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Downtown Wilmington concerns proposed to city council

You may have seen the crowds that leave the downtown Wilmington bars on the weekends. At times, thousands of people are roaming the streets between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said fifty percent of his police force is downtown controlling those crowds on the weekends. He said that means other parts of the city are being neglected. "About 83% of all our calls are everywhere else, so it really drains on our resources and our ability to properly police. People are waiting on calls because we are stacked up, it does have an impact on the rest of the city, and everyone deserves police service," said Evangelous. Chief Evangelous proposed his concerns to city council last week. He said they responded well to his proposal and will look for solutions.

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There are people wandering the streets at 4:00am because

There are people wandering the streets at 5:00am downtown because IF you wait until 2:00am (bas closing/ no more booze) to try and catch a cab you will probably still be doing the same thing three hours later.. Because we could never get transportation (like responsible people, none of our friends drink and drive) we found ourselves so many times, calling a cab around 12:00am and waiting up to three hours for the cab to arrive... This is not because cabs do not care... This is because the city council will not allow a ton of cabs, even though it is dafer... You don't want people walking around all hours of the morning on a weekend? Allow transportation companies to provide more available rides and thus the problem is somved.. OR.. just make bars close at midnight...Either way will work...


50% of the force is downtown, where there is no dispersal law, but 83% of the calls are elsewhere. I'm no scientist but it sounds like at least 33% of them need to be somewhere else. Or how about this... we'll call you if we need you. If I was in law enforcement, I would be downtown at night every weekend picking up young attractive women who have been drinking too. It's dangerous other places. Thousands of people are "roaming" the streets between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., as is their right. God bless America. Council needs to stop looking at the populous and law enforcement as a revenue source and have the Chief focus completely on violent criminals and illegals. There are plenty of them.

so, you are just waking up

so, you are just waking up to the fact that law enforcement, the county judicial system, the jails, the bondsmen, city and county government, and the countless lawyers in wilmington exist only as a revenue gathering system? The parking tickets, speeding tickets, and DWI's generate revenue. Crimes against the city have fines (revenue), crimes against other people generally do not. The illegal immigrants and real criminals have no visible income, and therefore generate no revenue for city and county coffers - not desireable targets, and dangerous. I have heard FIRSTHAND from city police that there are sections of town they will not go into. My solution, stay out of the city as much as possible.