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Downtown bar looks to deter violence

READ MORE: Downtown bar looks to deter violence
It is a typical Friday night for Rhino Club owner and manager, Sean Tobin. He is getting ready for a fun loving crowd, but after hours, he says it is a different story. “Arguments can ensue from anything like bumping in to each other to too many people in the same area, hanging out,” said Tobin. “People are just hanging out instead of going home. Sometimes tempers flair.” In an effort to crack down on some of the late-night rowdiness, Tobin installed a halogen light, to illuminate the over-crowded, and sometimes dangerous bar-goers who congregate at the intersection of Market and Second Streets. It was a suggestion made by Wilmington Police. "It's safer for the pedestrians. It's also safer for the police. That way they can actually see what's going on because it can be dark in that corner because there's not a lot of city lighting over there," added Tobin. It may seem like a simple fix, but still, Tobin says more needs to be done. “I do believe it has helped, we have less people hanging out on the side walk after hours getting home hopefully safely and we see them the next night out and its great because we love our customers,” Tobin said. The Rhino Club has been at the same location for three years. Tobin says as a small business owner, he will continue to work with the police and the city of Wilmington to come up with solutions to control the crowds.

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Animals after Midnight

I lived downtown wilmington overlooking Second and Market. For the readers with short attention spans, the party crowd could be summed up as BARBARIANS. Drunks pissing in the doorways, men beating women, men beating men, profanity, yelling, harley riders thinking the blasting mufflers was on a scale to match their egos. From my window I watched what I thought was the most decadent sight imaginable. CIVILIZED HUMANS? No way. Animals! No other word for it. Go home, get a life. Focus. But to expect improvement in humanity is like expecting your dog to give the stock market report.

all clubs / late night bars

all clubs / late night bars should not be allowed on the main strip , they should have a section away from the center for that type of business , I know a LOT of people who will not go downtown at night ( any hour ) because of them and the roudy reputation and the crime associated with them . it hurts other businesses like retail and resturants

what retail is open at 2 am?

what retail is open at 2 am?

Local economy vs safety

It's good that Rhino decided to help with the lighting down there. It does get crowded late at night after the bars close. I don't think the $$$ that the bar patrons spend is balanced out by some of our commenters dislike for bars. I think we're topped out for antique shops and fashion stores down there already. What with the fake downtown "Mayfaire" getting the big brand name department stores there's really not much else that's going to be successful but nightlife downtown. The cops would do well to increase patrols on the parking decks imho! Thats the scary lawless zone that I've witnessed down there. I know some of the commenters are afeared of a lot of people of color standing on the sidewalks together, but 2nd and Market isn't nearly as dangerous as those decks in terms of assault, robbery and vandalism.

Simple Solution

There is a very simple solution to these problems: Stop serving alcohol at 11 PM! That practice has been used quite successfully in many European countries.

The real solution..

If you are concerned is to just stay home. If you go down there then know and accept the risks.

12pm - No Alcohol

Sounds like a good idea to me...I hate the fact that the nightlife and good music doesn't start until 10-11pm nowadays, maybe then it'll start at 8-9pm. I still like to have a good time and I didn't mind it as much when I was young and could sleep until noon, but now I can't do that. I think it would add to the social climate of our society also. I'm not trying to put a curfew on people, or whatever, just look at it from an open mind. As my Mother used to say, nothing good ever happens after midnight...and I hated that saying as much as anyone 20 yrs ago. Looking back, "after midnight" had an irrelevant effect on my life anyway. It'll probably never happen, so don't get worked up about it...unless I'm Mayor, then all you young people are DOOMED...haha.


Yeah great idea. So now the people start "hanging out" at midnight instead of 2am. I'll guess you are FROM Europe. Please return to your socialistic part of the world.

America not Europe

This is America....And if i want to drink alcohol till 2am then I will do it/ Why punish the majority for the actions of a few.

Bars and Tattoo Parlos

Downtown Wilmington is basically a dungy, lowlife strip of college-age bars and tattoo parlors. There are a few uninviting retail shops, but most retail space has been turned over to bars and their late-night, puking patrons. Much of the downtown charm is gone. Wilmington is entering a new cycle: a cycle of neglect and decay that will be almost as bad as the town was before the renovations. Bars, drunken brawls, tattoo parlors--this is the scene after dark. And during the day not much to see on the streets except dirty windows of darkened bars.

I agree, downtown is a cesspool at night

I absolutely refuse to go anywhere remotely close to downtown after 8pm. Going downtown when all the drunks come out is literally taking your life into your hands. Every street corner reeks of alcohol, broken glass everywhere, noise levels are unbearable, and college aged bar hoppers acting like manners and decorum are unnecessary just because they flood the downtown streets. How can anyone be proud of downtown Wilmington being this way? Who cares how much money it brings in and how many local businesses thrive off the bar patrons. Do we really want the image of our downtown at night being a rowdy, uncontrollable mass of drunk and over-sexed college students who should be studying or working instead if making fools of themselves in public?

If poeple want to drink and

If poeple want to drink and show their behinds, they need to buy their booze and go home to drink it. I know this will go over like a lead balloon, but open bars have never been anything but a nuisance to everybody.

Bad scene

The hood moves into 2nd and Market St. at night. It looks like creekwood South after the bars close.

Heeeeyyyyy. Another

Another ABSOLUTELY racist comment from guesty.
Whoda thunk it?

Not quite

And yet another uninformed post by you, claiming to be a realist. If you were in fact a realist you would know my post makes no mention of race at all. You decided to assume only a certain race lives in Creekwood. I never said that. You know what happens when you assume, you make an ass out of yourself. Again.

People like you

It is people like you that create so much hate. Majority of the people downtown are not "black Creekwood South" so shut your racist mouth. You are a real jerk!!!!

Didn't say it

Again, I never mentioned a color, did I?

You assume

You assume guesty is white. What if he is black? Then would he still be racist? You seem to be the jerk.


If you are going to quote someone quote them accurately. He never mentioned "black" at all. Funny how you knew exactly what Guesty was referring to though. I think you make his point.

yes they do

Just to prey on the drunks, easy targets.