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Drinking causing many deaths locally

Alcohol related deaths are still a big problem in New Hanover and Brunswick County. Highway patrol officers said since we live in a beach community, many people party, meaning more people end up drunk on the roads. In 2008 there were almost 1,500 DWI arrests in New Hanover and Brunswick County. 149 crashes were alcohol related, three of them fatal. Other people died walking down the road after having a few too many. Five of the 13 local pedestrian deaths were alcohol related. First Sgt. Morris of the highway patrol said, "That indicates that we've got an issue here with pedestrians walking the highway impaired." Highway patrol says if you do drink, get a sober driver; and make sure you don't wander into the street if you’ve been drinking. It's more dangerous than you realize.

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And where are the 'Deaths"? from Cannabis?

Again, this should be another stat in the Legalization FOR Cannabis... 0 Deaths attributed too the "Demon weed"... Tax and LEGALIZE Medicinal Cannabis! I rest MY case!

Wasn't the kid that hit and

Wasn't the kid that hit and killed the cyclist on River Road last year high on pot? How do you know that it hasn't contributed to deaths? I'm not arguing the point of it being legal or not. There are plenty legal medicines, such as Ambien, which have contributed to fatal accidents.

I believe the two deaths on

I believe the two deaths on River Rd the past two years the driver was high.

Yes, but

he was going an OUTRAGOUS speed..that had ALOT more to do with the deadly crash then the weed he smoked... weed doesn't kill you when driving...truly if you have ridden with anyone that was high..they drive slower then grandma does... he prob had it in his system, but it was not cause of crash...

Marijuana slows down your

Marijuana slows down your reactions, just like alcohol does. Saying weed had nothing to do with the accident is the same as saying that drunk would have wrecked even if he wasn't drinking

speed and...

Maybe he was driving too fast and his slow brain couldn't calculate all the info his eyes were taking in and stoner boy ran over a bicyclist. Yea, drugs are cool.