of breeding and human contact in the species. This is not to say that they can't adapt. Some can become feral, but these animals still rely on humans (not-direct contact) to survive (ie. abandoned houses, trash, attics, etc).

Third, even animals born in the wild have difficulties being reintroduced in the wild once they have been exposed to human contact. Why do you think it is so important to release them in the wild as soon as possible?

Finally, I LOVE THE COMMENT ABOUT THE FOXES AND ABC STORES! I needed a good chuckle.

Oh... and I have done my research on this. It's kinda what I do for a living!


how do those foxes, deer and bear survive in NC....

Puppies just died

As a citizen volunteer delivering cedar chips (for warmth) and dog food to dogs in need in Brunswick County I saw first hand this afternoon the effects of the extreme cold on domestic pets. This family had kept their pregnant dog chained outside to a plastic dog house. In the middle of the night she gave birth to a litter of puppies. By morning they had all died from the extreme temperature. The plastic dog house did not provide adequate shelter. At the very least, folks should bring outdoor animals in the garage where they are not exposed to the below freezing temperatures. Just using common sense makes a world of difference.


I think the dogs or cats can figure out how to say warm just like any other animal. They have fur and were creature to be outside. Granted they will need to have their water unfrozen daily since they cannot walk distances to find fresh water. The things regarding animals are taken way to far at times. We seem to care more about animals than people.

You are correct sir

I do in fact care about animals more than people in a majority of situations. Animals don't kill each other for sport, don't lie, backstab, etc... I find it amusing that people seem to take the view that people are more important....why is this?


"Animals don't kill each other for sport, don't lie, backstab, etc" Chimps do it all the time...maybe not the lie part...

Their mothers teach them

When it comes to the ability to survive natural obstacles such as frigid weather, the difference between a wild and domesticated animal is like night and day. In the case of fox, their mothers teach them how to hole up and even how to use leaves and other vegetable matter to make a shelter warmer or drier. The kits watch mom and learn. Ever notice that mammals are larger in Northern latitudes? That's because larger bodies retain heat longer than smaller bodies, so your including bear and deer is ludicrous. No domestic cats and few dogs approach the size of a deer or bear....and yes, frigid weather will usually kill a Chihuahua or Pomeranian long before it kills a Chow or Rottweiller. So engage your brain and do a mental comparison of that fox that has lived in the woods for its entire life, and the cat sleeping in your bed that you adopted as a tiny kitten from PetSmart.


Your wrong on this one...your not USUALLY wrong...but on this one you are...animals have a natural instinct and ability to I'm not saying throw a furless cat out in the cold...but dogs and cats that have BEEN outside and ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR NATURAL COAT CHANGE for the season...most CERTAINLY will be just fine..its when HUMANS interfere in the process you have a problem. Turn your dog out today into the woods...he wont have one single problem with adapting to the situation....

If they're PETS.... you think that their development has been influenced by humans?

This is...


Stupid Comment

They are talking about domestic Animals. Wild animals know how to find shelter, but they do sometimes still freeze to death. If you have an outside dog or cat they are saying to make sure that they have unfrozen water and a house or some kind of shelter. We have outside dogs at the local vet and we make sure they have extra straw in the house to stay warm. I hope your not one of the people who leave the dog tied to a tree in a Hurricane.


your funny...just because you throw a label on a dog and call him DOMESTIC...doesn't mean he doesn't have his natural instincts....contrary...dogs can MOST CERTAINLY take care of themselves. Domestic is just a term thrown in there to make a pet seem all fluffy...

the foxes, oh the foxes

I'm not sure about the deer and the bear but I believe the foxes survive becuase they manage the ABC stores...

good question

I say YOU sleep outside tonight with no blankets or shelter and find out. It is cruel to let a domestic animal suffer freezing temperatures.


lets go over it CRUEL to keep an OUTSIDE animal..aka a NATURE allows it to get a nice fur coat for the know...NATURALLY OR is it CRUEL to have an inside dog and not allow nature and the animals natural ability to adapt take care of them...I say sir...YOU are the cruel one...My dog stays doesn't mean that I don't go out and break the ice in the water bowl and make sure she has plenty of TIMOTHY HAY to sleep in... Only in YOUR world is an animal life equal to that of a human...but I think I'll stay inside just as well...nuzzled all snug in my bed...because unfortunately..nature hasn't given me the ability to adapt to the outside temperatures like fur bearing animals...aka...DOGS and CATS...

That's right

I couldn't agree with you more. Animals can take better care of themselves, naturally, better than we can as humans. My dogs are out back as well, ....haven't had ant Ice yet though, but I have a patio they have access too.


Unfortunately sometimes nature allows IDIOTS to survive. YOU are proof.


Is that all you got? PROVE me wrong then...and please post up your fact finding on fur bearing animals both "domestic" and wild.

I think you will find it is YOU that is an IDIOT...because...let me guess..your left leaning..which means you react with your knee jerk...NOT YOUR BRAIN!


Das is not a Sir. An old bat but not a man.

round 3?

Lisa, will you ever get over your pettiness? You have to throw in your 2 cents when anyone disagrees with me or even replies to a comment I made. You must be on here everyday just waiting to make another junior high school comment towards me. You apparently are a very lonely individual. Quite amusing.