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Dr. Perry's medical license permanently suspended

An Ogden doctor's medical license has been indefinitely suspended, after he admitted to having a relationship with a female patient. WWAY spoke with Doctor Robert Perry briefly on the phone Tuesday, because he would not go on camera without his lawyer's permission. Perry said the entire situation is being blown out of proportion. All of the criminal charges against Dr. Perry have been dropped, but he does admit to having an inappropriate relationship with a former patient.

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where is he now?

Has anyone heard or seen anything of the good doctor?? I guess he is not coming back!!

dont have to call him doctor anymore

Sounds like you all are riled up and still defending this man. My opinion is that they both need some tuning up in the 'psycho' department. Sounds like his creep side showed up more than once, and he is paying the price for abusing his position. She certainly is not a devoted wife and apparently has many issues that she needs professional help with. If she was not mentally ill she probably would have turned all evidence in to the medical board, in fact, if she was not emotionally unbalanced she would not have had any evidence to begin with, soon as the creep made an offer to 'come to my office for a photo shoot so you can be a model' she would have scooped up her children and ran to the nearest police station to make a report. She would not have sneaked around behind her husbands back, and put her children in harms way. Let's feel happy about the x-doctor's punishment; empathy for the husband and children; and let's take up a collection so this poor girl can get some much needed help!!!!!

He stll has his M.D. Degree

So yes he is still a doctor. He is going to get his license back , and reopen his practice. So don't be shooting the breeze unless you know the deal. The girl does need help, she needs help to stop sneaking around behind her husbands back ad trying to be a so called model. She had to have reason not to turn evidence into the board, perhaps she was the guilty one. Everyone is so quick to blame the man, when women today are VERY bold. I don't know, don't care. As a patient of Dr.Perry for many years I can say he was always very professional, ethical, and brilliant. He is a great man, and an even greater doctor. We miss you Dr. P. hurry back.


What good is a medical degree if you can't use it???????? Do you know the deal sassygal?


Maybe I do! A degree is an accomplishment in life that can't be taken away. He'll use it again, just wait and see.

taken away

Maybe that useless piece of paper can not be taken away, but the use of it CAN!!!!! Everything in life CAN be taken away, a degree, a job, a life, a house, a car, everything. What a great accomplishment he has made in life, got a medical degree, started a practice, made money, & now lost it all. They obviously did not teach him about messing with another mans wife! It will always come back to get you!!!! Now he can hang the consent order beside his degree. The two great accomplishments in life.


You are correct , you may have things taken away in life, but you can also get them back.He can get his license back, make money again, and have a prosperous life. This may knock him down a bit, but he is strong, and he will overcome it. The so called wife wasn't complaining, she never made any accusations against him. So, you think maybe she was guily????? I can tell that you do not like Dr.Perry, but quess what I don't like you either. He was the best doctor my family has ever had, and he was good to his patients. Everybody makes mistakes, that is part of being human. I pray he recovers from his, and the day his doors open we all will be back .

Keep praying

I pray that he never recovers from this, and his doors never reopen. His beating heart will not quit soon enough in my book. You are correct, I do not like him, never have!! For your information, I do think that the wife is guilty as well. She should have been home with her husband and children! I wish you and your family luck in finding another good doctor. Your old one is sitting around waiting on his next great accomplishment in life.....death.

Prayers are answered 308

Your comment was beyond cruel. What did Dr Perry ever do to you to make you hate him so much? No one should ever wish death on another person. While I do not agree with you, nor would we ever be friends, I would never wish for you to sit around and wait to die. He was always nothing but kind, and caring to my family. Actually he saved a 3 year old child in our family's life, when no one around here had a clue what to do for him. So yes, there is good in the man. You may not like him , but others are forever in his debt . I will continue to pray for him, my God forgives, you should too. Miracles happen every single day, we were fortunate that Dr.Perry was a part of one of those miracles, without him an innocent little boy would have lost his life. He is not this evil person who you portray. I have seen the good, and I pray one day soon we will all see it again.


I think what 308 is trying to point out is that he may use his "degree" again but it probably won't be in NC. As far as your previous statement about the girl having mental issues, you know nothing about what happened and more than that, unless you are "oneofmany" you are clueless as to why these that ARE have not come forward and released anything to the Board. Does the word THREATS mean anything to you? Oh wait, no it doesn't because you're not "oneofmany"!

One of many

I do understand the word threat. What I do not understand is if you have proof that anyone has threatened you in any way, why would you not get protection and come forward? This puzzles me! How do you know what I know, and what I think , or who I am ? You have no clue. I beg to differ with ALL of you, I do believe he will be back here again soon. Have you been reading the commentaries, all but a few of you girls think he is great, and will return to him. Look I have been young, and dumb, and drawn into the glamorous life before. I have been burnt too, it feels bad I know. You got to rise above it, live , learn, and move on. If you change, things in your life will change as well.

Should feel empathy

I guess I should not feel as gleeful as I do to see a man fall out of grace with his chosen profession, but I do!!! I do a little dance of joy thinking that there will be no more children exposed to him! He is a dirty letcherous man. He gives all the "airs" of being one of the "Hollywood" elite! HA. Not likely! All pompous stories of delusions of grandeur! Now if he was a REAL man he would take care of the people that stood by him and the slink of into his little cave.

Dr. Robert Perry M.D.

I have heard about all of the bull I care to hear. It is not fair to him, he has not had his turn , or a chance to explain his side of this. There are always 2 sides to every story. This man gave of himself unconditionally to his patients. He honestly cared about all of them. He took every pain to make sure you received every possible means to get you back to the business of being healthly. Now, I am very sure he ruffled feathers, made employees accountable for there positions, broke womens hearts, and was the envy of many doctors. There is always going to be negative opinions about anybody, and any topic. This man does not deserve the slander, and humiliation you people have put him through. He is a good wonderful man, and physician. After 14 years in this community and not one blemish on his record for ANYTHING, don't you think it strange all of a sudden he is scum of the earth? I think the first one of you that is perfect, without fault, without sin, you have the right to cast your stone, but the rest need to zip it. The only person I know is Jesus Christ, and he forgives all, and does not judge His children if they repent. So be careful who you judge, because you will be judged in return.

Quit Listening

If you are tired of hearing it, QUIT LISTENING. Nobody is forcing you to hear anything! Life aint fair! And he has had his turn and a chance to explain his side. He just don't want to because he knows he was wrong and he don't want everyone to know about it. That is why the note on the door at his office says "closed due to illness". That "illness" is not a cold, or anyting physical, it is a "mental illness" that he has. The only reason he has not had a blemish on his record in 14 years is because he has never been caught before now. I hope that all of this is humiliating to him! He had all of you fooled before, now the truth is out. And everyone can't believe it, they don't want to believe it. WELL, BELIEVE IT!! Your doctor is "the scum of the earth".


Listen to me carefully, he is coming Back. If he was the scum of the earth the board would have found alot more wrong with him and made far more request before he can reapply. I think he went 14 years because NOTHING happened. Please, are we to believe that some money grubbing female would not have jumped at the chance to file a sexual harrassment claim on him. I think you personally are full of bitterness for some reason. If you don't like the man, fine we don't care. His patients LOVE him, and will always support him. Soon his practice will be thriving again, and we will all have access to an amazing doctor.


Listen to me carefully, he just might come back. But, I wouldn't count on it being in North Carolina. Don't you worry, the medical board has plenty more on him. Just because he was given stipulations before he can reapply, does not mean that the board has to grant his request to be reinstated. Keep that in mind! For those of us who don't like the man, we don't care for those like you who do. I am a patient, I don't love him, nor will I ever support him. Good luck on his thriving practice. I am sure that it will continue to thrive, like it has for the past 5 months.

I am listening to a fool!

Nothing you say makes any common sense.You are a patient, but you don't love him. Well you big dummie why are you a patient? Move your behind right on to another doctor, they are like flavors of the month pick one. As for if and when he'll be back, only he knows that, and I am quiet sure he hasn't shared it with you. I know he will have a thriving practice anywhere he chooses to go. Good doctors are hard to find, I know I've tried these quacks around here, and they SUCK. So you believe what you will, and we will see who comes out the better here. By the way are you some bimbo he dumped? Sounds that way to me.

Guestruwithit & Guestme

It sounds like both of you know what you're talking about. I would suspect you two are "oneofmany"! I could not imagine that those who are not would know these things....only those of us who are!!!


Yes, I am oneofmany! And I am sure that there are many more who are keeping quiet. Threatened, or scared to do so perhaps.


Once again you are correct! Threatened and scared sound all too familiar.

Oh come on now give me a

Oh come on now give me a break scared and threatened !!!! live in the real world.

Girls Please!!!!!!

Are we really to believe you are in fear of being harmed????? Hog Wash!!!! The man is a doctor, not a mobster, not a hit man, not lucifer. Grow up, be a real woman , and move on. I have always been told people treat you as you portray yourself. If you don't act like a lady NO MAN is going to treat you like one. Have some self respect, and quit living in make believe land. You girls wouldn't be a bunch of GOLD DIGGERS would you? Sounds that way to me.

I don't get it

Why all of a sudden is Dr.Perry the crud of the world. He practiced medicine for 14 years in this community. He opened his doors during hurricanes, and never charged a dime. He provided excellent care to his patients, whom all still love him, and will return. We have never once heard about the mob, a modeling business on the side, or any of that rubish. He took care of the business of getting you well, and if he couldn't he found someone who could. He cared about his patients, he went out of his way to help anyone he could no matter the circumstances. He offered to pay for my child's medicine when I couldn't afford it. Who else would do that? I know of none. He did not ask anything in return, nor made any inappropriate remarks. I never saw anthing but a compassionate, caring, and brilliant, physician. All this nonsense over these women is just to far fetched for me. I think if you look for trouble you'll find it. Sounds like they were looking in the wrong place with the wrong man. Patient A should have been home with her husband, not creeping. The other gal was after drugs and money that is a no brainer. So Dr.Perry hang in there, we will be back as soon as you open the doors.

Do What?

Your comment made no sense what so ever. I think you need a course in language arts honey. You sound like a jilted, or a fired ex employee, with a grudge. Let me say one thing, DR. PERRY would NEVER do anything to HARM a child. You are crossing into a bad side here because we mothers who have trusted him for YEARS know how devoted he was to the care of the children. Now he may lke dumb young blondes, what red blooded man doesn't? That does not make him dirty, only human. Women have there own free will, if they pick to do modeling or whatever they have to deal with the outcome. Were you a model too?


nope--none of the above. Just someone that knows a little more about him than you. I am glad that he treated you and the kids good. But he was not the God everyone thinks he was, nor was he Dr House... As for him liking Dumb Blondes, that is because the smart ones run in the opposite direction.

9999999 I never said he was God

You brought that up. You must not have been very intelligent, because it sounds like you didn't run. If he was this horrific guy why bother? Yes, he always treated me and every single member of my family well. I have not one bad thing to say about the man, the doctor, or my friend. I think when you get respect , you give it back. We always had respect for one another. If you didn't receive any there was a reason. As for him and Dr. House I think they are very similar. They don't take any crap, they are smart, women love em, and guys hate em. Oh , and they will tell you in a heartbeat what they think of you. So if he broke your heart I am sorry, but live and learn, and move on.

guest 9999999

You really have no idea what you are talkig about. get a clue.. you said the smart blondes ran the other way your posting you didn't run.. He is a wonderful doctor and this community has lost him (for now) He will get his license back and be right back here.. where he belongs..

so called Dr, wanna be model rep

women beware! it would be interesting to have the ability to contact each other about him...there are things that I know and also things I wonder about--I bet former employees could tell everyone stories that would offend!

Women Beware!

I am glad to know that this has crossed someone else's mind. It would be very interesting for those involved with the Dr. to compare experiences. I have yet to figure out how to go about it. Any ideas are welcomed!

Dr. Perry come back please!

I just got back in town and called to set up an appointment with the doctor and had no idea all this was going on. I heard from a friend about all thats happening and I have to tell you something that I think when I hear this filth. That woman, married, single, whatever, is an adult! and since this didnt take place in an exam room I think it is nobodies buisness. The idea that this woman was a victim. My god are we living in the 50s, is Donna Reed still alive? What's this womans name, shame on her!