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Downtown stores close as building shifts


Two Downtown Wilmington shops closed their doors today amid safety concerns that their buildings might collapse. Daughtry's Old Books and Doublewide Skate and Surf Shop are closed until further notice. The stores are located at 22 and 24 North Front Street right next to the city's North Front Street construction project.

The stores received word yesterday that the building had shifted, and they had to evacuate. One store owner is left wondering where to go from here.

"I mean can you imagine moving 150,000 books?" Daughtry's Old Books co-owner Gwenfar Rohler said. "I mean seriously, think about it. We have over two linear miles of books. Where am I gonna put them? We're in limbo right now trying to figure out what the long-term plan is. If we do move, we're absolutely committed to staying in historic Wilmington and downtown Front Street."

The owner of the building, Ed Peacock, is working with engineers to find out what exactly caused the shifting. A city spokesman says it has no connection to the nearby road work.

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The city is responsible

If the city claims that the excavation of the street in front of the businesses had nothing to do with their shifting foundations, they are either fools or think that everyone else in the city are fools!

I demand that the city council and/or mayor get to the bottom of this immediately.

This project is supposed to keep rolling northward down Front Street and there needs to be an adequate evaluation to determine the likelihood of more of our historic buildings and businesses being wrecked by incompetence before it proceeds another inch.

building shifting

You, sir, are the fool. If you'd take the time to read all of the stories, and listen to the reports, you would have heard the people that live in the building say that there was a crack in the ceiling for years. The facade of the building is pulling away from the building, and has nothing to do with the newly started street improvements. You really should check your facts BEFORE you start spreading SLANDEROUS and LIBEL statements. Contrary to public belief, the government is not out to get you, nor is it ALWAYS the one at fault.

Wow.......somebody seems to

Wow.......somebody seems to have hit a nerve! You sound a lot like the perfect little government subject. Who paid you to spout all that BS?