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DOT projects dropped or delayed

WILMINGTON -- Thanks to new cost estimates from the Department of Transportation drivers waiting for improved road conditions in southeastern North Carolina will have to wait longer. $100 million worth of DOT projects must be dropped or delayed. DOT officials say increased cost of construction materials like asphalt, concrete, and steel is the main reason projects are costing more. They haven't yet decided which projects will be dropped or delayed in the six local counties this affects. The estimated costs of several projects have significantly increased since last estimates were calculated, including widening Kerr Avenue, improving the Oleander and College intersection, and fixing the surf city bridge. The intersection of South College Road and Oleander Drive is one of many headaches for local drivers. Leland resident Terry Paterson said, "That has to be about the worst intersection I've ever gone through." And DOT officials know it. Improving the intersection is among the projects the DOT hopes to accomplish. The problem is, the department has to cut out $100 million worth of projects in six local counties. Division construction engineer Joe Blair said, "It is very disappointing that we've got this problem, and it's a tough problem to deal with. The folks that have to make those tough decisions did not have an easy job." The DOT sites several reasons for increased project costs: a growing demand on the system, declining funding, aging infrastructure, and most importantly, increasing cost of supplies. "With a global demand for materials, for construction materials, asphalt, concrete and steel, the prices are just increasing significantly," Blair said. The DOT hasn't decided which projects will be dropped or delayed, but that's just a matter of time. "It's really shame in an area that's growing so quickly, in the Wilmington and southeast North Carolina where the infrastructure is not keeping up to the developments," Blair said. Wilmington resident Ricky King said, "All of Market Street and College, it's just terrible. I mean, traffic is always backed up on there, especially during lunchtime."

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It's a good thing the road

It's a good thing the road in front of Mayfair got completed in time :-)

More taxes will fix it.....

The news reported that raising the gas tax or sales tax woud fix this issue. Seems like we may have heard this one before, ya thank???? Better off pushing a rope! I heard the DOT layed off 125 workers last week, yeah, they finally found a shovel that could stand up by itself!!!! What's yellow, has 4 doors and sleeps six? A DOT truck. All jokes aside, the DOT could use some lessons in project management and cost streamlining. What we have here is another agency that has an open checkbook and is accountable to no one...bad, bad combination. While construction materials are rising, so is MY gasoline bill, food costs and insurance rates. I can't cut any of those out of my budget because they are too expensive, I'm forced to MANAGE it, FIGURE it out! The same darned thing the DOT needs to learn to do with the money that YOU and I give them!!!

We need to amend the State Constitution

We've had eight years of Easley looting every fund in sight. We need a constitutional amendment that says tax money collected for a particular purpose can ONLY be used for that purpose, and cannot be diverted under any circumstances. Easley looted DOT, he looted the state 911 fund, he stole from anything he could lay his hands on, all to keep paying for politically correct pet projects out of the general budget. There's something terribly wrong when the money YOU pay for road construction and maintenance is used to fund a symphony orchestra while the roads just keep getting worse.


I agree with everything you said , but the people in this area and the State keep electing the same politicians that have done nothing but steal their tax money, among other things.

There's no shortage of stupid people

You have to remember that a full half of the population believes that the government should take ALL your money, and then redistribute it as needed.

Could not have said it

Could not have said it better.Thanks Commonsensen