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DOT solution for busy intersection could cause headaches for some local residents

READ MORE: DOT solution for busy intersection could cause headaches for some local residents
Tomorrow is the last day you can send suggestions and comments to the Department of Transportation regarding changes to the intersection at South College and Oleander. Some people have already put forth what they think is a better solution. Residents and business owners around South College and Oleander say DOT's proposed plan is just going to cause more congestion, and require several residents and businesses to relocate. For one Wilmington family, this section of Oleander Drive is truly Mr. Rogers' neighborhood. Lucille Roger's late husband Joe built his family business in the late forties. The family has lived above it ever since. Alvin Rogers, owner of Roger's Appliances said, "…born and raised, live and die if they let us." Lucille Rogers said, "Alvin says they are going to take part of this building, and I said 'my lord I would hate to see that go cause daddy worked so hard to get it here.'" As part of its plan to revamp the College and Oleander intersection, the DOT wants to purchase the Rogers' appliance building, including Lucille's upstairs apartment. "I think they are trying to take my livelihood away from me," said Lucille. Alvin and his wife Sandy have been fairly vocal throughout this Oleander-College intersection debate. They have gathered nearly 500 signatures from community members who are against the proposed plan, some of who will also be displaced if it goes through. Instead, they have come up with another suggestion. "I think if they took that money and put it toward Kerr Avenue, making it one way and College the other, they would find a more permanent solution," said Alvin Rogers. Alvin said there are many one way streets in Raleigh, and believes the idea could work in Wilmington, too. You can e-mail your comments to Jamille Robbins at or mail them to Jamille Robbins, NCDOT Human Environmental Unit, 1583 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1583

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Seeking DOT employees with NO EXPERIENCE

How would we feel if our doctor asked us for suggestions to cure a disease we had? How would we feel if our plumber asked us to help him resolve our leaking pipe issue. Would we feel like our attorney is earning his pay if he asked us to help him build his case? If we've employed the DOT with experienced or at lease competent individuals, why in the heck are they asking us for help in resolving this issue. My employer hired me because I specialized in my industry. Obviously we hired a bunch of dunkin donut rejects with zero experience in resolving road issues. If NC has one of the largest gas taxes of all 50 states, one would assume we have the most experienced Dept of Transportation. Just another reason NC is ready for Gov Easley to be gone!!!!

Management from all walks of

Management from all walks of life/businesses are asking for suggestions and ideas on how to do their job. Where have you been lately?

They will find a cure for

They will find a cure for cancer before DOT figures this muck of an intersection out and what to do. 5 years from now it will still be on the drawing board as to what to do because recent plans didn't work as thought. I agree, look at Raleigh and what they have done to redirect traffic. Better yet, at Myrtle Beach where their stoplights are synchronized for traffic...DOT!

College & oleander intersection

It is very bad and dangerous using any of the lanes especially the College stretch from Hugh Mcrea to Oleander. We have such large growth, high traffic counts, and many accidents or near misses in this area. Many drivers are using short cuts to Spirea, Parkway, Pine Grove and Long Leaf Hills Drive. We need to eleviate the congestion and "dodge em - ditch em" driving attitude going on in these areas and turn lanes. Please go forward!

DOT changes to Oleander/S.College

I can't help but think that the traffic will be just as bad after the proposed changes. The turning traffic will be diverted from the intersection, but will still be crossing (though from a different direction) and will cause congestion to build at the new turning intersections (Parkway & Oleander as an example). The impact on local businesses (of which I am not a member, and have no personal stake) will be huge, and for an extended period of time, that might actually put some into foreclosure. These are hard times for many, and while I appreciate that road construction crews need to eat too, I think our tax dollars and their equipment could be put to better use in other locations. Personally, I'd rather see a change in the timing and methods used to direct traffic from what is being use now. I believe that having the lights set to allow (for example) Eastbound Oleander to turn left and go straight at the same time, would allow two lanes (with the right lane having the option of turning or going straight) to turn left onto S.College, and would clear the turning lane quicker. Then, the Westbound lanes could do the same thing.....then Northbound on College, then Southbound. The actual time might be reduced, and timers could be calibrated to allow varied times due to rush-hour directions (eastbound stronger in the afternoon, for example). This is just a suggestion...but I think it's a valid one. What I do know won't work, is to even think of a "ROTARY"!! I've seen them in operation in NJ and Massachusetts, and they are more dangerous than they are worth! Just my two cents!! Thank you, Bill Archer Wilmington

Move UNC-W somewhere else

I remember when College Rd. was the country. Putting I-40 right through the middle of a university going on down to beaches wasn't too smart. Since you can't move the beaches, my solution is to move the university somewhere else. That would get rid of a lot of careless drivers.


If you would like to see a great example of how the DOT can screw up traffic flow vist North Topsail Elem. School in Hampstead. Only a matter of time before someone child is hurt by this hair brain idea.