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Driver fails to yield, hits pedestrian

Another pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Wilmington. It happened around lunchtime Monday at the intersection of Grace and Front streets. A woman was crossing the street, in the crosswalk, when a green Dodge Durango didn't stop. The vehicle hit her while turning right onto Grace Street. ”She was walking across the street and it clearly said walk, and the Durango came around the corner and hit her ankle, clipped her, and it kind of jolted her and she fell up on the hood of the car and fell to her feet. She just came over here and she was clearly shaken up, very shaken up,” said witness Jen Schooley. Although shaken up, the victim didn’t appear to have any major injuries. The driver of the Durango was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian.

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Typical Wilmington Driver...

...And the reason our insurance rates are so high. Ease up, chill out and be cool, it's not the end of the world if you are delayed by a few seconds. The turn signal is to be used in other situations other than during a NC vehicle inspection. Oh yea, get off the phone!

And this is why

We NEED to have the traffic lights on Front Street. People barely pause at STOP signs, if they even see them. I don't understand what the city council was thinking when they authorized the removal of the lights. It is creating an unsafe environment not only for pedestrians, but for bikers and other motorists as well. Put them back up before someone else gets hurt.

they are there

At the intersection of Front and Grace there are traffic lights.


BAN CARS! We need a vehicle assault ban!

don't you mean assault

don't you mean assault vehicle ban ?


Thats the dumbest thing I've heard of.

But not as dumb as

But it isn't as dumb as you not getting the joke. Ban cars like the libs want to ban guns.