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Downtown Wilmington welcomes new upscale bar

READ MORE: Downtown Wilmington welcomes new upscale bar

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Another bar downtown? It's true and local Wilmington leaders are giving it a thumbs up. They say this new upscale wine bar brings a different taste to the downtown bar scene.

The Fortunate Glass co-owners Denise Fortuna and Celeste Glass wanted to step outside the box.

"There was multiple bars and establishments downtown and we wanted to create something that was a little bit different to provide a different service and to appeal to a different niche and market," said Glass.

The new upscale wine, beer and tapas bar is the newest addition to the downtown Central Business District.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said, "I think the location that they have here and the money they've put in here and the committment to make it a very small, intimate and classy place I think is a little bit different than some of the larger venues that we've had issues with in the past."

It's an establishment that stands apart from the rest says Wilmington Downtown Incorporated's Executive Director John Hinnant. Downtown safety has been the topic of conversation for many New Hanover County residents and while Hinnant says the last thing downtown needs is another bar he says The Fortunate Glass is in a class all it's own.

"When I say harness nightlife and harness the restaurant and hospitality industry is to work to bring in businesses like this," said Hinnant. "A little higher end and little bit more expensive. It's a better quality clientele and better quality consumer."

The Fortunate Glass has been open for a month. Fortuna and Glass know about the safety and violence issues in downtown Wilmington but say they have yet to have any problems of their own. The two say they were waiting for months for a prime location to open up on Front Street and when it did they knew it was time to start up the business.

"This is the only place that we would consider opening was here on front street," said Fortuna. "It's right where everybody is at and where the tourists are and where the locals come. We haven't had any problems at all and we've been perceived very well by everybody."

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PIP PIP and CHEERIO!!! We upscale people don't cause any nuisance to society. It is you low level no good runabouts and so and so's. Now let's here it for the Snobbery!!! Hip Hip!!!!

WOW! Snobbery wasn't the

WOW! Snobbery wasn't the word that came to mind after reading your post. Ignorance is more like it. It's people like you who eventually lose everything, then become apart of us "low levelers." By the way Paris Hilton, if you go to and look at the Mugshots posted, you may have noticed that the majority, if not all, of the offenders look like well off people. So, I would appreciate if you'd keep your ignorant opinion to yourself. Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has them. Doesn't mean we want to see them!

Demon Rum

It is against the law to serve alcohol to someone who is intoxicated. If the law was enforced we would see less fights and killings and death on our roads after the bars have unleashed their thousands of drunks onto an unsuspecting population at closing time.

If this law was enforced.........

........The entire city of Wilmington would take a massive economic blow (we consume as much alcohol per capita as anybody in the nation) and downtown Wilmington would become vacant almost over night and would become one of the most blighted areas in all of the state.

There is a reason that this law is not enforced, unless it is serving a personal agenda.

It would be a great day in

It would be a great day in Wilmington if the bars were closed or at least the laws enforced downtown. Think of all the car crashes that would not happen, not to mention less emergency room visits, fights, muggings, rapes, assaults and such. The air would not wreak of stale urine and vomit eminating from every alley, and once again, decent businesses could open and shoppers could feel safe in their surroundings. Downtown Wilmington, at this time is nothing but a slime pit.

Still not seeing the big pictures.... it or not, right or wrong, all the 'pitfalls' that you just mentioned also bring money to Wilmington. Plain and simple the night life is a substantially significant cog in the wheels of this town's economy, and this town as we know it cannot survive without it.

A bar is a bar is a bar....

It's another bar in an already alcohol-saturated business can call it "fancy, high-end and upscale", but it's still a bar serving minimal food offerings to an ever-increasingly intoxicated downtown crowd. While I wish them the best of luck, they'll be out of business within six months. Most "upscale" customers flee the downtown area before 9pm, run off by drunken hords of plastered students, panhandlers, punks on bikes and a lack of law enforcement. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig...A bar is a bar is a bar....


after 9 pm there are few wine drinkers downtown that want to contend with the crowd of uncivilized drunkards.

yikes John Hinnant

John Hinnant said :"It's a better quality clientele and better quality consumer."..... as opposed to lesser quality clientele and consumer?

Gee dude why don't you just insult 99% of the Wilmitonians that go downtown? Hors d'œuvres and wine, Oh my how POSH. PLEEEASE.

I thought the same thing. I

I thought the same thing. I guess he'll be smoking his taxpayer-paid cigars at a bar that will keep the riff-raff out. Let them eat cake!