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Downloads to keep your computer running smoothly

READ MORE: Downloads to keep your computer running smoothly
There are few things more frustrating than a slow computer, but there is some anti-virus and spyware software you can download to protect your computer to get it back up to speed. Some of these software downloads are free, others involve a fee, but all help keep your PC up to speed. names AVG Anti-Virus the most popular download of the week. This software offers what they call "rock-solid protection" and has an edition that's absolutely free! Reviews say AVG has the "best protection against the latest known viruses." It automatically searches for new virus definitions daily and catches viruses before they infect your computer. Spybot Search & Destroy is a popular choice, especially if you share your computer. It may no longer be at the top of its game, but this software still gets the job done. It detects and destroys a multitude of Adware files from your PC. One cool feature - it will permanently destroy unwanted files. Ad-Aware is one of the most trusted names in spyware removal because it removes harmful files with ease and accuracy. It's best when used along with another anti-virus program. The 2008 edition is similar to previous versions, but it works faster, and is easier to navigate. This software has a free edition, but it's very limited and does not find or remove viruses. You'll have to pay for that. Symantec, a global leader in the industry, is primarily known for its Norton-branded anti-virus and anti-spyware software. This security program is popular for corporate and personal use. It's not free, but the cost may be worth speeding up your PC, and keep spyware from hijacking your computer. Other useful downloads for you may include Open Office, an alternative to Microsoft Office, includes the same features as Microsoft Office, but for free! You can even make copies of open office and give them to friends. The newest version allows the program to open files in the dot doc x format but it cannot actually save the files. Many people prefer Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer. Mozilla is newer, has neat features like the "new tab" option, and is less likely to be invaded by hackers. Lastly, Adobe Reader is definitely a necessary download to open any portable document format or PDF files. It's free and you can download it from Adobe's website at If you have an idea for the I-desk, you can email Hailey Winslow at

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Just to point out a couple

Just to point out a couple of facts. Internet Explorer also has "neat features like the 'new tab' option". I also found several recent reports that show that Internet Explorer has close to 70% of the market. So, actually many more people prefer Internet Explorer over Firefox.

Geeks Like It

According to CNET, geeks have a higher % use rate of Firefox vs non-geek. I don't consider myself a geek but I think Firefox is much better than IE. I only use IE unless I am forced to.


You DO know that most browser attacks are geared DIRECTLY toward IE...RIGHT? Most of those are ActiveX attacks...Not only that...Microsoft stated LAST WEEK not to use their browser until they patched it....LOL...your safer with Mozilla Firefox...NOT TOTALLY SAFE...just SAFE-ER